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Tidy Tips? How are your drawers or shelves or anything?

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trisher Sat 06-Sep-14 12:56:24

I am about as untidy a person as you can get. Watching a detective drama recently I heard someone describe a victim's t-shirts as "rolled not folded" in a drawer. Well that was the start! I have now re-organised all my drawers and I love it. It's easier to take things out and I can fit more in. So I started to wonder how many other ways of keeping things tidy am I missing out on? Come on you neat Grans I need your help!

durhamjen Sat 06-Sep-14 12:59:45

Did that have anything to do with finding the killer, trisher?

Kiora Sat 06-Sep-14 13:11:37

I roll my stuff in draws and I roll stuff up when I pack. Except draws (knickers) they HAVE to be crutch up, sides in then rolled, less creasing. Ps I'm really untidy too. I'v never thought about it before but I wonder if towels and bedding could be rolled rather than stacked in the airing cupboard. Might try when Iv pulled myself together.

harrigran Sat 06-Sep-14 13:15:29

My drawers are pristine and clothes hanging in wardrobe are sorted by colour. Jumpers are folded on shelves by size, season and colour. Shoes are stored in see-through boxes on shelves at eye-level and bags are stored in their cotton bags with designer name facing front so that I can pick one easily.
Towels are stored by colour and size in bathroom cupboards with matching flannels rolled and stored in a drawer beneath.
Each bedroom has a cupboard with linen for that room only.
The kitchen is not quite as I would like it as DH is allowed in and he is not as fussy as me.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 06-Sep-14 13:21:49

Do you not let him in the bedrooms Harrigran?

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 06-Sep-14 13:22:53

I still think you are a footballer's wife.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 06-Sep-14 13:23:36

All those designer handbags. And bedrooms.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 06-Sep-14 13:24:04

I haven't got a bathroom cupboard. envy

durhamjen Sat 06-Sep-14 13:26:04

Do you have OCD, harrigran?

trisher Sat 06-Sep-14 13:47:36

Ooh Towels- haven't tried them Thank you Kiora.
harrigran Are you available to sort out my wardrobe please?
durhamjen Don't think so. In fact the thing I remember best was the drawer scene-so it can't have been that good!

louisamay Sat 06-Sep-14 13:54:25

Jinglsbellsfrocks. I DO have a bathroom cupboard (so there!!). It contains various cleaners all neatly arranged in alphabetical order ( starting with D for Dettol and ending V for Vikal. I also have a bathroom drawer filled with various creams ranging from foot cream to pile soother. All neatly arranged in alphabetical order, of course. I think I must just go upstairs and check them now.

Coolgran65 Sat 06-Sep-14 13:55:07

I roll all towels in the airing cupboard. Face flannels sit in a pile, ironed so that they sit tidily.
In underwear drawers I use shoe boxes to keep stuff together and separated.
2 shoe boxes for knickers, dark and bright or light and white.
2 shoe boxes for bras, dark and bright or light and white.
Knickers are folded and rolled.
Another shoe box for socks.

Jumpers and tunics are on hangers sorted in colours.
Jeans and jeggings are rolled and are on the top shelf in a built-in wardrobe.
Handbags are in the coffee table/chest in the living room.
Shoes are in hanging shoe shelves (in built in wardrobe) from TK Maxx.
Winter coats and boots are in the attic. Coats hanging from a fitted pole.

Chest of drawers: Nightwear rolled in one drawer, strappy tops/vesty tops/short sleeves in another drawer, long sleeve tee type tops in another drawer.

Dressing gown on a hook on the inside of built-in wardrobe.
Costume jewellery hangs on the inside of same built-in wardrobe, using 2 coatracks with 5 hooks. A bathmat is tied with ribbon onto the bottom of each coatrack so that the hanging jewellery isn't noisy when door is being opened/closed.

3 Wicker baskets on top of wardrobe hold 1) scarves, 2) makeup/hairdryer/straighteners brushes etc. and 3) medications.
Cupboard on the landing with shelves and drawers hold extras of toiletries, shower gels, soap, tissues, toilet tissue etc.

Kitchen cupboards hold what is in daily use. Tinned foods and dry goods are in the garage where we put up the cupboards from the previous kitchen.
Tea towels are folded and ironed so that they store tidily on a shelf.

We are fortunate to have 2 spare bedrooms which helps keep clothing from being too crushed.

It's a very different story when we have house guests and a room needs partially emptied and put into the attic in cardboard boxes.

Oh dear.... do I sound a bit over the top when it comes to organizing, thing is..... I'm basically lazy and if it's done, then I know it's not waiting to be done, does that make sense blush

annodomini Sat 06-Sep-14 14:07:39

I feel sooooo inadequate! However, I do keep any knitwear (cashmere, merino, lambswool) that might attract moths in ziplock bags inside an old suitcase under the bed.

louisamay Sat 06-Sep-14 14:08:01

Coolgran65. Oh gosh, I feel like an absolute slob. I never iron face flannels - never crossed my mind.

Jinglbellsfrocks. Must be a pretty old footballer...unless he has a penchant for older women.

rubysong Sat 06-Sep-14 14:08:03

In my knicker/sock drawer I have one of those compartment things from Lakeland a charity shop which gives lots of small 'cells'. Half of it has pants and half of it has pairs of socks. It has made a difference to getting up in the morning, having them all sorted out. The rest of the house is complete chaos.

louisamay Sat 06-Sep-14 14:11:14

Do you live in Beverley Hills, harrigran? I thin I've seen you on The Real Housewives.

suebailey1 Sat 06-Sep-14 14:45:04

I am very tidy - wont bore you and me with too much detail but I do have all the same hangers facing the same way in the wardrobes and all my underwear which is always matching bra and knicker sets (always wear underneath the same colour that's on top e.g. red dress red underwear) are folded together - knickers into bra cups and then lined up in colour order in the drawer. Clothes are all washed when taken off. everything except towels, socks and underwear gets ironed. Housework is done daily with a blitz twice a week. Golf clubs and shoes all cleaned each time we play.

glammanana Sat 06-Sep-14 15:27:56

I like to think I am a tidy person and have all my clothes hanging in colours that match according to season, shoes are kept in boxes they where bought with and boots have boot hangers to keep them in good shape.

kittylester Sat 06-Sep-14 15:34:45

Well, all I can say is, blushblush

Grannyknot Sat 06-Sep-14 15:43:21

Teehee most of you tidy ones are like the dandy my husband, who says that I subscribe to 'chaos theory' (but I do know where my things are).

I like my stuff in fabric "baskets" that I take out and put on the bed and find what I need: t shirts, knickers, bras and vests are stored like that, also scarves. Most other things are rolled up in drawers or on shelves: leggings, slacks etc. What hangs up doesn't even fill one side of a wardrobe. I only ever own about 3 or 4 coats or jackets, which I replace after a few years when I get bored with them. Shoes I keep to a minimum too. You've only got one pair of feet!

vampirequeen Sat 06-Sep-14 16:09:12

OMG I thought I was organised but I'm positively slovenly compared to you lot.

louisamay Sat 06-Sep-14 16:25:23

Ah, but there's more to life than having tidy drawers, vampirequeen.

kittylester Sat 06-Sep-14 16:32:00

I agree but then i realised that my chest on the landing has a drawer for the linens for each of the bedrooms and a spare deep drawer for extras! All towels are rolled (tightly like Mary's Swiss rolls) on shelves in their specific bathroom but I have been known to take my jewellery to a friend for her to unravel it!

AlieOxon Sat 06-Sep-14 16:32:29

I start off with 'a place for everything' - so why don't they stay there?

Anne58 Sat 06-Sep-14 17:09:17

Some of these posts sound Dagenham to me!