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Sausage Roll Query

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FannyCornforth Sat 12-Dec-20 08:37:29

I've got a question regarding sausage rolls - I am not one of life's cooks so please forgive my ignorance.

I've got chilled Jus-roll pastry and frozen vegetarian sausages of several varieties (bought frozen).

Should I defrost the sausages first, or wrap the frozen sausages with the pastry and cook that way?
The second way doesn't sound right does it? tchconfused
Do I need to brush the sausages with milk or egg before wrapping them?

Any advice welcome! Thank you tchsmile
(I did warn you that it was a daft question!)

felice Sat 12-Dec-20 08:44:27

Not daft at all, DGS and I make Sausage rolls all the time.
De-frost your sausages, skin them if you can, some veggie sausages have very thin skins if so leave them on but pierce them.
Roll quite tightly in pastry, cut little slits along the top of the rolls(helps them to rise) DGS likes to use beaten egg to glaze.
bake in an oven at 180° until golden.

MawBe Sat 12-Dec-20 08:46:17

What Felice says- I love big ones with homemade chutney for lunch too!

Puzzler61 Sat 12-Dec-20 08:48:42

Agree with felice.
Enjoy the smell of them baking, and the taste when you eat them Fanny.
I love sausage rolls and you’ve made me want to make some today too 😀

FannyCornforth Sat 12-Dec-20 08:54:35

Thank you everyone!
Such swift replies! tchgrin

Maggiemaybe Sat 12-Dec-20 08:55:43

I’ve got my sausagemeat in the freezer ready to make mine for Christmas Eve. I was looking at the Jamie’s sausage wreath recipe in the Radio Times till I realised it serves 30. Who’s going to be doing that this year? grin

Nortsat Sat 12-Dec-20 09:05:01

Not daft at all FC and and once you’ve had a go, you’ll know for next time.

In terms of skinning the sausages, after you’ve defrosted them, I find running the sausage under cold water helps the skins to come off more easily.
I always skin the sausages.

I hope your household enjoy them.
Mince pies next?

FannyCornforth Sat 12-Dec-20 09:11:43

Oh yes to the mince pies Nortsat!
Always puff pastry here, not short crust.
It's beginning to look (and taste) a lot like Christmas! tchgrin

Missfoodlove Sat 12-Dec-20 09:18:38

Try buying plain sausage meat from your butcher/supermarket, grate an apple and knead into the sausage meat with a desert spoon of French mustard.
Prepare your pastry and bake.

Soak a big handful of sultanas overnight in just enough boiling water to cover them.
Finely chop a shallot or small onion and gently fry in a little oil for 10 mins.
Add sultanas and juice and a really good dollop of brown sauce.
Stir together then blitz until you have a smooth sauce.

This brings sausage roll to a whole new level!!!

midgey Sat 12-Dec-20 10:44:21

Oh Missfoodlove, stingers in a sausage roll? Sounds very much like heresy to me!

timetogo2016 Sat 12-Dec-20 10:46:03

Spot on felice.

FannyCornforth Sat 12-Dec-20 10:52:22


Oh Missfoodlove, stingers in a sausage roll? Sounds very much like heresy to me!

What are stingers? tchconfused
Missfoodlove - I haven't eaten meat for nearly forty years!

Callistemon Sat 12-Dec-20 10:58:08

I'd follow felice's recipe. Yes, definitely defrost first otherwise you could end up with undercooked sausage and burnt pastry.

However, I usually buy sausage meat and use that.
Sometimes I add extra herbs and perhaps little finely chopped onion.

Callistemon Sat 12-Dec-20 10:59:48

Yes - what are stingers?

Apart from poisonous box jellyfish?

FannyCornforth Sat 12-Dec-20 11:06:03

Good grief Callistemon!tchshock
You don't want a jellyfish in your sausage roll! tchenvy
It sounds like something that they'd serve in The Argy!

Callistemon Sat 12-Dec-20 11:11:52

First you'd have to catch a box jellyfish - not recommended!!

We still don't know what the alternative stinger is tchconfused

midgey Sat 12-Dec-20 11:56:02

Stingers are sultanas currant etc!

FannyCornforth Sat 12-Dec-20 12:00:06


Stingers are sultanas currant etc!

Well I never! Any ideas on the origin of this?

Rufus2 Sat 12-Dec-20 12:05:58

(I did warn you that it was a daft question!)
Here's a daft answer to go with that. tchsmile
I'd recommend an Aussie "Dim-Sim"
It's a Chinese-inspired finger-food delicacy; looks like a mis shapen meat ball (nothing to do with kangaroos), wrapped in some sort of pastry; often found in chish and fips shops and deep fried. Lovely! tchgrin

Aldom Sat 12-Dec-20 13:02:39

As I understand it, Missfoodlove intended the sauce to be for dipping the sausage rolls. She clearly describes cooking the sausage rolls before giving the recipe for the sauce. She's not suggesting mixing the sauce into the sausage meat prior to cooking. Sounds tasty, if you like sausage rolls.

BlueSapphire Sat 12-Dec-20 13:54:27

I add half a finely chopped onion and a chopped apple into my sausage meat, plus a crumbled chicken Oxo cube, some chilli flakes and plenty of black pepper. Then I chuck it all in the Kenwood so it gets mixed thoroughly. I always have to taste two (or three) when they come out of the oven just to check.....

BlueSapphire Sat 12-Dec-20 14:00:58

Ooh, stingers reminds me when we used to live in Darwin (Oz's Northern Territory). We had the most beautiful beaches and a warm blue sea but did not dare set foot in it because of box jelly fish, crocodiles and blue ringed jelly-fish. A walk along the beach had to suffice - torture for our DCs, who were 6 and 10 at the time.

Callistemon Sat 12-Dec-20 14:19:39

I was thinking of NQ, BlueSapphire, where they put up stinger nets and I have splashed happily in the sea there with a small DGS - but then a croc was seen swimming along a couple of weeks later.

Callistemon Sat 12-Dec-20 14:20:55

🐊 🐙 shock

GillT57 Sat 12-Dec-20 16:52:16

When I make veggie sausage rolls I get the pastry to room temperature, roll it out and spread mustard on it. Veggie sausages don't need to be defrosted before cooking as sausage rolls but they are more pliable if at least partly defrosted. If I forget to defrost sausages I just roll them, cut into sausages size rolls and then halve them when cooked.