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Why do men leave the seat up & other annoying habits?

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NanKate Tue 17-Jul-18 20:15:52

Whilst on holiday and using the public loos I keep finding the seat left up ?

Any other annoying habits to add to the list?

sodapop Tue 17-Jul-18 20:17:23

Conversely why do women keep leaving the seat down ? ?

MissAdventure Tue 17-Jul-18 20:21:54

Why do the spend so long in the toilet?

MeltingMacaron Tue 17-Jul-18 20:35:00

I am working on a prototype for a toilet seat that can be left at a 45% angle to keep everyone happy. It will be launched with a tinkle from Prince Andrew the current Duke of York after his forebear the Grand Old. When it was only half way up it was neither up nor down.

FlexibleFriend Tue 17-Jul-18 20:51:18

It doesn't matter to me seat up or down as I want the lid down never mind the seat.

Cherrytree59 Tue 17-Jul-18 20:54:56

I also want the Lid down.
There is a 'soft' closing lid on the market

Bathsheba Tue 17-Jul-18 20:55:02

My DH has steadfastly, stubbornly, refused to put the toilet seat down all our married life. The seat needed replacing recently and I bought one when I was at a local store. DH fitted it and found, to his dismay and my secret delight, that it wouldn't stay up. In fact the poor man had to hold the ruddy seat up while he was peeing, haha.
Unfortunately (for me) he removed it and re-fitted it so that it does stay up. It looks flipping ridiculous, because it has had to be placed very far forward on the toilet bowl, but he doesn't care. It stays up so he's happy. Grrr angry

Iam64 Tue 17-Jul-18 20:59:30

Yes, put the lid down, flush, wash your hands and leave.

FarNorth Tue 17-Jul-18 21:04:10

Why is leaving the seat up so annoying to some? It's never bothered me.

SueDonim Tue 17-Jul-18 21:04:51

Lid and seat down, please. I don't want toilet water sprayed round my bathroom every time the loo is flushed, thank you very much!

Squiffy Tue 17-Jul-18 21:21:20

Seat and lid down!

I worry that:
a) The cat might fall in ? Double ?? if there’s bleach in the pan

b) If either fall/get knocked down then they might crack the pan

SueDonim Tue 17-Jul-18 21:25:39

Oh yes - a friend's kitten fell down their toilet!

It's also a good habit to get into when there are GC in the house, if they're prone to meddling in the loo.

NanKate Tue 17-Jul-18 21:37:14

In public loos I hate having to touch the seat to put it down.

Have any of you used the type of loo that only flushes when you open the door to exit the loo. This was in a hotel in Reading, I’m never going there again and as Mrs Slocombe would say ‘And I am magnanimous in that’.

MamaCaz Tue 17-Jul-18 21:40:30

As two year olds, my DS and his little (girl) friend were found 'paddling' in the toilet by friend's mum. She said it looked like they had both done a wee first too grin
I don't know if they had found the lid up or down, and I don't think it would have made any difference either way.

I don't mind too much daytime if DH leaves the seat up - mostly it is down - but if I go for a wee in the night, I don't turn the light on, and I hate it if I sit down then discover the seat was up. Yuk!

grumppa Tue 17-Jul-18 22:02:56

Interesting comment, SueDonim. I always put the lid and seat down, but only after I have flushed. I like to see that the flush is doing its job.

kittylester Tue 17-Jul-18 22:06:43

I don't like the lid down in case I'm in a hurry!

MissAdventure Tue 17-Jul-18 22:11:50

I like seat down and lid up.
My mum always assumed people put the lid down because they had something to hide down there. Limescale or worse!

Jalima1108 Tue 17-Jul-18 22:23:59


Devorgilla Tue 17-Jul-18 23:09:41

When men pee they put the seat up. When they poo they put the seat down. When women pee they put the seat down. When women poo they put the seat down. So the seat is down at least 75% if the time. Women win - seat down.

MissAdventure Tue 17-Jul-18 23:11:31

Well sometimes men leave the seat down, then pee all over it!

merlotgran Tue 17-Jul-18 23:14:43

I don't think our lid ever goes down. Can't see the point.

SueDonim Wed 18-Jul-18 00:26:26

I run a tight ship; any man peeing on the seat in my house will first have his ears boxed and then he'll have to clean up after himself. grin

Toilet plume is the phenomenon you get from flushing an open loo.

gmelon Wed 18-Jul-18 02:04:21

I'm always worried about the spray from the flush when I'm in a public loo.
I try and run out of the cubicle whilst simultaneously flushing.

Another thing I do is not use the first pieces of loo paper in a public one. I pull off enough to get some "fresh" ones that haven't had flush spray on them.

I keep my home seat and lid down for the flush after I years ago read about the invisible spray.

gmelon Wed 18-Jul-18 02:13:14

One husband and three sons, seat always put down.
The reason I gave.

Because any of "you lot" might want it down when you get in there, you don't know til you're there.
I definitely want it down and one of "you lot"
might want it down so it stays down.

Plus I pointed out that you never see a photo in a magazine or a showroom bathroom display with the seat up.

Jane10 Wed 18-Jul-18 06:10:31

We've solved the problem in our house - we have a 'ladies' bathroom and a 'gents' loo. I can keep mine as I like to find it and he can have all his car mags and swarfega etc to hand. (He keeps the lid down btw.)