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Urmstongran Fri 28-Dec-18 18:38:49

The autobiography written by Michelle Obama and one of this season’s bestsellers. I got a copy for Christmas and I’m at page 50 and loving it! Anyone else reading it or about to?

Liz46 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:49:13

Will you update us when you finish it please? I might treat myself.

By the way, I have two grandchildren in Urmston, one of them at Davyhulme (lovely school) and the other is very happy at Flixton Girls.

Grannyknot Fri 28-Dec-18 18:57:43

Hi Urmstongran I started a thread about it a couple of weeks ago when I discovered I could listen to her reading from it ... here it is:

I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the book.

mumofmadboys Fri 28-Dec-18 19:21:54

I have ordered it from the library

Urmstongran Fri 28-Dec-18 19:44:15

Do you know how long the waiting list will be mumofmadboys? I’m impatient and wanted to read it whilst it is generating so much chat! I don’t like being late to the party.... ?

Purpledaffodil Fri 28-Dec-18 19:51:29

I too listened to and enjoyed the excerpts on Radio 4. Will probably wait for the paperback though. I like her attitudes which seemed remarkably down to earth. Her daughters were forbidden to have their beds made by others when in the White House for example.

MawBroon Fri 28-Dec-18 20:04:26

It is only £11.99 on Amazon Urmstongran.

MawBroon Fri 28-Dec-18 20:06:53

Sorry that was meant for mumofmadboys!

Liz46 Fri 28-Dec-18 20:47:45

The waiting list is 16 at our library.

Urmstongran Fri 28-Dec-18 20:57:29

I liked the sound of her since one quote of hers said no one could really imagine Barak becoming POTUS as he was skinny and looked about 12y old! My curiosity peaked then as I thought she would be a very interesting person and an inspiration to young teenage girls by demonstrating that it IS cool for them to be recognised as clever, to have high aspirations - to want to be the best they possibly can.

Urmstongran Fri 28-Dec-18 21:01:19

16 Liz46? Goodness, if you allow a month for each loan (or just under as not everyone is a fast reader or reads every day) and you’ll be looking at approximately one year! Oh no! And as Maw says at £11.99 on Amazon that’s 25p a week for the privilege of reading it tomorrow!

mumofmadboys Sat 29-Dec-18 04:40:48

I am 4th on the list at our library so shouldn't take long. Ordered it about 3 weeks ago. It is £12 from Sainsburys. Bought it for a present for my aunt.

winterwhite Sat 29-Dec-18 08:40:46

I like to think i’ve Single-handedly boosted the sales of this book. I gave it to DD x 3 and sisters x 3. DD2 gave it to her 15-yr old d, so they have two copies in the house, and DD3 gave it to me, so I get to read it after all.
(This excess on my part largely because I had unexpected and v painful knee surgery in late Oct so renounced any shopping in person for this year. Thought it a jolly good present all the same.)

Humbertbear Sat 29-Dec-18 12:13:56

I heard her read it on Radio 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have tickets to see her at the 02 when she tours in the summer.

Urmstongran Sat 29-Dec-18 12:24:12

Reading some more of it this evening! Really enjoying it. I don’t usually buy autobiographies. Maybe I will in future if it’s someone I’m interested in - that said I bet most are written by ‘ghost’ writers!

Ziska Tue 19-Feb-19 17:31:06


I'm new to Gransnet but as a bookaholic posting in books/bookclub first especially as I see there's this post on Becoming.

I read this great book in November when it was first published. Methodically written but inspiring and interesting especially the sections about her and Barack's different personalities.

I thoroughly recommend this autobiography of a determined,very likeable and amazing woman. A great role model.

Alygran Tue 19-Feb-19 18:19:32

Christmas present from my daughter. I thought it was inspirational in parts. Very readable. I like how she is very grounded.
Watched the carpool karaoke with James Corden when they drove around the White House gardens. She comes across very well.

Urmstongran Tue 19-Feb-19 19:43:07

I’m almost finished. But loving it!

I went out to Malaga on NYE so didn’t take it with me as the hard back version (love the photographs) was quite heavy and might have needed its own passport! 50 pages to go. Our eldest daughter wants it next! Will post a better review when finished it!

TwiceAsNice Tue 19-Feb-19 22:41:50

I’m halfway through and really enjoying it. She writes in a nice easy style but lots of thoughtful insights I’d recommend. I had it as a Christmas present but only just had time to start it

Floradora9 Wed 20-Feb-19 10:30:18

I really enjoyed it . I feared it might be a bit dry but her personality and feelings were there for all to see . It made me admire the couple even more reading that they refused the money to do up the white house , although they were entitled to it , and used his money instead from his second book. Do read Barak Obama's book " Dreams from my father "

Luckygirl Wed 20-Feb-19 10:38:20

I was very impressed with this book, not only because of her achievements in her own right, but also because of her fluency in putting across what it is like to be in a black minority. I am in the process of writing a review of this for local mag and would cite:

"[going to a high profile school] gave me a glimpse of something that had previously been invisible - the apparatus of privilege and connection, what seemed like a network of half-hidden ladders and guide ropes that lay suspended overhead ready to connect some but not all of us to the sky."

Her absence of bitterness is impressive, as is her determination.

I really enjoyed this book.

toscalily Thu 21-Feb-19 10:58:58

I am eager to read this and put it on my wait list at the library when it first came out before Christmas, have just checked and I'm still 76 so have cancelled as I think at this rate it will be years before I get to the top of the list. Think I will ask for it for my birthday which is not too far away.

Urmstongran Thu 21-Feb-19 12:41:52

The hard backcopy is available atAmazon for £12 toscalily if you’re interested.

I’ve just this minute finished it. I loved it. Very easy to read, insightful. I loved all the photographs in the centre.

I enjoyed learning about how she got to be FLOTUS.

I’d heard about the ‘West Wing’ for POTUS but didn’t know the First Lady had the ‘East Wing’ with all her own staff.

The White House has 170 rooms.
Buckingham Palace has 760!

So many fascinating facts yet it remains eminently readable and MO comes over as a really nice person.

As she said she never expected Barack to win, partly because she wondered if the USA was ready for a President of colour and partly because she said he was a skinny guy, with a huge grin who looked about 12 years old when she first met him as a law firm intern!

I’d thoroughly recommend it.