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October Book Club - After You by Jojo Moyes

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KatGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 01-Oct-15 10:47:54

Everyone is talking about After You, the eagerly awaited sequel to Jojo Moyes' bestseller Me Before You. We're thrilled to be featuring it as our book of the month.

Don't forget that if you received a free copy you will need to leave your comments and questions on this thread by the end of the month. (And if you didn't receive one do buy or borrow and join in!)

We will be sending a selection of the best questions over to Jojo towards the end of October. More info on the book here.

Miriam Sat 03-Oct-15 15:52:45

Thank you, I received the book this morning. I cannot wait to start it when I have finished the book I am in the middle of at the moment. I will come back with my comments before the end of the month. Thanks again.

willow5 Sat 03-Oct-15 16:54:42

Mine arrived whilst I was out today, lovely surprise when I arrived home, thank you GN

Elizabeth180 Sat 03-Oct-15 17:13:26

I was thrilled to receive my copy today. Jo Jo Moyes is one of my favourite authors and I'm really looking forward to starting to read After You. Many thanks Gransnet. I'll abandon my current read so that I can start it!

NanSue Sat 03-Oct-15 17:15:51

Thank you Gransnet, I too received my copy this morning. I haven't read any of the Jojo Moyes books, so like Auntieflo just wondering if it matters that I haven't read "Me before you?

winifred01 Sat 03-Oct-15 19:55:15

My copy arrived this morning- what a lovely big book with easy to read print.Thank you so much Gransnet! Me before you was such a good read, look forward to starting the book.
Thanks again.

Happy4me Sat 03-Oct-15 23:01:38

Oooooh today I have received my first book After You from Gransnet to

read so thank you ... now for some reading ... smile

cazthebookworm Sat 03-Oct-15 23:15:03

I too have receive my copy of "After you" in the post this morning., thank you. I have never read Jojo Moyes before by I know she is extremely well regarded, so am looking forward to a good read, and will return with my comments as soon as possible

Redpaws Sat 03-Oct-15 23:42:57

A lovely surprise to receive my book this morning. I'm looking forward to reading it. Thank you Gransnet.

suzied Sun 04-Oct-15 07:30:39

I am 70% through this book on my kindle and really enjoying it. I think it would be much bett to have read Me Before You before this book, as there are so many references to it. I loved the first one not sure if this one is as good, but will let you know, I am hooked though.

chrisbishop55 Sun 04-Oct-15 09:13:06

Well, after receiving my copy yesterday morning I too put everything on hold and started reading, stopping only to prepare and eat lunch and dinner, I finished it in bed at 11.30pm. Loved it! 10/10

annodomini Sun 04-Oct-15 09:44:41

caz, I know you will enjoy the book, but it might be an idea - not only for you - to read 'Me Before You' before you start the sequel.

downtoearth Sun 04-Oct-15 15:59:20

thank you for my copy yesterday,have only just been able to log on as Saturday is taking up with looking after a yr old.
lovely surprise had me dancing around as I don't often win anything.
Me before is a beautifully written book that has stuck in my mind since reading about 18 months ago,have started this morning and have felt a connection to the story straight back from shopping dinner all prepared..feet up and jojo bliss

Nanacat13 Sun 04-Oct-15 17:31:01

Thank you very much, Gransnet, for my copy. I shall take it away on holiday with me next week.

glassortwo Sun 04-Oct-15 19:38:03

Thank you my copy arrived yesterday, someone (DD) angry put it away and I have just come across it so it was an extra surprise, as I saw the posts to say people had got them yesterday and thought I had missed out.

Cant wait to read it. Thank you.

ClaraB Sun 04-Oct-15 21:42:21

Thank you so much for my copy of After You, I've just got home from an anniversary weekend away and it was waiting for me. I loved Me Before You and will read this sequel immediately, although I'm a slow reader and work full-time but I'm sure as with all Jojo's books I will not be able to put it down.

NfkDumpling Mon 05-Oct-15 08:36:31

Got mine Saturday and am half way through it! Thank You!!!!! I'm finding it very unputdownable! Difficult when there's a 2 year old DGS (and his dog) running riot.

I haven't read the first book so I'll need to get that as I feel I've missed out - but I'm too far into this one now to stop. It's giving a lot of food for thought and is a good read.

Thank you!

annodomini Mon 05-Oct-15 09:16:42

Reading it in bed this morning and was tempted to have a duvet day to read right through it.

Jaxie Mon 05-Oct-15 18:08:59

I was thrilled to receive my free copy, and without wanting to spoil such an addictive read for others by giving away the plot I can confirm that it inculcates a massive amount of narrative greed - you know the feeling, you're getting on with the chores and at the back of your mind is a pleasant experience you are looking forward to resuming: yes, picking up the Jojo Moyes book and trying not to race through it too quickly in order to prolong the pleasure.

Purpledaffodil Mon 05-Oct-15 18:47:12

Thought I'd missed out this time, but got the book on Saturday and finished it on Sunday night. I agree with others who say it is best to read Me before You first or even reread if you have time. As a very rapid reader, although I had read the first book, I only remembered the plot through references to it in this book. I suspect one would get more out of the second book if the first was fresh in your mind.
This was really unputdownable and I kept abandoning day time chores to sneak a bit more reading time. I laughed, I cried etc. That said, although I enjoyed the first 75%, the last part was just a bit silly and irritating. Without being a plot spoiler, would a support group really have an end of term do on a roof with outsiders present? Would the heroine really have made the decision she did at the end?
I would like to ask Jojo Moyes if she has left the end open for a further book to complete a trilogy?

Janana1 Tue 06-Oct-15 10:22:20

Just received my book, on my birthday too! Thank you so much, what a lovely surprise x

downtoearth Tue 06-Oct-15 10:26:04

read half this morning....don't want to put it down....bath and pjs today...soup for dinner tonight..sod the housework ..sunshine

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 06-Oct-15 15:00:50

To those who asked...yes, it is probably a good idea to read Me Before You first.

And to everyone who received a copy - don't forget to leave all your comments and any questions here on the thread

annodomini Tue 06-Oct-15 15:11:25

I was reading until 2am this morning but eventually dropped off. Had to finish it this morning. Liked it very much and it was interesting to see what had happened to (almost) all the characters from Me Before You again.
I would like to ask Jojo if she has any plans to extend the story of Louisa into a trilogy. There might be some scope.

NfkDumpling Tue 06-Oct-15 17:25:35

I've decided that, despite my ability to promptly forget the last book I read, I will stop reading and get Me Before You from the library. There's just too much I need to know first!

Annie29 Tue 06-Oct-15 19:33:47

Thank you for my copy which arrived yesterday.