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Sarnia Thu 08-Jul-21 08:08:37

In keeping with a lot of other people I have not seen some of my family for 17 months. I have followed the rules and when Boris's roadmap was put in place I booked train tickets to go and visit my daughter and her family in Yorkshire. My daughter rang yesterday to tell me my 17 year old GD was showing Covid symptoms and a lateral flow test had come back positive. She had taken a PCR test for confirmation and the result this morning is also positive. Everyone in their house now has to isolate for 11 days. Her last day in isolation will be the day before I am due to arrive. I am longing to see them all. My youngest GD will be 18 when I am there and we have trips arranged. However, I don't feel entirely comfortable with it. One half of me says that their isolation will be over, I have had both vaccine injections and life has to get back on track but the other half thinks why take any risks? My question is, what would you do in my place?

Spinnaker Thu 08-Jul-21 08:13:53

Go for it ! Isolation will be over, you're fully jabbed up and, as a lot are saying, we have to get back on track. Your reunion, like a lot of others, has been a long time coming- enjoy flowers

granfromafar Thu 08-Jul-21 08:14:28

You should go as planned. The timing is perfect as you arrive after the isolation ends. Enjoy your long-awaited visit.

Lucca Thu 08-Jul-21 08:16:58

I’d go. (Specially as it’s Yorkshire !). They will have isolated tested and you’re double vaccinated plus according to government anything goes now…..

sodapop Thu 08-Jul-21 08:17:15

Don't worry Sarnia you have had both vaccinations and the isolation period will be over, enjoy time with your family. All necessary precautions have been taken.

Franbern Thu 08-Jul-21 08:18:53

Why are you even dithering about this. Just think how fortunate that there isolation time ends before you are due to arrive - and you are fully vaccinated. How long do you think you should wait after that isolation period? A week? a month? a year?
Go and enjoy every minute of your visit.

nanna8 Thu 08-Jul-21 08:24:49

I think I would go,too but I do get that you are hesitant because here some cases have come out later than 2 weeks. If you are reasonably fit and healthy I think it is worth the risk.

Esspee Thu 08-Jul-21 08:31:42

During the next 11 days any of the other family members might test positive extending the family's period of isolation.
I would postpone my visit in your place.
Clearly not a majority view but I intend to keep away from trouble. Haven't made all these sacrifices to take crazy risks now.

J52 Thu 08-Jul-21 08:53:56

I would go, especially as you will probably have been vaccinated.
Last year the isolation period was 14 days and I spent those days completely alone in my house. DH was away and had to extend his trip. Now it’s 11 why the difference? Could I have shortened my isolation?

timetogo2016 Thu 08-Jul-21 08:57:06

Agree with the Gransnetters that say go.have a great time.

eazybee Thu 08-Jul-21 09:39:00

Go, unless anyone else tests positive in the isolation period.

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 08-Jul-21 10:37:15

Go definitely! Unless something changes in the meantime. We are just waiting for PCR results. I’ve had a heavy cold with loss of smell/ taste, which new evidence has shown can be covid. Other members of my family isolated as granddaughter was sent home from school. We’re constantly juggling the spinning plates😮.

Newatthis Thu 08-Jul-21 11:15:09

Go -even if you have to stay in a B & B for one night,

M0nica Thu 08-Jul-21 11:43:28

Go. If anyone tests positive you can always rebook.

If humankind had made a habit of always retreating under the blabkets faced with even the smallest risk, we would still be in the stone age.

Luckygirl Thu 08-Jul-21 12:21:04

The risk is that one of the other family members will test positive during their isolation time and the whole shebang will start again. But.....fingers crossed. If that does not happen then all should be fine and I would go.

Hithere Thu 08-Jul-21 12:26:13

You dont even know if the rest of the family is not going to be positive, which means isolation is void and extended

How long will your gd and possibly other take to recover? My friends who caught it were out of commission for 2 weeks but needed 4 weeks to fully semi function

I know you are want to see them so bad.
Dont let it cloud your judgement of the real risk you are facing here

JenniferEccles Thu 08-Jul-21 12:47:37

I would definitely go without a doubt.

What are the vaccines for if not to protect us in situations like this?

We all know the virus will always be around, but now a large number of us are fully vaccinated, and an increasing number of young people have had their first, now is the time to get on with our lives.

Just my opinion though. Others I’m sure will take a more cautious approach.

Hithere Thu 08-Jul-21 13:24:39

Vaccines do not make you immune to covid, that is not what protection means.

Kim19 Thu 08-Jul-21 13:35:47

Without hesitation I would go but I understand you thinking about it. Kind of second nature these days but we will gradually grow back out of that. Enjoy your reunion. I'm looking forward to mine in August.

lemsip Thu 08-Jul-21 14:00:54

I would postpone for a couple of weeks also

Sarnia Thu 08-Jul-21 17:02:15

Thanks to all Gransnetters who have taken the time to reply. My daughter and family are self-isolating now and will do lateral flow tests regularly and also a PCR at the end of isolation. If everything is negative, Yorkshire here I come. If anyone else in the house comes down with Covid then I won't have a decision to make. Thanks once again.

GraceQuirrel Fri 09-Jul-21 10:47:32

Just go. You worry too much.

jaylucy Fri 09-Jul-21 10:53:04

As others have said, you should go . All precautions have been put in place as advised, you have had both vaccinations as well.
Yorkshire is a beautiful place and hope you have a lovely time .

Sparklefizz Fri 09-Jul-21 11:00:55

Vaccines don't make you immune to Covid. I would postpone for a couple of weeks.

Barmeyoldbat Fri 09-Jul-21 11:03:31

Go, go, go is my advice and enjoy your time with your family