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Una Stubbs has died at 84

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NanKate Thu 12-Aug-21 15:38:52

Do you remember her with Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday and recently in Sherlock?


BBbevan Fri 13-Aug-21 16:14:58

I think she did either ‘Portrait artist of the year’ or ‘ Landscape artist’. She was very gentle and insightful .

Luckygirl Fri 13-Aug-21 16:20:46

I too loved her in her role in the Sky Arts artist programmes. She clearly knew what she was talking about and was gentle and encouraging to the contestants.

Aveline Fri 13-Aug-21 16:48:47

That's what I remember her for. She was so nice and encouraging and friendly.
Lachlan Goudie posted a painting she'd done of him. It was very good, very ' her' somehow. He said it was his wife's favourite portrait of him.

NotTooOld Fri 13-Aug-21 16:54:09

Sad. Lovely lady. I believe she was a trained ballet dancer.

Rosina Fri 13-Aug-21 17:17:38

She seemed a lovely person - bright, talented, energetic and funny. I liked her - she came across as someone whose company you would enjoy.

Kate1949 Fri 13-Aug-21 17:40:56

I believe she had paintings exhibited at The Royal Academy.

GeorgyGirl Fri 13-Aug-21 18:24:09

Bless her soul, Una was such a lovely lady and a brilliant actress, I mainly remember her with Cliff Richard and also Til Death Do Us Part and more recently on the Art programme. Rest In Peace Dear Una.

Sandycat Fri 13-Aug-21 19:11:05

Remember her in Give us a Clue with Lionel Blair, she was always such good fun - RIP

Treetops05 Fri 13-Aug-21 21:28:24

Sadly, we are in the era of stars of our youth gradually fading to the firmament - they shine in the galaxy, shine on our stars x

madeleine45 Fri 13-Aug-21 22:21:01

liked her in many things but loved her as Aunt Sally with Jon Pertwee as Worzel. I particularly enjoyed how well she played rather greedy and horrid aunt sally grabbing most of the cake for herself etc. Power to the woman!!

Summerfly Sat 14-Aug-21 00:03:22

RIP lovely Una 💖

Amalegra Sat 14-Aug-21 00:18:31

I have always loved Una Stubbs. ‘Summer Holiday’ was one of the first films I saw as a child and became woven into the fabric of my childhood. I have always been delighted to see her performances and loved her particularly as Aunt Sally to Jon Pertwee’s wonderful Worzel Gummidge. I hope she is continuing to wow them in Heaven! Thank you, Una.

Shropshirelass Sat 14-Aug-21 09:05:17

She has had a wonderful career, my first recollection was with Alf Garnett. Wonderful actress.