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It looked so simple on the box! Cross stitch [hmm]

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bikergran Sat 17-Oct-20 20:22:41

Have been trying to think of a little something to dO.

Called in well know German supermarket thisaft and spotted this £3.99. thought ohh little simple project.

Opened the box and gosh! looks complicated, last bit of cross stitch I did was a letter "L" in a little 2 inch by 2 inch frame lol.

Will read the instructions then make a start when I retrieve my reading glasses from work smile (Don't wait up)!

tanith Sat 17-Oct-20 20:28:03

I’m having trouble counting the squares on a bookmark cross stitch so I wish you luck ?

Grandmabatty Sat 17-Oct-20 20:29:36

I saw those in aldi and decided not to bother! Good luck with that

bikergran Sat 17-Oct-20 20:32:15

Skill level 2 stars out of 3 Oh well, should keep me quiet a while. ( I may be gone for some time) confused lol

Chewbacca Sat 17-Oct-20 21:04:58

I saw those in that well known supermarket bikergran and thought how nice they looked. I was in 2 minds whether to pick one up but I've got dozens of unopened cross stitch kits that I could do with starting. I think once you've done the first panel, it will become much easier. Are there a lot of half stitches? If its a 14 count aida they shouldn't be too bad, but any finer and I'd struggle to see properly these days.

bikergran Sat 17-Oct-20 21:28:12

Chewbacca Not sure what count it is I seem to think the tiny version. I have managed on row of half stitch then realized I had missed some holes hmm its gone back in the box lol, I think it may be on it's way to a charity shop very soon.

Next time I shall stick to smaller project.Didn't realize how much work needs to go into it.

But a nice little kit, they even included the stuffing.

bikergran Sat 17-Oct-20 21:28:46


Chewbacca Sun 18-Oct-20 00:17:30

That's a shame bikergran, but if it's on smaller aida than a 14 hpi (holes per inch) I'd struggle now to see to do half x stitches without my magnifier and daylight lamp too. I've had several kits from that supermarket, the most recent being their needle felting kit to make a fox. The less said the better! grin

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 08:22:45


DanniRae Sun 18-Oct-20 08:30:41

I think as soon as I saw it was '3D' I would have walked away but you are probably more skilled in cross stitch than I am.
Having said that it is very cute.
Let us know how you get on smile

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 08:38:23

If it’s counted cross stitch it’s a longer project. You could start with a printed cross stitch, where the pattern is already on the aida fabric.
I’m always attracted by the finished ‘picture’ and some can be painstaking work.

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 08:38:30

DanniRae it went back in the box within about 10 mins lol.Didn't realize how much work was involved, I shall try a smaller kit next time hmm

DanniRae Sun 18-Oct-20 09:35:25

I'm about to go on the site named after a famous river (no not the Nile) to look for a printed cross stitch picture to do for my baby grandson's wall. I did one years ago and it turned out ok but the eyes aren't what they used to be.......wish me luck! smile

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 10:21:49

Good Luck , and enjoy doing it. That’s the main thing. ?

Chewbacca Sun 18-Oct-20 10:31:12

If it makes you feel any better bikergran, when DIL was pregnant with GD, I bought a kit for a sampler of the alphabet for the nursery. Every letter had a little picture to represent each letter. I got to H and put it away in despair. When GS was on the way, I dug it out again and got to L. Which is where it still is. GD is 8 and GS is 4. And I've no idea where the sampler is! grin

Nanagem Sun 18-Oct-20 10:40:46

It looks simple enough if a little daunting to start with, pick one panel,the easiest to start with, bind the edge of your fabric and run a running stick dividing into 4 so you get your centre and work from there out.

What is the finished item used for , it’s sweet

Callistemon Sun 18-Oct-20 11:14:58

I bought this one years ago because it reminded me of DD.
I might try to do it for her 40th birthday! Occasionally I get it out and think 'oh, that's lovely', then it keeps getting put back in the box.

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 12:35:12

That’s a cute one Cally. Give it a go. ?

Chewbacca Sun 18-Oct-20 12:39:40

That looks a nice kit Callistemon, it looks to be about 14 hpi so shouldn't be too difficult to do half x stitches.
I nipped into a charity shop yesterday to look for a knitting pattern and noticed that their crafting section has a lot of half completed cross stitch kits and embroidery kits in stock! So we're not alone!

Sunlover Sun 18-Oct-20 12:42:40

I’ve been doing a cross stitch for my granddaughters bedroom. Finding it hard on my eyes. Just bought a magnifying glass that hangs round my neck to see if it makes things easier. Trying out later so will report back.

Callistemon Sun 18-Oct-20 14:36:20

it looks to be about 14 hpi so shouldn't be too difficult to do half x stitches.
That sounds like a foreign language to me!

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 17:20:32

Nanagem not really sure what the end product was, I did think I could make it into a doorstop. But seeing as though It's now back in the box, who knows lol.

twinnytwin Sun 18-Oct-20 17:42:51

I've just completed my first cross stitch project - my eldest GDs name, 5 letters, from a chart. I realised pretty soon that sewing the first letter without a magnifier thingy, together with a glass or two of wine in front of the tv is not a good idea. Off to Hobbycraft the following day. Trouble is the second GD has seen it, and wants one too.

Luckylegs Sun 18-Oct-20 18:07:46

Isn’t it funny how a subject comes up on GN just when you happened to have embarked on something? I have today been given a magazine and a small kit by a kind neighbour to try to interest myself in something other than cleaning and my iPad!

I’m going to go to a sewing shop to get the stuff. I have no idea what an aida is, or half stitches! Do I have to bone up on all this first?

bikergran Sun 18-Oct-20 18:28:42

Luckylegs maybe have a google/youtube beginners cross stitch.

I'm going to have another go but something smaller.

I once made a little fisherman and a cat holding a mouse.I will look out for it, I found them in my mums photo album, I had forgotten I had made them many years ago.