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Feeling unloved and poorly

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over60plus Sat 03-Mar-18 19:27:39

Well went to Spain on 18th Feb for a weeks sun started to feel unwell on arrival sick, coughing could not get out of bed, when we arrived home I insisted my husband took me to hospitals was admitted with severe chest infection and this dam FLU I have never felt so unwell, they kept me for 4 days sent home under GP care and my husband, went to bed did not get up for 3 days not once did he say how are you feeling do you want a drink etc, got up and dressed today still feel really weak what does he say all the holiday ironing needs doing, Do you realise how poorly I have felt his answer I have not had a proper cooked meal for over a week I give up

specki4eyes Mon 05-Mar-18 19:57:44

Stick a bat down his pyjamas.grin

trooper7133 Mon 05-Mar-18 20:31:14

Husband would soon be my ex husband!

AmMaz Mon 05-Mar-18 20:38:16

I think I must be of a different generation albeit I am a gran. I am regularly dismayed reading how some of our GNs are treated and generally regarded by their OH. I could not and could never have been with such men for five minutes. I just don't get it how you are. He clearly regards you as his domestic slave - there to look after him like a mother does a child. OMG this is pervy.

melp1 Tue 06-Mar-18 16:23:16

Are you his wife or his mother?
How thoughtless of him, don't think my hubby would do the ironing but I'm sure I'd be fed, watered and housework would get done.
I think once your better you should go away for a few days and leave him on his own to fend for himself.