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What have you sewn lately?

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watermeadow Mon 06-Mar-23 18:54:52

I do hand-sewn patchwork and counted thread work, I only use a sewing machine for essentials like curtains and cushions but needed new covers for the kitchen chair cushions,
I bought a big remnant of beautiful expensive fabric with pine cones and have made 5 cushion covers, a table runner, a curtain for under the sink and an apron. My kitchen is now awash with pine cones.

Beechnut Mon 06-Mar-23 19:12:47

I top stitched an embroidered bookmark I made.

LadyGracie Mon 06-Mar-23 19:15:21

I’ve recently made curtains, blinds, duvet covers and pillowcases for GD’s dolls house.

Ilovecheese Mon 06-Mar-23 19:25:22

Camisoles for "layering up" started a new quilt.

saltnshake Mon 06-Mar-23 19:33:43

Since autumn I have made a quilt for grandson, a quilt for someone with breast cancer, a pieced cushion for daughter, an embroidered felt bag for granddaughter, two Christmas cushion for DIL. And an embroidered cushion for myself. I also finished a hand sewn tumbling blocks quilt, it's only taken 3 years, never again. In the pipeline are some curtains for sewing room, a scrap quilt, a crumb quilt and a modern quilt. If my hands are busy my mind stills. Do any of you have friends that not only sew but they knit, embroider, patchwork, quilt and make clothes. I wish I had their skills.

Ilovecheese Mon 06-Mar-23 19:46:45

What's a crumb quilt?

Millie22 Mon 06-Mar-23 20:11:23

I've just finished a blanket for my GD's Barbie dreamhouse.

Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 20:19:14

I had three midi dresses bought in a sale, but the sleeves were so voluminous, they made me look huge.

I'm not a great seamstress, but I took in all the sleeves and the dresses look great now.

LadyStardust Mon 06-Mar-23 20:19:19

I've just spent an hour trying to mend my dogs neoprene boot as they are almost £40 each! He has arthritic paws and needs them to walk comfortably. My fingers are sore but the boot should be good for a few more months!

LRavenscroft Mon 06-Mar-23 20:25:17

I have recently hand sewn a pot stand from patchwork.

Mamissimo Mon 06-Mar-23 20:53:19

I'm making a quilt of origami folded dresses for a christening gift - like the picture but 20 dresses......I like a challenge so I make a lot of appliqué quilts.

Second picture is a sea glass quilt bed runner that I finished recently. Fiddly stuff makes me happy 😊

vegansrock Tue 07-Mar-23 04:07:34

I’ve made a modern patchwork quilt, lots of small patchwork quilts with scraps for the animal shelter and several textile wallhangings. I’m trying to use up my scrap mountain. I’ve been experimenting with improv patchwork and free motion quilting. Good to learn some new techniques. I am following Terry Rowland and Cindy Griselda on YouTube , both American quilters who make some amazing art quilts. I’ve also been inspired by the Kaffe Fasset colour exhibition.

absent Tue 07-Mar-23 05:48:10

Nothing more demanding than a button on the cuff of one of my favourite shirts.

BlueBalou Tue 07-Mar-23 06:35:32

Oh my goodness Mamissimo that runner is gorgeous!
What a talented lot you all are! I used to do a lot of sewing but haven’t done any for years now.
I always wanted to make a quilt but I lack the patience and the attention to detail that requires. I stick to knitting and crochet, a bit of embroidery and Bargello tapestry.

grandMattie Tue 07-Mar-23 06:40:27

During lockdown, I took up patchwork, only the machined stuff, can’t stand making the hand sewn ones. I have to say, Massimo, that my work isn’t a patch on yours (pun not intended!)
On Saturday, I finished a quilt. Instead of having the usual boring, one coloured back, I decided to use funky fabric - all of which I have used in the patchwork itself. I’m delighted with the result.

Whiff Tue 07-Mar-23 06:56:54

Sew everyday as I cross stitch. And have repaired my daughter's favourite jeans where a belt loop had ripped and created a hole. Used the inside coin pocket off an old pair of jeans really pleased with end result as I matched up the colour. Plus both jeans wearable .

Curtaintwitcher Tue 07-Mar-23 06:59:29

I have just finished a set of seasonal scenes in cross-stitch. Now I need to sew them together to make a wallhanging.

Mizuna Tue 07-Mar-23 07:15:40

I have a large stash of preloved denim jeans from charity shops. I love the way they're engineered and all the different types of denim. I've made throws, footstools, a pillow sham and cushions for my home but now want to start recycling some of my clothes, incorporating denim, so I've bought a wire dressmaker's mannequin. I only handsew and am interested in Japanese Boro, a kind of patching. (I knit every day, currently a waistcoat for me.)

travelsafar Tue 07-Mar-23 07:47:39

I made some pot holders for a couple of people. Managed to get the fire resistant wadding for the inside from amazon. Have orders for Xmas ones from my daughter. But knitting is my preferred hobby. Currently knitting a jumper for a very dear friend. She buys the yarn and I do the knitting.

AskAlice Tue 07-Mar-23 08:00:17

Three little dresses for my new GD for the summer. She's only a month old but she'll grow into them...I hope we get some good weather!

JackyB Tue 07-Mar-23 08:44:21

I have done quite a bit lately, but as I have always said, I am so cack-handed I can't make anything that looks nice or that's good enough to give away. I have had some curtain material for at least ten years now but I don't trust myself to sew curtains. Those that I have have all turned out crooked and skewy despite diligent measuring, pinning, pressing and trying out.

Last night I sewed a case for some beakers which had come in a bag for outdoor events (big Hessian bag with raincapes, cushions and bug spray, beakers and lunch boxes, but the cups were unprotected.) The case was a cylindrical shape with a zip around the top. Totally cocked up, but it's for our own use, so never mind. Have loads of other projects, but, apart from running round squares of old sheets with the overlocker to make cleaning rags, I really am loathe to try anything that should look nice.

Yammy Tue 07-Mar-23 09:08:30

Nothing!!!! My machine disappeared at half term with DD2 , hers has packed in and she is making blinds.
Then last weekend she needed a costume for GD and asked me only to remember she had the machine. I'm afraid we had to resort to Amazon which actually proved much cheaper than buying material and gold trimmings etc. A sad situation.

Maggiemaybe Tue 07-Mar-23 09:58:16

Well for the first time ever I’ve darned some socks and turned a collar. They were expensive socks and an expensive shirt, so worth the effort.

I’d say I’ve turned into my grandmother if she hadn’t despised all mending as premeditated poverty. smile

Callistemon21 Tue 07-Mar-23 10:44:41


Three little dresses for my new GD for the summer. She's only a month old but she'll grow into them...I hope we get some good weather!

Those were the days, AskAlice!

They're lovely, make the most of it before she gets to the age where she just wants to wear sports gear.

I'm ashamed, my nearly new machine is gathering dust since a frenzy of curtain and mask making a couple of years ago.

Fleurpepper Tue 07-Mar-23 10:48:28

Honest answer. Nothing.

I used to make most of the children's clothes, sewing, knitting, crochet, and a mix of all. But since my sturdy Huskvarna died on me a few years back I have not sewn anything. I did buy a cheap replacement, but it has just sat there.

Anyhow, isn't this thread virtue signalling? Joke, lol.