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Woodmouse Sun 13-Dec-20 19:47:38

During the summer my DH moved to a completely new part of the country where we didn't know a soul. I sold an item on FB Marketplace and the person who bought it was a local hairdresser. As I was looking for a new hairdresser I phoned her a few days later and made an appointment. I was very pleased with the cut and have been back since for one other cut. When I recently had to reschedule my appointment my new hairdresser contacted me via FB, offering me a different date etc. Fine. A couple of nights ago at 10.30pm she messaged me, asking if I could do her a favour. Thinking that it was in relation to my next appointment I said yes if course. Within a couple of minutes she messaged me back - basically could I lend her £400 until the following morning so that she wouldn't go overdrawn. I was totally shocked and didn't go back to her. I haven't heard anything back from her since and can't understand what happened. Had her phone been stolen and someone was trying to scam money from her contacts? Was the message meant for someone else? Did she really expect me to lend her money? I hardly know her! I just can't work it out. Basically, advice please, what should I do? I have an appointment with her at the end of this month?

Luckygirl Sun 13-Dec-20 19:48:50

I think you should steer clear - what a scam!

Calendargirl Sun 13-Dec-20 19:50:28

Sounds like her e Mail has been hacked, or her phone, or something.

Pantglas2 Sun 13-Dec-20 19:54:43

It may also be that she was desperate and had tried other people who’d turned her down so she tried you?

GrandmaKT Sun 13-Dec-20 19:56:41

Yes, I'd agree with Calendargirl, it sounds as if her Facebook/Messenger account may have been hacked. I'd give her a ring and tell her what happened.

Woodmouse Sun 13-Dec-20 19:56:52

I've considered all of these things. I just can't understand what is going on and what to do next.

Woodmouse Sun 13-Dec-20 19:59:50

Calendargirl, thank you. I think I will call her first thing tomorrow morning. She is a part owner of the salon.

Callistemon Sun 13-Dec-20 20:06:14

No, it's not her.

She has been hacked.

A friend sent an email saying he was stuck in Bulgaria with no money; could we send him some so that he could get back home!
DH's cousin recently asked for help too - she needed a loan.

Of course they didn't.

Let her know - by phone,

PollyDolly Sun 13-Dec-20 20:09:34

Ignore it......forget it.......go for your haircut and don't mention it!

Calendargirl Sun 13-Dec-20 20:12:30


Yes, I received an e Mail from an acquaintance recently asking if I was ok. I replied yes. Then another one asking me to buy some Amazon gift vouchers for a nephew, £400.

Knew it was iffy as he would never have spent that on a relative!

Rang him, yes, hacked e Mail.

Am sure yours will be the same.

Chewbacca Sun 13-Dec-20 20:13:57


Ignore it......forget it.......go for your haircut and don't mention it!

Noooo! Please don't ignore it. Or forget it. And definitely mention it to her. If her Facebook account has been hacked, she needs to know so that she can get it sorted out and let people know not to respond to begging requests.

EllanVannin Sun 13-Dec-20 20:15:17

I'd do that too PollyDolly.

pollyperkins Sun 13-Dec-20 20:23:02

Ive received one or two of these in the past - always a scam. It’s worth contacting the person to tell them as it’s probably gone to all their contacts.
Ive had the amazon voucher one and also the one where they are supposedly on holiday and had their wallet nicked.

Callistemon Sun 13-Dec-20 20:24:20


I'd do that too PollyDolly.


You must let her know asap

pollyperkins Sun 13-Dec-20 20:26:17

Another one is sending a video saying you need to see this as I think you are in it. That nearly fooled me as it was a close relative and I’m sufficiently self centred and vain to be curious. But something weird about the request stopped me in time.

Woodmouse Sun 13-Dec-20 20:32:51

Thanks everyone. I have been Googling this and it looks like a hacking scam. I will contact her tomorrow. I wish I'd done this on Friday but I was so shocked and didn't know what to think. If it had been from someone I know well I'd have telephoned them instantly. Not knowing this person actually made this a really difficult situation for me.

BlueBelle Sun 13-Dec-20 20:37:04

No don’t ignore you must tell her I ve been hacked on FB (nothing about money) but it’s ever so annoying and she needs to know she can let others in her messenger list know

Elegran Sun 13-Dec-20 20:43:29

A "safe but tactful" way of replying could be to say, "We'll talk about this when I see you next!" and to phone the person concerned directly to ask whether it was genuine or a hacker. Then if it is genuine (unlikely!) you haven't reacted by shrieking "Scam! Scam!" at a friend in need, and if is a scam (very likely) you haven't committed yourself. Try to get their phone number and report it.

Nadateturbe Sun 13-Dec-20 20:57:10

Good idea Elegran

fevertree Sun 13-Dec-20 21:44:59

Why the need to be tactful? I would just call her - or even go and see her - and tell her what you've told us, that the request threw you because you don't know her that well and you can't think that she would ask you for a loan. That way, even if it was her (which is unlikely) then she knows you won't be up for lending money to people you hardly know.

Callistemon Sun 13-Dec-20 22:17:52

It's a classic hack and scam

Nezumi65 Sun 13-Dec-20 22:23:33

I suspect her messenger has been hacked. I have had a couple of those from friends.

Nezumi65 Sun 13-Dec-20 22:23:49

well obviously not friends - from friend's accounts

Flopsey Sun 13-Dec-20 22:28:37

This asking for a loan, or especially a email asking for money because of a wallet stolen abroad has happened to us years ago, luckily we knew the person concerned would never ask for money.
So it was a definitely a scam, but it made us feel very uncomfortable.

Teacheranne Sun 13-Dec-20 23:44:10


Another one is sending a video saying you need to see this as I think you are in it. That nearly fooled me as it was a close relative and I’m sufficiently self centred and vain to be curious. But something weird about the request stopped me in time.

I had one of these messages from a very close friend and I did click on it without thinking. Luckily at that point I was directed to a funny sounding website and asked to join it in order to watch the video. That warned me and I closed the message. I was a bit worried about having opened the message but it was fine, the error would have been to have gone to the website.

You really cannot be too careful.