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MawBroonsback Thu 23-May-19 11:05:24

So sad to hear of the death of this wonderful author.sad
Generations of children (and their parents) loved her Tiger Who Came to Tea, Mog the Forgetful Cat and her other wonderful creations.
A great loss

Anniebach Thu 23-May-19 11:22:16


gillybob Thu 23-May-19 11:29:56

RIP Judith Kerr .

You brought so much enjoyment to my children and grandchildren . I took my grandchildren to see “the Tiger who came to tea” on stage a few years back and they absolutely loved it . Thank you x

jacq10 Thu 23-May-19 12:31:46

Grandson and I went to see "The tiger who came to tea" in the theatre as well gillybob. Mog was also a great favourite. BBC did a short documentary on her not so very long ago which may be repeated as a tribute - a lovely woman.

Marilla Thu 23-May-19 12:33:16

A lovely, talented lady who brought such joy to countless children. I still remember When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit with great affection.

Grandma70s Thu 23-May-19 12:45:01

She was a very interesting person, and the books are immortal.

Cherrytree59 Thu 23-May-19 14:01:47

Mog and The Tiger Who Came To Tea are timeless children's classics.

Last Term I went to a lovely class 'The Tiger who came to tea 'themed tea party at my grandsons school.

The story is so simple but it lit up the children's imagination.

RIP Judith Kerr

nanaK54 Thu 23-May-19 15:58:24

RIP flowers
Love The Tiger who came to Tea

lemongrove Thu 23-May-19 16:38:01

DGS said that Daddy was like the tiger ( who came to tea)
Because he ate a lot of cakes.?
Judith Kerr was a good children’s author, and had a really interesting life.

TerriBull Thu 23-May-19 16:43:13

We have "The Tiger who came to Tea" and one of the "Mog" books. I'm very sorry to hear she's died I believe she was a wonderful lady who escaped Nazi Germany as a youngster I think.

Happiyogi Thu 23-May-19 16:48:37

Very sorry to hear this news. Just a few days ago I was reading an online Guardian article from December '18 about her, and thinking how wonderful she still was.

Resurgam123 Thu 23-May-19 17:02:35

RIP Judith Kerr.
Such lovely stories which small children and adults loved and understood .

As did many grown ups.

grannyqueenie Thu 23-May-19 17:35:42

Her books were favourites in our house, especially Mog. I saw this quote about a journalist interview with her, it made me smile. grin
RIP Judith Kerr, a sensible woman as well as a good writer.

Grandma70s Thu 23-May-19 17:49:50

My elder son, nearly 50, happened to be visiting. He still remembers that the tiger drank all the water in the tap.

varian Thu 23-May-19 18:28:03

My children and grandchildren have also enjoyed Judith Kerr's books. Although her writing was fresh and original, it was her wonderful drawing that brought the friendly tiger and other characters to life.

I'm puzzled about the way the BBC are pronouncing her name - as if it was Carr, not Kerr. I understand her father changed his name from Kempner to Kerr in 1909. Kerr is an old Scottish name, pronounced to rhyme with "were", not "bar".

NotSpaghetti Thu 23-May-19 18:34:07

I believe she pronounced it Car, varian

Grandma70s Thu 23-May-19 19:25:28

I’ve known people called Kerr who pronounced it Carr. It’s quite usual.

Grandma70s Thu 23-May-19 19:35:16

The film actress Deborah Kerr also pronounced it Carr. I think pronunciation just varies from family to family.

LullyDully Thu 23-May-19 21:02:57

Mog sat in the dark and thought dark thought?. One of my favourite quotations from any book.

Nannyxthree Thu 23-May-19 22:09:27

Lovely books. I hope her death was as peaceful as the one she gave Mog.

Deedaa Thu 23-May-19 22:18:37

That's just what I hoped Nannythree I remember being so thrilled when she answered my question on the Gransnet webchat. It's not long since DD and I went to see her at the British Library. It was a wonderful evening, hearing about her life.

Tangerine Thu 23-May-19 22:21:13

I believe people in Northern Ireland pronounce "Kerr" as "Carr".

If I've made a mistake, please correct me.

I also thought she was a wonderful author and my children enjoyed her books.

Sara65 Thu 23-May-19 22:33:31

Very happy memories of reading ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ to children and grandchildren

Harris27 Fri 24-May-19 07:07:55

So sad just read this book at nursery " tiger that came to tea" all my children over the years have loved it and it always pleases. Bless her her legacy lives on.

Alima Fri 24-May-19 07:17:50

Our DGC loved her books. Wonderful woman. As Harris says, her legacy will live on.