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DH's slippers- can anyone explain........?

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Katek Tue 01-Aug-17 08:59:07

Dh's trusty slippers are nearly ready to bite the dust. They're grubby, despite numerous washes, and his big toe is almost through the fabric on one of them. He was muttering about them every time he wore them, so I told him to choose a new pair from Next and I would order them. The new slippers arrived, perfect fit, he liked them-just what he wanted. Can anyone then explain why the new slippers are carefully placed in the wardrobe and he's continuing to wear the old ones without complaint?

Katek Tue 01-Aug-17 09:04:04

Oops, posted on wrong forum-should have been Chat. Fat finger syndrome.

Imperfect27 Tue 01-Aug-17 09:05:23

grin My DH seems surgically attached to a dressing gown that is frayed around the ALL the edges, a particular pair of pyjama trousers, two ' favourite' t-shirts that are both faded and stained - when we go out he always needs reminding he has something more dent to wear ... But then he also seems attached to me and there may be a theme here! grin

Imperfect27 Tue 01-Aug-17 09:05:56

dent - decent ... trying to multi task with radio AND HOUSEWORK!!!!!

Welshwife Tue 01-Aug-17 09:08:22

My DH has a shirt which is so old it is almost see through but it is his favourite! He does only wear it in the garden though!

wildswan16 Tue 01-Aug-17 10:00:00

Sssshhhh - He's keeping them looking like new so he doesn't disgrace you when he takes you to the posh hotel for a surprise holiday.

Longdistancegrnny Tue 01-Aug-17 10:38:59

Virtually all DHs clothes fall into the 'seen better days' particular t shirt he insists on wearing whenever we fly anywhere, which he bought in the USA about 20 years ago! And jeans that have rips in through old age (the jeans, not him!) which he thinks are fashionable as that's how youngsters wear their jeans! I have pretty much given up apart from when we go out with friends, then I 'suggest' an appropriate outfit!

edsnana Tue 01-Aug-17 10:49:24

Bin them!

sunseeker Tue 01-Aug-17 10:54:32

I have to admit to something similar! I had a very comfortable pair of shoes, when I had worn them to death I bought an identical pair, equally comfortable, yet it took me at least 2 months before I stopped wearing the old ones every day. No idea why.

cloverpark Tue 01-Aug-17 10:56:29

These posts could all well refer to my husband. He's still wearing Tshirts discarded by our son when left home 18 years ago. There are a couple of unopened packs of shirts in his wardrobe, presents from his mum who died nearly 30 years ago. Though he has plenty of new socks he still darns his old ones (since I refused!). Sometimes tatty shirts have their sleeves cut into short ones to wear in the garden or allotment...

Welshwife Tue 01-Aug-17 10:59:41

If we are going out and DH needs to wear tidy clothes I put out trousers and perhaps two shirts so he can 'choose' what he wears! This he finds preferable to needing to look through the wardrobe himself.

Tizliz Tue 01-Aug-17 11:02:22

Katek snap. Same happened here. He is also bad about clothes. The other day I said " just because your mates dress like that you don't have to." I have been known to prune his wardrobe when he is not here 😁

Rolande Tue 01-Aug-17 11:07:52

Men!!! He died few weeks ago. Wish I'd let him wear what he wanted :-(

Kim19 Tue 01-Aug-17 11:14:14

I'm with edsnana but not quite so brutally. I would make the item disappear and then bin it once a replacement had become lived in. When asked 'have you seen my ???' I always replied rhetorically with 'where did you last leave it?' and that seemed to work. Happy days!

Welshwife Tue 01-Aug-17 11:25:07

That question only works with things such as specs or tools in this house Kim because if it is clothes he always insists it went into the wash never to be seen again! What is more he goes on about it for ages so I find it preferable to wait till said garment falls apart - happened to two pairs of shorts last year and he is still mourning them!

paddyann Tue 01-Aug-17 11:35:15

when my lovely Dad died my sister and I were given the task of clearing out his wardrobes ,he had piles of clothes still with labels on ,jumpers that were gifts even socks in packs of 6 ,I think there were at least 5 or 6 of them.My mum said he was "keeping them for good" what a waste .I learned long ago not to put stuff away for "good"my neighbour had aholiday booked and bought loads of lovely new clothes for her 6 year old daughter ,the wee girl was desperate to wear them but her mum refused as they were "holiday" clothes.The wee girl was taken ill the week before the holiday and sadly died within days of being diagnosed with leukemia .I learned my lesson then.When my kids got new clothes they got to wear them

Blinko Tue 01-Aug-17 11:40:20

Rolande so sorry. flowers

Blinko Tue 01-Aug-17 11:43:17

My OH has what I refer to as his 'gardening slippers'. Unlike some other posts, these are always his newest pair, despite a pair of crocs languishing by the back door for the very purpose.... grr.

Imperfect27 Tue 01-Aug-17 11:44:31

Yes Rolande. So sorry that you have lost your husband, - we all roll our eyes now and then, but most of us know we are blessed really - the pain of being alone is so hard. flowers

Craftycat Tue 01-Aug-17 11:48:57

Oh- I am NOT alone. MY DH has several old tee shirts he got when working in US that he absolutely refuses to part with. One is a Alcatraz one & a couple of surfing ones which he likes as they have funny messages on them but they are FALLING TO PIECES. Every time I iron them I do a little bit more damage to them but he still insists they are OK to wear. I have tried getting replacements- I must admit US tee shirts are very good quality & a good fit for him- but they don't make identical ones any more- he worked there over 15 years ago so no great surprise there.
What is it with men? It's like a comfort blanket thing. I would far rather look respectable with newer clothes than wear tatty old ones- although I do have several old sarongs that I wear around the house a lot but I don't go OUT in them.

Greyduster Tue 01-Aug-17 11:56:03

DH is dreadful; will buy stuff but won't throw a thing away. I wanted to ditch one of his shirts last week because the collar was fraying. "Can't you mend it? I like that one!" I gave him a look. My mother - and his, probably - used to turn the collars on shirts but not I. "I'll wear it round the house". It went in the bin. Unfortunately, I will confess to having two or three polo shirts that have seen much better days but I have an illogical attachment to them 🙄. I keep them for fishing. Fish don't notice what you're wearing!

Katek Tue 01-Aug-17 12:01:11

So glad to discover it's not just me then! Said slippers are now languishing at foot of the bed as he's now wearing his other favourites - pair of beaten up Merrell walking shoes. (And yes, he does have a replacement pair of those as well!!) It's bin day today.........I wonder.........??

Rolande flowers

Kim19 Tue 01-Aug-17 12:43:17

Welshwife many of the clothes I 'vanished' were already truly falling apart. A total embarrassment and stupid when there were so many replacements. I never did get any hassle other than a confusedly suspicious look. The strange thing is he was ex service and such a dapper bloke that this was completely out of character other than going to work in the garden or on the car etc. Even then the rags were unacceptable and ridiculous. Absolute nuts.

grandMattie Tue 01-Aug-17 12:51:04

DH is very similar. He has to "get used to things" before he wears them. Sometimes for 2-3 years - so you are absolutely not alone! smile

Gemmag Tue 01-Aug-17 13:08:55

So it's not just my husband who has clothes with labels still on hanging in his wardrobe!. I have to remind my husband that he has loads of smart clothes and that he can't wear those old jeans going out. He just looks surprised!. My friend popped in a few mornings ago and I heard her say to my husband "oh I love that colour on you" and he replied "I found it hanging in the wardrobe this morning and it still had it's label on". I bough the polo shirt at least two years ago. When I suggest that it throws something away he'll usually say, I can wear that in the garden when cutting the grass😩. A year later~~~~~~~.