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Anyone started planning Christmas already?

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grantothree Thu 30-Jul-20 16:34:21

I realise we're not out of the woods yet but having spent so long away from family I can't bear the thought of not being able to celebrate Christmas with them too. What is Christmas likely to look like for you? We're planning a big get together with my two children and the grandkids which will involve spending a few nights at my daughter's. We need to look forward to something. Even if we know there's a small chance it may have to be cancelled.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:36:33

No, I haven’t planned anything yet, not even in my head,

AGAA4 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:39:33

I can't think that far ahead as things change all the time.

I hope you do have your Christmas celebrations grantothree

TwiceAsNice Thu 30-Jul-20 16:46:35

Me and my daughters always spend Christmas together as we only live a street apart. I have started to bu y some gifts in online sales and put them away for Christmas presents

merlotgran Thu 30-Jul-20 16:49:43

Definitely NOT. it's July!!

Lucca Thu 30-Jul-20 16:50:48


I never like all the song and dance at the best of times. It’s hard if you don’t have lots of family etc etc

I think “planning” is pretty much out of the question as things are.

One year partner and I went to Sicily for a week over Christmas. Brilliant.

rafichagran Thu 30-Jul-20 16:53:48

Some of the retail channels do 'Christmas in July', I hate it. In my and only my opinion we need to keep Christmas for the season. To me Christmas is December not July.

Illte Thu 30-Jul-20 16:54:47

I'm afraid I did have a little Xmas discussion with my daughter 😬

The one thing I don't want is all the family all together. Three of them are in high risk occupations. The potential for the whole family to be infected is horrific.

Actually, with a second (or third) wave I'm afraid they will be working anyway🥺

GrannyGravy13 Thu 30-Jul-20 17:00:29

Started buying C gifts online yesterday........... I was really bored and just had to do something.

As for C arrangements that’s a sore point as we were due to go away with 3 AC and families, in-laws and my sister and family but due to flipping COVID-19 this has been cancelled 🤬🤬🤬

TerriBull Thu 30-Jul-20 17:18:30

Like most, given all our plans for this year have gone awry, cancelled yet another holiday yesterday, there's little point thinking about Christmas as we have no idea how long this virus will take to run it's course. So no not thinking about it all, not that I do usually in the height of summer.

varian Thu 30-Jul-20 17:31:56

We are beginning to think that this will be the first Xmas in fifty years which we might spend without any of our family.

Tweedle24 Thu 30-Jul-20 17:45:54

My sister and I, both widows, usually go away for Christmas and New Year together. This year we decided against it as we have no idea how things will be then and, whilst I do not normally have a problem wearing a mask, I do not fancy wearing one all the way to Egypt on a plane.

Sadly, she is not keen to spend Christmas with her family, I have agreed to go out for a nice meal with her (current rules allowing) on Christmas Day and I shall then either go to stay with daughter and family or they will come to me.

rockgran Thu 30-Jul-20 17:48:16

I've made all my Christmas cards - crafting keeps me relatively sane. I've just had a nice afternoon rearranging my envelope collection. I know how to have fun!grin

Calendargirl Thu 30-Jul-20 18:05:14

In answer to the thread title- no.

Nortsat Thu 30-Jul-20 18:06:27

Oh dear ... here goes ...
Christmas cards - bought in the National Trust January sales
Tags, bows, paper - JL January sales
Christmas crackers - Emma Bridgewater sales.

Most of my presents - bought in the Summer sales - Radley , Molton Brown.
My partner’s gifts - some great bargains right at the end of the Paul Smith sale.

In lockdown, I have had even more time to haunt the online sales. To others this probably looks very strange, but I enjoy roofling through the on line sales, with my list...
It takes all sorts ...

biba70 Thu 30-Jul-20 18:08:21

Are you for real - far too early anyhow.

But how can anyone plan anything, let alone Christmas in 4.5 months, in the current circumstances.

Bah humbug sad honestly.

eazybee Thu 30-Jul-20 18:16:38


Niobe Thu 30-Jul-20 18:39:11

We go to our son and daughter in law’s house for Xmas and will do the same this year. However bearing in mind that no one knows what the situation will be re CV19 I will have a mini turkey joint and all the trimmings in the freezer in case of another lockdown.
Nothing would be more miserable than having to be sitting at home without a turkey dinner at Xmas!

Harris27 Thu 30-Jul-20 18:47:20

Well done norstat you are organised. I work by seasons in a nursery and feel the whole year is jumbled at the moment. Will start thinking about it in sept but will be buying mostly online.

Iam64 Thu 30-Jul-20 19:02:16

I enjoy Christmas and love our big alternative Christmas family get together, which is usually around 15 December. This means we can host 17 -20 with easy food, and enjoy being a big family which is a rare occasion these days.

Like many other families, we "share" our children and grandchildren with the other grandparents. We are the only set of grandparents who are in our 70's and I was shielding so we realise we may be having a quiet Christmas
That's life x

Peardrop50 Thu 30-Jul-20 19:14:52

I thought the C word was banned on Gransnet until September at the earliest. I would like to ban it until December.
I'm not bah humbug-ing but I like the mad rush in December, crowded shops, snow on the ground, everyone rugged up in hats and scarves, C trees and pretty lights, C music from buskers. When it all starts too early and goes on and on the magic is spoiled.
Just my opinion, for those who like to stretch it out, I can't stop you, enjoy.

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jul-20 19:25:50

No no no no no
Ban the word until Dec 1 st PLEASE this is like fingernails on chalkboard to me
Please stop .........

Peardrop50 Thu 30-Jul-20 19:32:06

I agree BlueBelle shhh, let's not say it again for 4 whole months.

paddyanne Thu 30-Jul-20 20:20:14

I start buying early ,well I buy for 23 people so its easier to get it all done making a good start with having not much else to do

BBbevan Thu 30-Jul-20 20:22:16

We usually have a house full at Christmas. I love it. But not sure with this 2nd spike forecast if we may be on our own. If so we shall have a humdinger of a Christmas next year.
I shall probably get my Christmas cards soon though