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A trivial but genuine dilemma

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Aveline Sat 15-May-21 11:00:43

I'm due to have a hip replacement in July. In preparation I'm wondering what to do about my feet. At this time of year I generally have a pedicure before 'getting my feet out for the summer'. My dilemma is whether I should go to a beauty salon for a pedicure (my poor feet have been immured in boots all winter and spring and could do with a treat) or to a chiropodist/podiatrist for a more serious tidy up. I don't want nail varnish so beauty salon might not be appropriate but neither are my feet in serious need of eg corn or hard skin treatment by a podiatrist. I know I'll have big problems after my op as I believe you can't bend more than 90° for a while so toe nail trimming would be a problem. It could be useful to be on a podiatrists books then.
So I just don't know. What do Grans think?

CafeAuLait Sat 15-May-21 11:09:30

Treat yourself to whatever treatment will give you the most joy - of even both of them. :-)

Lucca Sat 15-May-21 11:10:53

If you don’t want nail polish then chiropodist....although more expensive!

Lucca Sat 15-May-21 11:11:12

Yes even both !

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 15-May-21 11:12:04

I think I'd just make sure they were clean and comfortable Aveline. The last time I had an operation I was made to remove nail polish (and any other cosmetics) which I was a bit peeved about as it was freshly applied - so that was a waste of time, wasn't it? Perhaps treat yourself afterwards if it can be done just to boost your spirits and help you feel good. Best of luck.

MawBe Sat 15-May-21 11:12:50

Wouldn’t it be lovely if Podiatrists offered both? The business bit, followed by a relaxing foot and ankle massage, maybe a hot wax foot bath then moisturising and a pop of polish.

I’d go for both.

Aveline Sat 15-May-21 11:35:06

Gosh. Both! My habitually 'careful' self nearly combusted at the potential extravagance!! However, all this thrift has led to the availability of funds I just have to overcome myself!

JackyB Sat 15-May-21 11:48:37

I think you are supposed to remove nail varnish before an operation (I read it Gransnet once). It would be a shame to spend money on a nice pedicure and then have to take it all off again.

So check this with your doctor. Maybe treat yourself afterwards?

JackyB Sat 15-May-21 11:49:43

Oh sorry. You say you don't want nail varnish. All the best for the op!

JackyB Sat 15-May-21 11:53:08

Sorry. Beigecardigan had already said that. Oh dear, I do hate it when that happens. I thought I had read the thread.

Good idea to get on the podiatrist's books. Make two or three appointments in advance to ensure you can get in when you want to.

Odette52 Sat 15-May-21 11:59:47

Looking for recommendations for leggings.. material, sizing, comfort etc...
Many thanks❤️☘️

Redhead56 Sat 15-May-21 12:31:30

I had total hip replacement when I was Fifty three eleven years ago. I bought long handled nail scissors which are angled to use on both feet and are brilliant I still use them. No nail varnish no jewellery allowed just get your feet looked at nails trimmed etc.
I recommend you get big nickers (seriously) and elastic waist trousers or skirts you will be grateful for them after the operation. Don't even think about jeans etc.
Maybe get your toe nails trimmed again before operation. I hope everything goes well for you.

Aldom Sat 15-May-21 12:46:05

Odette52 I suggest that you Google Trousers/Leggings Gransnet This subject was covered March 21, so you will find lots of helpful suggestions there.

Aveline Sat 15-May-21 13:05:26

Thanks Redhead- I'm already fully stocked with big knickers and am no stranger to lycra waistbands! Although, in preparation for the op I've been on a diet and so far have lost 4.5 ins from my waist. Hope the knickers stay securely in place!
The long handled scissors sound excellent. Will try to find some.
Thanks for the tips.

midgey Sat 15-May-21 13:53:08

Aveline sounds like you will need braces for your underwear after such a weight loss achievement! Well done you.

Aveline Sat 15-May-21 14:06:32

Braces! What a thought. The weight loss was due to me trying to do everything possible to help my hip. It was relatively easy too once I got in the habit of it. I'll keep going too as I suspect I'm in for a pretty leisurely autumn recovering from my hip op.

blossom14 Sat 15-May-21 14:08:40

If you choose a Chiropodist/Podiatrist I wish you good luck as appointments in my area are like gold dust.
The nail salon I use do a very relaxing pedicure and I often have a clear varnish. I am sure they would allow you to opt out of varnish if you ask.

Spice101 Sun 16-May-21 15:35:23

I’ve had 3 joint replacements in the last 18 months. The latest a knee 2 weeks ago.
In each case I’ve seen the podiatrist a week or so before the operation and then by the time I’m due for my next visit I’ve been back on my feet.

Aveline Sun 16-May-21 15:38:51

Gosh. Three in 18 months! Getting it all over ASAP. I think as my op isn't till July I'll have a pedicure soonish then a podiatry visit nearer the time.
I do have high hopes of the recommended long handled scissors too!

annodomini Sun 16-May-21 15:42:18

I had the partial replacement of my shoulder 13 months after my hip and in between I had a trapeziectomy on my thumb joint! I asked the hospital for a season ticket.

Aveline Sun 16-May-21 15:44:22

Wow! A 'frequent flyer'!

annodomini Sun 16-May-21 15:59:09

Now grounded, Aveline!

Aveline Sun 16-May-21 18:46:06


Puzzled Tue 18-May-21 17:16:17

After the op, Hope it goes well for you, celebrate by having your feet given a major service.
That way you can concentrate on how good they look rather than any immediate after effects.
Do and wear whatever makes you feel good. You bare just about to start a new chapter, where you should be able to do things that have been "out of bounds" form a while!

Puzzled Tue 18-May-21 17:17:36

ARE not BARE, (unless that is party of your recovery programme!)
How do you cure fat fingers?