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How much is too much for a top?

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trisher Wed 09-Sep-20 10:45:32

I love this top. I keep looking at it. But it is totally impractical and too expensive. But it's lovely. Would you pay £165 for it? What's the most you have ever paid for a top?

Oopsadaisy4 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:48:37

I wouldn't, I’m not buying new clothes (Ever again if I can help it ) and in the unlikely event that I did, I would go for natural fibres, I would spark as I walked across the room! Even with a wool carpet.

Just a part of my trying to save the Planet .....(.although it is hard, she sighed.)

henetha Wed 09-Sep-20 10:51:06

I would never pay that, nor anywhere near that. But it depends on your income doesn't it.

Callistemon Wed 09-Sep-20 10:52:27

It looks quite a useful top for hiding spills eg egg yolk, wine etc.

I wouldn't spend that much but it depends on cost per wear.

Charleygirl5 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:52:53

Not in a hundred years. I could not afford it. I would not be looking at it because of the price.

Callistemon Wed 09-Sep-20 10:53:21

And, of course, the model is slim, young and lovely.

Dee1012 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:55:19

The most I've paid for a top was in the region of £40, I agonised over that but couldn't resist it!
However some years ago I did buy a beautiful suit for around
£150, looking at cost per wear, it was worth every penny and still looks great as a suit or worn with other things.

However, if cash allows, I see nothing wrong with a lovely treat...we all deserve that!

MawB2 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:58:25

I don’t like it so £2.50 in the charity shop would be too much for me.
On the other hand I have just spent £22.95 on this (reduced from £45) and see myself getting a lot of wear out of it.

Witzend Wed 09-Sep-20 10:58:28

If you love it and can afford it - even if it’s considerably more than you’d normally pay - and if (a big if) you know you’re going to wear it a lot for a long time to come, then why not IMO.

One thing that would put me right off, though, is Dry Clean Only. Is that one reason it’s not practical?

Jaxjacky Wed 09-Sep-20 10:58:59

Too much for me, don’t go anywhere to wear such an item anyway. I’d pay max £40 for a jumper, but rarely shop unless something is worn out.

Ngaio1 Wed 09-Sep-20 11:00:03

If the top (or jumper or dress) looked sensational on me and i would keep and wear it for years, why not? Better than spend money on lots of cheap tops that will be discarded quickly.

Charleygirl5 Wed 09-Sep-20 11:03:33

I am also not a fan of hand wash only as well as dry clean.

Sorry MawB I do not like yours either. I rarely buy anything these days because I rarely see anything I like.

trisher Wed 09-Sep-20 11:04:10

Witzend You got it. I haven't bought anything that isn't machine washable for donkey's years. Even hand wash only puts me off. I was just wondering if there are people who actually buy these things- I just keep looking!

BBbevan Wed 09-Sep-20 11:15:01

Don’t like the top in OP’s post. Not a fan of shiny, sparkly or patterned . I have one striped Seasalt top like Maws but mostly prefer plain colours. I think I would never go over £50 for a linen top.

PamelaJ1 Wed 09-Sep-20 11:21:18

I don’t like it so I wouldn’t buy it either.
What I would pay that sort of money for is something made in the U.K. that is really fabulous (IMO) that I could wear forever.
If it’s made in China it would be a def. no no.

suziewoozie Wed 09-Sep-20 11:25:16

trisher it might come up in a sale later on. 😀. I think I pay upto £40 generally for a top. There’s a Mint Velvet jacket I am lusting after atm and I keep hoping it will pop up in their sale - it’s £149.99 and I really balk at paying that.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 09-Sep-20 11:27:52

If you like an item of clothing, if it suits you and if you can afford it, go for it 👍🙋

Calendargirl Wed 09-Sep-20 11:28:52


And, of course, the model is slim, young and lovely.

I’m sure you’re not implying the OP is not slim, young and lovely also Callistemon


Ellianne Wed 09-Sep-20 11:34:59

I think it is lovely, it looks very soft. In the past I have bought several (Gerard Darel) tops close to that amount, but usually in the sale.

NotTooOld Wed 09-Sep-20 11:36:33

I wouldn't pay that much myself but if you like it and can afford it then I'd say go for it. The maximum I would spend on a top is probably £40.

annsixty Wed 09-Sep-20 11:47:12

I have decided that I am buying no more clothes, possibly ever.
I have some decent tops and jumpers that will “see me out”
As I hardly go out at all now I just don’t need anymore.

If the silk one is what you like and you can afford it, no problem.
I think it is so distinctive that people would recognise it and think, oh you are wearing that again.

Cherrytree59 Wed 09-Sep-20 11:58:11

Its lovely trisha it looks like a watercolour on silk.
It is a stand out piece, where horizontal lined tops are everywhere.

Is there a wedding or special occasion coming up next year?

I confess that I have never paid that amount of money on one item of clothing for myself, but have bought a suit for DH that was a similar price,which often comes 'out' for weddings.

J52 Wed 09-Sep-20 12:09:08

The blouse is lovely. If it’s silk, in colours that suit you and you’d get lots of wears out of it, why not go for it?
I always think of how many wears I’ll get out of something expensive. It’s in a classic style so won’t date, it could last years and 10 wears will be £16.50 each wear.

Hand wash doesn’t bother me, I have a hand wash facility on the washing machine.

Callistemon Wed 09-Sep-20 12:12:11

If it needed careful ironing then no.

Callistemon Wed 09-Sep-20 12:13:31

I have some decent tops and jumpers that will “see me out”

annsixty you're never too old to treat yourself occasionally!