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What do I get dh for birthday.

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Coolgran65 Thu 07-Oct-21 09:06:36

It’s dh birthday in a few weeks and I’m trying to avoid the shirt/ jumper route. There is absolutely nothing he needs or wants. He doesn’t want to do a hotel overnight because of covid even though I’m sure it’s quite safer. Cinema and diner - he won’t do cinema for the same reason. I thought of day out and dinner but in November the weather could be very uncertain. He likes nice clothes but definitely has more than enough.
I’ve considered out for dinner taking the family but that would be 10 of us and about £250 possibly.
I could do dinner at home instead with birthday cake but it’s like dong a Xmas dinner.
Or maybe afternoon tea with sandwiches/cake for 10.
I know he would appreciate a family get together. Maybe I should do this and hang all work. But I’d still like a gift for him to unwrap so back to what to get.

I sound lazy but honestly I’m not. It’s possible eldest ss may suggest a get together at his (much bigger house) but that would do away with my ‘gift’.
He has nice clothes unworn. Last gift was a pair of Sketchers.
I will get some nice chocolates maybe Hotel Chocolat. He’s not into nice toiletries or aftershave more of an Old Spice man.
The more I think….. it could be a gathering at our house. Actually perhaps get a Chinese or fish n chips delivery for 10. That would make it a little different, less work for me, and cheaper than going out. Hmmm maybe that.
Seems that just writing this out has focussed me.

Any ideas or approvals are most welcome. Thank you.

tanith Thu 07-Oct-21 09:25:14

I think the takeaway idea with family is excellent as for a present does he need a new phone, or if he has an interest that you could pay a magazine subscription for. It difficult buying for people who have everything.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 07-Oct-21 09:27:49

I have the same problem with my husband! Does he like reading? Mine enjoys books.

silverlining48 Thu 07-Oct-21 09:41:26

Sounds like he has everything he needs or wants. The meal option is nice but be prepared for big increase in prices.
It was my dd birthday yesterday and we (4 adults and two small children )went to a chain pub and excluding drinks and tip our fairly modest meal came to £180.
We don’t exchange presents anymore, neither birthday nor Christmas. Sounds to me you are unnecessarily stressing over something your dh isn’t bothered about.
A family tea at home sounds nice and/or donate to a charity close to your ❤️ in his name, or get those sketchers out and regift! grin

highlanddreams Thu 07-Oct-21 09:58:31

I think the idea of fish and chips with the family at home is great for a lovely relaxed birthday get together. Maybe get some fancy ice cream for an easy dessert and jelly for any children .Then just add a birthday cake or cup cakes to mark the day.
As for the gift as boring as this may sound my DH loves a decent pen as he still writes in his desk diary and works out finances on paper, and he keeps a phone & address book rather than using a computer or phone. Or how about a favourite family photo made into a canvas for the wall or printed onto a mug or something like that ?

mumofmadboys Thu 07-Oct-21 10:14:08

Could you do a simple meal at home for all the family such as fish pie or lasagne?

kittylester Thu 07-Oct-21 10:17:29

Our family have bought DH a helicopter flight incorporating passing over his team's football ground.

Callistemon Thu 07-Oct-21 10:18:51

If you decide on a family gathering, which is what you say he'd like best, the suggestion of a takeaway sounds the best idea rather than you slaving away in the kitchen.
Otherwise you could ask everyone to bring a dish of food (you'd have to co-ordinate that).

We went to a garden party recently and the hosts had ordered the afternoon tea from a local eatery and it was very good indeed. Most people didn't realise, it all looked homemade but the hostess whispered to me that that's what they'd done.
Add in champagne and tea or coffee and she said it was relatively effortless.
The weather was lovely which was a bonus.

You could buy him a small surprise too - perhaps a book he may want?

MiniMoon Thu 07-Oct-21 10:20:26

My husband was 70 in May this year.
My daughter and son arranged an afternoon tea at a local café. Since covid restrictions were still in place we had it outdoors in their yard, with picnic tables and benches. They provided rugs for knees to keep us warm. Beautiful food, and good company (18 friends and family).
He really enjoyed it.
He said he didn't want a gift, but we clubbed together and bought a gift voucher for a local Michelin starred restaurant, as he is a foodie.
We have only just managed to arrange a booking as the place is small but extremely popular.

Callistemon Thu 07-Oct-21 10:21:17

Another friend did this for her DH's birthday:

Other caterers are available

seacliff Thu 07-Oct-21 10:31:21

It's always difficult. If he has any interest/hobbies, possibly a special something connected with that? If he likes beer, a subscription to a craft beer club?

Sounds like he would love the family get together, if there were more you could have a mobile fish and chip van to provide food. A delivered takeaway would be fun.

LauraNorder Thu 07-Oct-21 10:43:15

The family get together with a Chinese meal sounds perfect.
Maybe you could add a little box of seven promises for the week. We do this sometimes.
Monday I’ll make all the cuppas and all the meals.
Tuesday a neck massage
Wednesday I’ll watch any noisy, shouty film of your choice without comment.
You get my drift. The promises used to be a bit more saucy but you have to go with what you’ve got!
You can be romantic or funny, whatever suits.
Write them out and put them in a nice box or decorated envelope.
Most of all enjoy the day with your big happy family

BigBertha1 Thu 07-Oct-21 10:53:33

ccolgran65 you have my sympathy my DH is much the same. Does you husband enjoy whiskey - a subscription to a distiller or a wine merchant perhaps. Bottle in a Box is quite a good site. My DH cant get enough of books and really likes an Amazon voucher so he can choose his own.

How about a new piece of garden equipment to make life easier. Sorry I cant be more imaginative I have this trouble all the time for the man who has very little and would like even less. smile

Sar53 Thu 07-Oct-21 11:45:29

It's my husband's birthday next week. I've bought him a new seat for his boat, his choice, an Am...n voucher, so he can buy books for his Kindle and I found a ceramic coaster with his favourite football team on. I think men are incredibly difficult to buy for as there is usually nothing they want or need.
Good luck.

Jane43 Thu 07-Oct-21 12:13:56

We agreed to stop buying birthday and anniversary presents for each other a few years ago as we both found buying for each other was getting increasingly difficult. We just buy a nice card and go out for a meal together, well we did before Covid but the last two birthdays we bought a nice meal, dessert and bottle of wine from M and S and cook it at home - their Chinese meal boxes are very nice and so is their salted caramel cheesecake.

Soozikinzi Thu 07-Oct-21 12:21:10

When we go out for birthday meals which is quite frequently because we have 6 sons we all pay for ourselves and the birthday boy or girl so it isn’t just one person footing the bill . We also like a take away and you can get whichever is your husband’s favourite. We’ve bought my DH a couple of helicopter flights which he really enjoyed so much so his next one is a microlight flying lesson. He also likes books and books on the kindle .

Coolgran65 Fri 08-Oct-21 20:02:30

Thanks everyone. He loves reading and uses kindle so an Amazon voucher is a possibility. He doesn’t drink. Would definitely not be interested in a. Helicopter flight etc. I’ve done the family photo on a canvas, cup etc. I have previously suggested we limit birthday presents but he doesn’t stick to it.
Sorry to sound negative about some suggestions it’s just I’ve been through most of them.
To get a takeaway seems popular. And also the M & S salted caramel cheesecake (x2) plus birthday cake which I’d bake.
And a wrapped box of posh chocolates.
Thank you all so much. Seems we all agree men are difficult to buy for.
And 4 weeks later comes Xmas!!

Theoddbird Sat 09-Oct-21 10:35:16

I think a donation to a charity in his name would be a good idea. I have done this for Christmas presents...usually Crisis at Christmas.

MollyG Sat 09-Oct-21 10:38:00

How about an experience day?or does he like his garden? I special rose or tree to plant?

What’s he into?

Cambia Sat 09-Oct-21 10:40:13

Audible subscription? They have some great books to listen to.

Ellfiesnan Sat 09-Oct-21 10:41:21

When we have a family get together now we all bring some food with us arranged in advanced! We also ask the birthday person to write down 20 things they’d like up to the value of £20ish and we all pick one out a hat you can get an app that does this. So it’s a surprise but something they want.

JdotJ Sat 09-Oct-21 10:41:44

Magazine subscription?

Cakey68 Sat 09-Oct-21 10:43:08

I’ve suggested this several times over on MN, and it’s always been well received…
One of the best presents I’ve ever bought for he-who-has-everything is a lock- picking kit. A board of practice locks & set of tools. It kept him amused for ages, working his way through each type and mastering it. Now he’s over the moon if someone needs a lock picked - loves to get his kit and proudly do the deed!

Nannashirlz Sat 09-Oct-21 10:44:06

Why not buy yourself some nice undies and dress up for him with a bow wrapped around you. It might be something he’s already had but at least it’s something for him to unwrap lol

25Avalon Sat 09-Oct-21 10:44:53

Cakehead do a lovely box of tray bakes for about £20. You could wrap them up and enjoy them with a cuppa in the afternoon. You could buy an expensive tea for the cuppa.

Does he like cheese as you could get a lovely selection of cheeses from a specialist shop such as the Cotswold Cheese Company? Maybe some special biscuits and chutney to go with it.