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@NHS Do you trust Theresa May?

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Serkeen Wed 07-Jun-17 15:35:51

@NHS Quote on twitter

"A vote for this government is a vote against the NHS

Do you trust Theresa May? Or do you trust your doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers"?

What do you think, is this true?

Lazigirl Wed 07-Jun-17 18:16:35

I also worked for the NHS for the whole of my career, and I am very sure that things have changed in clearly demonstrable ways. I have never seen colleagues with whom I worked so dispirited, so stressed, so short staffed and under so much pressure as they are now, and they just cannot wait to leave. In Shropshire for example they have rationed joint replacements so that only those in the most severe pain can be referred, and they are no longer taking referrals for eye conditions in this county. They are planning to close one of our two A&E Units despite serving a population of half a million in Shropshire and Mid Wales. The CCG is in severe financial difficulties. I could continue, but this is just the tip of the iceberg and I am sure other areas are suffering in a similar way. I believe most people want an NHS free at point of delivery, and would be willing to pay extra income tax to maintain it. Unfortunately for ideological reasons the Tory party prefer a privatised free market system, without any empirical evidence that this will be more cost effective, and are allowing it to fail accordingly.

Jane10 Wed 07-Jun-17 19:06:38

Have to Tories actually said they are going to privatise the NHS?

rosesarered Wed 07-Jun-17 19:11:48

Every government tries to keep the NHS going, but due to the vast population and the amount of treatments now possible it probably can't continue as it is.Something will have to change.

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 19:12:07

Oh gosh the 3nurses looking up their holidays when my friends mum at 95 was ringing buzzer to ask for commode weren't under pressure were they?
My poor friends mum didn't want to interrupt them😱
What a very sad situation

rosesarered Wed 07-Jun-17 19:12:25

That doesn't mean privatisation.

rosesarered Wed 07-Jun-17 19:13:22

celebgran I have seen that situation first hand!

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 19:13:31

We don't have the resources for demands on NHS so many more people abusing it coming over here to have babies just one example

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 19:14:50

Roses why are they allowed to access personal stuff on NHS computers?

Also use their mobiles?

Morgana Wed 07-Jun-17 19:14:51

My son has waited almost five months for an 'urgent op'. His surgeons words. They have now removed a tumour two haemorrhoids a part fistula and a large bag of pus. All as day surgery! thankfully the surgical team were marvellous.Good job he has us to look after him and fight for his wound dressings to take place. Our forefathers would be devastated to hear how the N.H.S. has been let down.

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 19:16:02

Kittykester how lucky are you we are unable see dr on the day only practice nurse

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 19:16:48

Whitewave any dr or nurse going on social media would lose my respect anyway

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 19:18:51

I have waited since last November in horrendous pain still not got operation date but I am not alone just keep pouring morphine down my throat!

Morgana Wed 07-Jun-17 22:41:35

Oh dear celebgran hope u get a date soon
We asked G.P. about paying to go private. Were told we could perhaps pay part of it and N.H.S. would pay the rest because of the delay. Shortly after we got a date. All paid by N.H.S

celebgran Wed 07-Jun-17 23:12:01

That's good Morgana my back surgeon does t do private work, unusual
I onlynsaw him April 2£th and he hopes do op end July

So not too bad but I saw another surgeon in February not v helpful,so Been long wait, my MRI scan was last December 😱

So pleased your son got sorted out.

durhamjen Wed 07-Jun-17 23:55:32

kittylester Thu 08-Jun-17 06:42:20

celeb, our gp has a 'come and wait' session every morning and afternoon and the doctors just plough their way through everyone there. You must ring first to book in and when the list is full you are advised to ring 111. They are, without fail, courteous, empathetic, caring and thorough. That seems to be par for the course round here.

Jane10 Thu 08-Jun-17 08:18:47

"Come and wait sessions"! Its what my dad used to do when he was a GP. It works well. Plus ca change eh?!

whitewave Thu 08-Jun-17 08:21:06

How many on GN can afford private health care I wonder?

rosesarered Thu 08-Jun-17 09:00:31

celebgran You would think the computers were all for medical stuff only, but no, seems they can access anything.

vampirequeen Thu 08-Jun-17 11:18:57

I got a quote for private health insurance. It came in at just over 84 pounds a month and won't cover me for my pre-existing conditions. It also limits the amount it will pay out for consultations, medication, treatment and hospital out and in patient time.

Sorry about writing 'pounds' but when I try to put in the pound symbol I get # instead.

GrannyA11i Thu 08-Jun-17 11:45:59

Waiting time for day case spinal injection for my 87 year old mum who is in constant pain - 102 days. When she was admitted ove new year she was on a trolley from 9pm to 4am. They wheeled another old lady out of her ward at 4am and gave my mother the bed. They didn't tell us they were doing this - I overheard the telephone conversation arranging it and saw the old lady go past our cubicle in her bed. And now a leaked report shows more cuts ahead??

celebgran Thu 08-Jun-17 13:29:26

Whitewave if only I have no state pension until 66 am unable to work due to back pain I do occasional client regular for years but a. Forced to rely on My poor husband for every penny,

celebgran Thu 08-Jun-17 13:31:37

Roses a red then first cutback should be stopping nurses accessing private stuff on NHS computers

celebgran Thu 08-Jun-17 13:37:00

Grannyna a11 inwas quoted 26. Weeks for injections about same timespan.

durhamjen Thu 08-Jun-17 16:57:31

This can't be right.
Because of election rules, parties are not allowed to talk about this, but today was the last day to have it signed off.