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granbabies123 Mon 30-Dec-19 13:13:46

We have just had a wonderful few days with Ds ,Dil and 3 lovely Gc,
We live in Yorkshire they live in Essex so visits not that often but always delightful.
After first night sleeping in their cabin Grandad went indoors and the two youngest arrived to see if I was awake ,bounced on the bed and dived in for hugs.
Gs age 8 says,"shall I tell you a fact Grandma"? To which I thought, here goes with some 8 year old wisdom.
"Your boobs make lovely cushions" was his remark, " they're great to cuddle up to".
Well there was no answer to that just howls of laughter.
Anyone else's loved little ones made you laugh these holidays?

fourormore Mon 30-Dec-19 14:43:44

Brilliant! tchgrin Memories to treasure!

Flossieturner Mon 30-Dec-19 14:56:30

My GCs lost their other Nan two years ago. According to the 8 year old, “ Grandpa been on a date with a lady, but he is not going to marry her because he still loves Nanny”. The 4 year old then piped up “that’s because he is a Christian”.

She was such a lovely lady and it would have been her 70th birthday today. She would laugh so much if she could hear them.

Grammaretto Mon 30-Dec-19 15:46:02

aw Flossienan
Our 4yr old woke up with a start on Christmas morning and said she knew Santa had been because she could smell presents.

Tedber Mon 30-Dec-19 16:10:14

My 3 year old grandaughter who gave up breastfeeding of her own account at 15 months always LOVES to put her hands down tops to breasts (any ones) Just for comfort we think! Naturally discouraged esp in pubs/resturants. GS, 2 year old still breastfeeding (don't judge lol) turns and says - Ahhh that is distegusting (disgusting I can spell it lol)

We laughed ourselves silly.

We went to the zoo and looking at the monkeys. One misjudged his swing and fell off the swing. Our 4 year old declared "he should have gone to specsavers" Everyone around was howling laughing.

Kids always make us laugh.

Poppyred Mon 30-Dec-19 17:25:23

My 8 year old grandson says ...”I love you gran all by my heart..”❤️❤️❤️

Billybob4491 Mon 30-Dec-19 17:28:03

My 6 year old g/daughter asked me if I was rich, I asked her why ask, she said well you always have fresh flowers in your vase and my other nanna only has plastic ones!

garnet25 Mon 30-Dec-19 17:31:42

My insomniac 4-year-old granddaughter told me she was only tired up to her tummy.

Scentia Mon 30-Dec-19 17:51:10

When my daughter was 4, many years ago, we spent a morning spreading her Grandma’s ashes in the garden, when she came inside she said “ oh look Grandad, I’ve got Grandma all over my shoes!”
Definitely lightened the mood.
My FiL brought this up last week at dinner, can’t remember names, but remembered that❤️

GrannyLaine Mon 30-Dec-19 18:05:47

Similar vein Scentia: when my Mum died earlier this year, we felt it was important that all my grandchildren attended her funeral. One of my daughters was explaining to her five year old son what would happen at the crematorium. He was fascinated and after a bit of thinking wanted to know "Who gets to light her up then?" Mum would have found that hilarious!

BradfordLass72 Mon 30-Dec-19 19:07:55

This is a happy thread, I've laughed at them all. smile

My son was breastfed and often wanted the comfort of it rather than the sustenance.

We were on a train, his first experience and the carriage was full. He did like crowds and hasn't changed.

He began the usually tugging and I stopped him.
He wailed loudly, 'Want nipple, want nipple Mummy!'

Sara65 Mon 30-Dec-19 19:15:28

My grandson told me he’d got a Christmas present from his Great Granny, who he doesn’t often see and doesn’t know well.

He said it was absolutely amazing, I asked why, and he said, well, she’s dead isn’t she?

Wrong great granny!

Hetty58 Mon 30-Dec-19 19:19:23

The two year old showed me her new ride-in car - then asked me what Father Christmas had brought me! I had to tell a fib quickly, not wanting to be deemed 'too naughty'!

Hetty58 Mon 30-Dec-19 19:34:37

Breastfeeding funnies:

Bradford Lass, re the undoing, they get skilled with buttons. I was carrying my youngest (about 18 months) and a heavy bag of shopping over the road at a crossing. By the time I got to the other side (and could stop to put the bag down) my blouse was undone and she was diving into my bra!

And the funniest:

On a peaceful beach in Fuerteventura, a crawling baby boy went over to a nearby topless, sunbathing, teenage girl - and latched on firmly. Oh, the screams!

Daisyboots Mon 30-Dec-19 19:51:20

Not this year but some years ago one of my grandsons then aged 5 had the part of Joseph and had several sentences to say in the school nativity play. Afterwards my son said " well done F you played your part very well" F's reply was "thank you Daddy and you clapped very well". Bless him.

vinasol Mon 30-Dec-19 20:43:18

All that warms my heart. My only grandchild will be one year old next month and I can't wait to hear all he has to say!

Ninarosa Mon 30-Dec-19 21:06:11

Having taken my son then six,with me to my dentist while I had a check up, in an ongoing battle to acclimatise him to regular visits, I was asked by the dentist if I had any problems.
To which my son piped up "well, she's struggling to lose a bit of weight ".

Grammaretto Mon 30-Dec-19 22:02:47

Talking of first words: our 2yr old DGD on seeing her daddy in his kilt ready to go out, she looked thrilled and said "Daddy's dress! Mummy see daddy's dress!"

BradfordLass72 Tue 31-Dec-19 06:17:14

Hetty58 grin

Jane10 Tue 31-Dec-19 07:10:09

Ninarosa grin

Flossieturner Tue 31-Dec-19 08:51:52

We had a sandcastle building completion. Myself and GS against DH and GD. Every time DH found something interesting he stopped to show them. GD aged 4 said, very sternly, “grandpa, less showing more digging”.

Blinko Tue 31-Dec-19 09:01:35

Out with OH and GS some time ago, I left them at a table,and went off to get coffee and a sandwich for us all. In my absence, man to man, GS (aged about four) thought he would start a conversation with OH about penises.... OH was of course, completely kerflummoxed!

Laurensnan Tue 31-Dec-19 10:07:31

My son in law got a question right in a Xmas game we were all playing. My 5 year old son said to him - 'well done nanny's big boy'!! It's what I say to my grandson. He didn't get why we were laughing so much.

sluttygran Tue 31-Dec-19 10:09:19

Years ago my DD, aged about 8, said "Mummy, are we Catholics or Prostitutes?" confused

Juicylucy Tue 31-Dec-19 10:11:13

Similar story with my DD and GD my eldest DD is rather well endowed in that department and all 3 girls say to her you give the best cuddles Aunty as your all soft and squidgy.