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Why do men leave the seat up & other annoying habits?

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NanKate Tue 17-Jul-18 20:15:52

Whilst on holiday and using the public loos I keep finding the seat left up ?

Any other annoying habits to add to the list?

gmelon Wed 18-Jul-18 06:22:06

We've solved the problem in our house - we have a 'ladies' bathroom and a 'gents' loo

You've reminded me of a friend who does the same as you. There was nearly a war when her husband found that she bought nicer loo roll and Andrex cleansing wipes for her bathroom.

TwiceAsNice Wed 18-Jul-18 06:58:57

You should always put the lid down. If the seat is in the room where you keep your toothbrushes then the spray may land on the brush which you are then going to be putting in your mouth. How disgusting is that! Also as I live on my own only I am responsible for it . Winner!

travelsafar Wed 18-Jul-18 07:27:33

We have two loos in our house and both of them have the seat up which is very annoying.

What i do now is close the lid so hubby finds it as annoying as i do when i need to use the toilet as he has to open before he can use.

Greyduster Wed 18-Jul-18 07:51:45

I am still trying to work out how spray from your toilet would land on your toothbrush confused.

Rufus2 Wed 18-Jul-18 08:02:34

Any other annoying habits to add to the list?
Yes! But I need to be assured of "Diplomatic Immunity" from the Forum Police before lifting the lid on that list. shock
Don't forget that Grandads on diuretics need a clear run with no hurdles to negotiate! grin
Accidents can and do happen!

Luckygirl Wed 18-Jul-18 09:16:04

DGS (3) is getting the hang of stand-up wees, but unfortunately it usually results in a lot of rogue wee everywhere. He points Percy accurately at the porcelain , but unfortunately for some reason the wee shoots out to the right! - I am often called up[on to redirect the spray!

Lazigirl Wed 18-Jul-18 10:13:56

Don't remind him of this when he's 17 Luckygirl smile. BTW research has shown that there are far more pathogens floating around in public loos because of air dryers. Much healthier to use paper apparently. It's amazing that we've all lived to tell the tale.

Nvella Wed 18-Jul-18 10:15:06

Did you know that in Germany and Austria men pee sitting down? It is seen as very bad form to pee standing up

Rosina Wed 18-Jul-18 10:20:50

The loo seat up looks a bit 'unfinished' to me - if that's the right term. The rubber buttons on the bottom of the seat, the hinges, ...none of this matters i guess but we have smooth dark wood seats with a lovely sheen and it just looks so much better when the seat and lid are down. I sit on the closed lid often when drying my feet, painting toe nails, talking to OH, trying to remember what I came in the bathroom for, so it's definitely 'down' for a preference in out house. OH leaves it up, always has, and over the years I have cracked a few seats slamming them down for the tenth time that day; now we have 'soft closing' seats so my vicious swipes don't result in damage!

Rosina Wed 18-Jul-18 10:23:06

Oh, and Greyduster I couldn't work out how the flush would reach your toothbrush either, until I was informed that it is a germ laden vapour that evidently goes around the bathroom with every flush so it's best to keep the lid down and keep your brush in the cupboard too.

Gaggi3 Wed 18-Jul-18 10:23:31

Beware the soft closing lid. Mine still closes, but not softly, with a great crash instead. Dangerous when cleaning. Must replace.

squirrel5 Wed 18-Jul-18 10:30:14

DH leaves seat up.I like seat down,,but sidetracking...when he passes central heating thermostat in the winter,he turns it down,and I pass by and turn it up, we could say it's the ups and downs of family life?

Peaseblossom Wed 18-Jul-18 10:30:35

Flush then put lid down or water may be sprayed over inside of lid. Seat and lid should be left down.

caocao Wed 18-Jul-18 10:30:52

gmelon and I may have been separated at birth! I too discard the first sheets of paper and flush only after I have opened the cubicle door ready to make a hasty exit! I also roll my trousers up so they are not dangling in any unseen nasties or puddles on the floor whilst I hover over the loo. And shall I open the can of worms which is the main door to exit the loos - these apparently are dirtier than the average toilet bowl thanks to all the non hand washers and need to be negotiated very carefully!

Daisyboots Wed 18-Jul-18 10:31:09

Seats and lids are always down in this house. DH would complain if they were left up. Yes he does prefer to sit down to pee too. When my Mum was alive she had a commode chair over the toilet to make the seat higher and as her bathroom was downstairs it would be used by visitors. One male friend would always leave the seat up leaving the metal rungs exposed. Poor Mum would be in a rush to go and would back onto the toilet and she would hit the metal rungs which was painful. I had to remember to go in the bathroom after that visitor and put the seat down.

starbox Wed 18-Jul-18 10:32:02

I like the lid open! You can see at a glance that all is as it should be. You don't have to touch seat to open it, it's all there for you. Why DO women (allegedly) always want it shut??

LadyGracie Wed 18-Jul-18 10:33:43

Lid down always, the seat left up annoys me intensely, but then I'm very nit picky!

Gma29 Wed 18-Jul-18 10:46:06

I believe lid down, then flush or droplets from the toilet bowl are dispersed into the room. I would rather clean the lid, than wonder about my toothbrush!

lindiann Wed 18-Jul-18 10:48:22

OH used to complain as he liked toilet roll placed on holder so it run down against the wall, I used to just put it on whatever way lol!!!

MissAdventure Wed 18-Jul-18 10:52:24

Oh I like mine coming over from the top. smile
I'm not usually that fussy about unimportant things, but I can't leave the loo roll on the 'wrong way'.

Rosina Wed 18-Jul-18 10:53:19

My mother was obsessive about public loos and avoided them unless in danger of standing in a puddle. We too had to hover, use a tissue to open the door, and shoulder our way out because of the 'filthy door handle'. My friend's mum complained once that most flush levers were too high; we all looked puzzled until this lady of seventy plus, rotund and short, informed us that she always flushed the loo with her foot ! What a picture that conjured up.

Willow500 Wed 18-Jul-18 10:57:26

Definitely seat and lid down in our house - we have soft close lids so it's second nature to push it down. We're refurbishing a house at the moment and have put a temporary cheap toilet seat in until the whole thing is replaced (we won't go into the state of the toilet) and both forget it's not soft closing so there's invariably a clatter each time we visit grin Always close the lid before flushing too due to the spray effect - so gross!! Caocao I always lift my trousers off the floor too and wipe the seat with paper before using it,

Bijou Wed 18-Jul-18 10:59:43

What is the point of having a lid if it is never put down.

MissAdventure Wed 18-Jul-18 11:00:16

I'm probably going to regret saying this, but I often think the 'hoverers' must splash the toilet seat a bit..

starbird Wed 18-Jul-18 11:06:23

At home seat and lid down - tests have shown if the seat is up when flushing germs/particles can spread more than a metre.
At work I am the only female with up to 6 men in and out, I always make a point of leaving the seat up (after flushing).

As to why someone is so long in the loo - that can be me sometimes. Although. I eat a fairly healthy diet, sometimes due to poor muscle tone, it just doesn't hapoen, (or half happens which is worse!). A supply of reading matter helps pass the time!