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Una Stubbs has died at 84

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NanKate Thu 12-Aug-21 15:38:52

Do you remember her with Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday and recently in Sherlock?


merlotgran Thu 12-Aug-21 15:42:50

Oh that’s sad news. I loved her in the Cliff Richard films and as Alf Garnet’s daughter in ‘Till Death us do Part.’

RIP Una.

AGAA4 Thu 12-Aug-21 15:44:05

I remember her in Till Death Us Do Part many years ago and more recently in Sherlock.
Always liked her.
RIP Una.

FannyCornforth Thu 12-Aug-21 15:44:40

Oh no.
Aunt Sally ♥️

Aveline Thu 12-Aug-21 15:45:26

Oh how sad. I did like her. RIP Una Stubbs

threexnanny Thu 12-Aug-21 15:46:39

I think she was in Sherlock Holmes too.

crazyH Thu 12-Aug-21 15:47:57

I liked her very much r.i.p. Una xx

aggie Thu 12-Aug-21 15:50:01

I loved her performances, great fun , RIP Una xxx

TerriBull Thu 12-Aug-21 15:52:35

I first saw her as Alf Garnet's long suffering daughter. Sorry to hear she has died.

Cherrytree59 Thu 12-Aug-21 15:53:45

Came across as a lovely lady, loved her as Aunt Sally and in all the above mentioned shows.


Blossoming Thu 12-Aug-21 15:55:37

Such a lovely wee woman with a big beautiful smile for everyone.

Lincslass Thu 12-Aug-21 15:58:37

Will be missed. She played so many good parts, in films and on TV, always a lovely smile.RIP Una.

Callistemon Thu 12-Aug-21 15:59:29

I enjoyed all her performances too.

She was also Miss Bat in The Worst Witch and Sherlock Holmes's landlady Mrs. Hudson.


Kate1949 Thu 12-Aug-21 15:59:59

Oh what a shame. She was a lovely little thing back in the day. RIP Una.

Hellogirl1 Thu 12-Aug-21 16:00:28


BlueBelle Thu 12-Aug-21 16:35:35

She was more recently in one of the art/sewing/pottery programmes
I think sewing was it ? She was very weeny

Galaxy Thu 12-Aug-21 16:44:52

Oh that is sad. I dont really know why but she just came across as a really likeable person.

Anniebach Thu 12-Aug-21 16:45:00


Grandmabatty Thu 12-Aug-21 16:47:20

It's so sad. I grew up watching her on TV, in films and series. She encapsulated much that was the 60s to me. RIP Una.

Jaxjacky Thu 12-Aug-21 16:49:04

Loved her in Sherlock, RIP.

muse Thu 12-Aug-21 17:02:18

Sad news.
She played an excellent Mrs Hudson.
I think it was presenting a painting programme BlueBell. I also remember her and Lionel Blair as captains in Give Us A Clue.

Fennel Thu 12-Aug-21 17:43:29

I loved her style too. Especially in the Alf Garnett series.
Which probably wouldn't be allowed to be shown now eg

Hetty58 Thu 12-Aug-21 17:53:14

Maybe it's just me but - I was really surprised that she was, so recently, still around!

Harris27 Thu 12-Aug-21 17:54:23

Loved her. Rip.

Calendargirl Thu 12-Aug-21 17:58:11

I think she featured in a Dairy Box advert, back in the day.