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ExDancer Thu 03-Mar-22 09:18:24

Well, that is the question isn't it?
My hairdresser comes to the house and is self employed, I don't tip her. But every 6 weeks or so I get my eyelashes and brows tinted (otherwise they're invisible) at a salon in town - and she is also self employed, in partnership with another girl - and I do tip her.
What exactly is the etiquette here - who should I tip and how much?
I find the question of tipping quite embarrassing.

Grandmabatty Thu 03-Mar-22 09:24:05

I tip my hairdresser every time I go. As I don't have much hair, I only go every three months. I don't find it embarrassing though.

Sar53 Thu 03-Mar-22 09:31:52

I have been having my hair cut with the same hairdresser for about 10 years.
I always tip, usually £3.00 on top of a £40.00 cut.
We have become friends, he is a good 30 years younger than me, and chat about our families, life, and everything else.
He does a great job on my very wavy, unpredictable hair.
I wouldn't trust anyone else to do such a good jobl

nadateturbe Thu 03-Mar-22 10:13:29

I do the same as Sar53. I would still tip at home. And I give a Christmas present of an extra large tip.

timetogo2016 Thu 03-Mar-22 10:20:47

I do tip my hairdresser,he`s a really nice chap and does a good cut.
And if on the very rare occasion we have a takeaway delivered i also give a tip.

BigBertha1 Thu 03-Mar-22 10:22:08

I always tip the hairdresser £5 but not the beautician who works from home - don't know why.

mokryna Thu 03-Mar-22 10:28:15

I usually don’t tip but when lockdown finished I did give a very large one, to the owner, and only worker, of the hairdresser’s who cut my hair.

Hellogirl1 Thu 03-Mar-22 12:21:10

I tip only very rarely. My husband used to say "Nobody tips me for doing MY job!"

Lucca Thu 03-Mar-22 12:36:41

I have never tipped my hairdresser. I’m not mean though, I just don’t do it.

Doodledog Thu 03-Mar-22 12:54:30

I find it awkward.

My hairdresser is also the salon owner, charges more than the other stylists and drives an expensive car. I feel that I'm already paying enough, and tipping him would seem patronising somehow - he definitely earns more than I do these days. I used to tip the junior who washed my hair, but they seem to have a different one every time I go these days, so I don't get to know them.

Do those who tip also tip decorators or others who provide services? Where does it stop? I usually 'round up' for taxi drivers, waiting staff and food delivery people, as it's less awkward than waiting around for change, but don't tip binmen or plumbers, for instance. I suppose it comes down to whether or not cash is changing hands.

Jaxjacky Thu 03-Mar-22 12:55:46

I tip my hairdresser, she comes to my house. I tip everyone I use, who provides good service, 10%. Service suppliers are often self employed, or on a low wage, no embarrassment from me.

bongobil Thu 03-Mar-22 12:59:27

I find this very difficult usually do tip the hair stylist but with their prices and everything else going up it seems never ending but I would feel awkward not tipping her!

sodapop Thu 03-Mar-22 13:01:02

This topic comes up so frequently on here. I don't agree with tipping as I think everyone should have a fair wage. As Doodledog said only a few trades seem to get tips. I would only offer a tip if someone went over and above what they should do.

Elizabeth27 Thu 03-Mar-22 13:01:25

My niece is a hairdresser and says it is only older people that tip. I think it is from a time when there was no minimum wage and they were low paid.

annodomini Thu 03-Mar-22 13:44:49

I don't tip routinely but when I have my pre-Christmas hairdo I add a percentage (usually about 20%) to the amount I pay.

Daisymae Thu 03-Mar-22 16:39:09

I have a home hairdresser who I would not dream of tipping as I know I'm paying over the odds. I only tipped my old hairdresser with £10 at Christmas.

Teacheranne Thu 03-Mar-22 19:02:20

I don’t tip my hairdresser, never have, not sure why!

I always tip waiters unless the service has been very poor and get a bit annoyed with stingy people who can’t work out how much 10% is, they might say their bill came to £19 so they’ll pay £20. If everyone does that then the organiser is left with a shortfall if the service charge has already been added to the total. I tend to be more generous as all my children worked in pubs and I know how hard it is and how important tips were to them.

Zoejory Thu 03-Mar-22 19:06:57

I tip everyone. My gorgeous hairdresser gets a tenner and the girls who do the wash and colour get a fiver. I always give the receptionist a tip as well because she always misses out.

If I was having my hair done at home I'd still tip.

My children tip as well

It's just what we've always done

Tusue Thu 03-Mar-22 19:08:22

I always tip my hairdressers ,not only does she give me a fresh colour ,cut and blow dry every 6 weeks I feel lucky to have found her and like to show my appreciation.
I do tip any other beauty professionals if I use their services.

Kim19 Thu 03-Mar-22 20:59:44

I used to be very lax about paying restaurant bills and adding a tip. No longer. The number of errors I've found on bills is incredible. Also I've been paying a tip when there is already a service charge thereon. Sheer negligence on my part. I'm usually very fastidious on matters financial but I guess the social occasions caused me to be negligent. I now check every item irrespective of company I'm with.

Blondiescot Thu 03-Mar-22 21:05:59


This topic comes up so frequently on here. I don't agree with tipping as I think everyone should have a fair wage. As Doodledog said only a few trades seem to get tips. I would only offer a tip if someone went over and above what they should do.

I'm the same. Why should some people get tips and not others? It's not a question of being mean, I just don't see the sense in it, especially in this day and age.

welbeck Thu 03-Mar-22 21:12:31


I have never tipped my hairdresser. I’m not mean though, I just don’t do it.

so if you're not mean, why don't you do it ?

welbeck Thu 03-Mar-22 21:20:14

i would tip a tradesperson, builder, plumber etc, except if i knew i would never engage them again.
as i once had a bad experience with a gardening service. then of course i would not. feel bad about wasted money. fleeced.
but generally i do, even if not much, as i have very low income.
have my hair cut quarterly, cost £18, always pay him £20; happy to get it done satisfactorily. and hygienic surroundings.

harrigran Fri 04-Mar-22 09:19:01

My hairdresser comes to the house and I do give her a tip every time. She had a difficult time during the pandemic so needs every penny.
I typically add half as much again as a tip and give a tip of about £25 at last appointment before Christmas.
I no longer have my hair coloured so she would miss out on the extra income.

PinkCosmos Fri 04-Mar-22 09:27:47

I think it depends where you live.

My Dh working in the USA for a while and he said everyone tips over there. Consequently, he always tips in restaurants.

My son is a chef and tips make up a significant part of his income. I agree they should be paid a proper wage and shouldn't have to rely on tips.

I give my hairdresser £15 instead of the £12 it should be. However, I think he has put his prices up so maybe I need to review this. I get on well with him and have given him plants in the past as we are both keen gardeners.