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Una Stubbs has died at 84

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NanKate Thu 12-Aug-21 15:38:52

Do you remember her with Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday and recently in Sherlock?


Redhead56 Thu 12-Aug-21 18:12:18

Una Stubbs was a wonderful actress. Thanks for the link.

Georgesgran Thu 12-Aug-21 18:38:39

I remember her as Aunt Sally too. DD1 was terrified when Worzel Gummidge changed his head.

Huguenot Fri 13-Aug-21 11:27:52

This lady used to drink in our local pub at Pirbright; always with friends; always seemed to be having fun.

Matelda Fri 13-Aug-21 11:30:44

I saw Summer Holiday aged 14 and after that my main goal in life was to get to Athens. In my first year at Uni I walked to save my bus fares and after my exams did agricultural piece work. In that summer of 1967 I joined a student package trip - two days across Europe each way by train - and spent two weeks in Athens and unspoilt Crete. I paid £65 for the holiday and took £35 spending money. So adventurous and unforgettable, and what a fabulous way to be 18 in the Summer of Love. Thank you Una Stubbs!

Theoddbird Fri 13-Aug-21 11:30:45

Her soul is flying free on the wind x

trisher Fri 13-Aug-21 11:35:37

Lovely quirky lady who had a fascinating career. Liked her when she did The Big Painting challenge and apparently she loved to paint. RIP.

Aepgirl Fri 13-Aug-21 11:45:03

In 1960 she was also in a series called The Strange World of Gurney Slade with Tony Newley. She was very young then. I was surprised that she was 84 - thought she was in her 70s. What a wonderful dancer she was.

Chrysalis Fri 13-Aug-21 11:54:56

I have one of her sewing books. She embroidered to pass time waiting on set. She was very skilled indeed. The sort of person I feel I would like to have had a chat to. Sleep tight, Una.

loubielou32 Fri 13-Aug-21 11:55:29

I sat next to Una Stubbs at the hairdressers once. I remember thinking how lovely she was, very fragile looking and utterly charming to everyone. A real lady.

Lupin Fri 13-Aug-21 11:59:28

She has left us with lots of great memories. She was a life enhancer and will be missed.

Whatdayisit Fri 13-Aug-21 12:05:39

We were sad to hear another of our childhood faves has passed away.
Mostly i remember when we were kids playing the alphabet name game and sge gave us the one for U and if anyone challenged us we woukd shout UNA STUBBS. When you think what a funny name !

The words came into my head, your ageless, timeless lace and fineness.
Your beauty and elegance.

I know that was for Britt Eckland but thought it was fitting.
RIP talented lady.

olliebeak Fri 13-Aug-21 12:14:04

God Bless You, Una - R.I.P. sadthanks!

You've brought so much joy to people's lives with your talent for dance, your beautiful smile, your great acting skills and your wonderful personality .................. now it's your time for Peace xxx

Mollygo Fri 13-Aug-21 12:26:34

RIP Una. I remember her in Dummer Holiday and with Alf Garnett. She’d evidently been ill for some time. 💐💐

LiliWenFach44 Fri 13-Aug-21 12:30:53

Lovely 🥰 lady… very talented, and I last saw her in The Great Painting Challenge. So gentle and kind. A very accomplished painter as well. RIP Una. 💐

Alioop Fri 13-Aug-21 12:33:38

She was part of my childhood as Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge and then in Sherlock. Lovely lady who will be missed flowers

Callistemon Fri 13-Aug-21 12:48:45

I did go to the cinema with a friend to see Summer Holiday in my teens.

We both rather liked Cliff in those days - he was more of a rocker then.

annifrance Fri 13-Aug-21 12:58:45

Loved her in Alf Garnet. I saw her as Miss Haversham in Great Expectations. It as a great production in the round at Manchester Exchange. She was brilliant in this cameo role.

annsixty Fri 13-Aug-21 13:02:26

So sad to read and as I am her age very sobering too.

Knopflerfan Fri 13-Aug-21 13:08:03

As so many have said, sad news and a lovely lady. "Summer Holiday" with Una and Cliff was the first time I went to the cinema with my first boyfriend. I was 16, and Dad insisted I
had to be home by 10.30pm which meant we missed the end. And the end of every other film after that .... I caught up with them on TV eventually, but it was very frustrating!

albertina Fri 13-Aug-21 13:14:14

She did the programme "Who do you think you are" and researched her ancestors. I remember her using an expression about money as one of her ancestors struggled with it. She said that the family wanted "the peace that comes from a settled method of living" and that really hit home with me.

She came across always as, kind, modest and genuinely interested in other people and not at all full of herself at all.

HannahLoisLuke Fri 13-Aug-21 13:19:39

Lovely actress. Talented artist too.

travelsafar Fri 13-Aug-21 13:25:09

I remember watching her in Who Do You Think You Are
she came across as such a lovely person. She also had links to the two Garden Cities in Hertfordshire, one of which i live in so that made it more interesting fof me.

Granartisan Fri 13-Aug-21 14:34:03

RIP Una x

Anniel Fri 13-Aug-21 15:44:40

Thanks for the YouTube video! See Anthony Booth, Cherie Blair’s dad was in it. Brought back memories of our past. I loved Una Stubbs! So many of my age dying off!

MissAdventure Fri 13-Aug-21 15:48:39

She did always seem to be a lovely person.
Really down to earth, and fun.