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Today - happy or sad?

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jordana Mon 07-Nov-16 12:41:38

Today I am happy. Sun shining, Elvis on radio, drinking coffee and eating a piece of date and walnut loaf and a good book . Yesterday not so good. How is everyone? Hope it a good day for you all

annsixty Mon 07-Nov-16 12:51:30

A really good day for me.My GD is 18 and is so happy after a difficult few years. We are going out for a family lunch.

cornergran Mon 07-Nov-16 12:54:54

Anxious at the minute waiting for a hospital meeting for a friend. Other than that a good day. Sun is shining and I am definitely less grumpy than yesterday which was a very blue day. Congratulations to your GD ann. That will be a special lunch. ☀️

jordana Mon 07-Nov-16 13:03:45

Have a lovely lunch with the family annsixty

kittylester Mon 07-Nov-16 13:16:32

I'm frustrated! Just had a cup of tea with one of my brothers who has a few financial problems and is resisting my (and our other brother's) advice! Which is obviously rhe way to go! grin

Off to do my stint in the library in a minute though so that will cheer me up!

Congrats to your DGD Ann.

Luckygirl Mon 07-Nov-16 13:20:03

Happy - my lovely 3 year old DGD is here for the day and we were discussing how her Mum was once my little girl. I said she grew up to be a Mummy. "Yes" says DGD "She grew up to be my Mummy and you gave her to me." How cute is that?

Greyduster Mon 07-Nov-16 13:37:21

Have a happy day, annsixty! I had my lovely family birthday lunch yesterday, but today I am happy because we can now get back to normal.

gillybob Mon 07-Nov-16 13:41:37

I find it really hard to be happy as there always seems to be something looming on the horizon of doom. In fact I can't remember the last time I actually felt really happy. I am fed up saying to myself that I would be happy if only....... as this is pointless. I envy those who are able to look on the bright side of things and those who are able to put worries out of their mind (even temporarily). I know I have so much to be grateful for and I am grateful for those things but as for being happy, I'm not.

There is a song by Kacey Musgrove called "you're only happy when you're miserable" and I think it was written for me!

Sorry if I am spoiling an otherwise happy thread. Just saying.

Luckygirl Mon 07-Nov-16 13:43:52

Sorry that happiness eludes you at the moment gilly - life can be a bitch sometimes and you have to hunt pretty hard for things to be happy about. flowers

ninathenana Mon 07-Nov-16 13:45:27

Pretty indifferent. The sun is shining which is uplifting but otherwise just another day.

merlotgran Mon 07-Nov-16 13:57:19

We've got a plumber coming any time soon so although I've spent the morning cleaning/washing/ironing, there will no doubt be more mess to clean up when he's gone.

Other than that, everything's tickety-boo. grin

Teetime Mon 07-Nov-16 14:01:19

I'm neutral today. 9 frustrating holes of golf and DH very grumpy with it. Also got app with GP at 4.30 been poorly all weekend with new HRT gone wrong- very unpleasant. Could involve exam!!!

nanaK54 Mon 07-Nov-16 14:04:21

Happy - Conifers belonging to my neighbour are, at long last, being cut down to half their size - let there be light!

grannylyn65 Mon 07-Nov-16 14:05:29

same s**t different day 🙄!

nanaK54 Mon 07-Nov-16 14:05:40

Oh and a very good and productive morning at work

yggdrasil Mon 07-Nov-16 14:07:12

Definitely down. Went to see fireworks last night, and the explosions sounded like gunfire. I kept thinking of Syria and Aleppo. And Trump's followers and the UKIP lot who all seem to hate having some different people anywhere near them.
What's the use of sporting a red poppy when both soldiers and civilians have constantly been killed in wars all my life angry

Mildred Mon 07-Nov-16 14:22:18

Relaxed had a manicure, lip and chin wax booked next manicure and pedicure as the two are on special offer until 1 December. Picking GS up from school smile.
Just opened the post and there is a card from my lovely Sister in Law with a big fat 70 on it hmm. Birthday not till Wednesday and I have an appointment with the physiotherapist on that day, did not want to change the appointment sad however intend to have a large wine when finished. So thinking a good day as I am still here and life is still worth living.

LadyGracie Mon 07-Nov-16 14:23:52

Today is a good day, I cracked my denture holding 1 front tooth, it's in the menders, so I've been productive, washing, ironing and sorting baby clothes

wot Mon 07-Nov-16 14:30:13

Nobut fair to middlin!!

hildajenniJ Mon 07-Nov-16 14:32:10

I'm happy! I don't know how to be unhappy. I have moments of sadness, but they soon pass. The reason that I'm happy today is that tomorrow, the bed that is cluttering up my hall is being collected by a charity that helps disadvantaged people furnish their homes. I will be able to walk round without tripping over it!!

Lona Mon 07-Nov-16 14:41:13

I'm reasonably happy today as my dear little gd is here and we're having fun, but I'm quite tired so I'll be knackered when she goes home 🙄
Also, my smart TV is getting new innards this afternoon to make it smart!

Maggiemaybe Mon 07-Nov-16 16:03:15

It's been a day of two halves! Crotchety this morning after wasting over an hour trying in vain to check in a flight before being told the website has technical problems. Cheered up tremendously when we got to DGS2's nursery to pick him up and he raced across the room and flung himself into my arms to hug me tight smile

KatyK Mon 07-Nov-16 16:55:02

You're not alone gilly I find it hard to be happy. Most days I just go through the motions these days. I find that too many difficult/horrible happenings have left me jaded. I do try though!

rosesarered Mon 07-Nov-16 16:57:22

Happy ( usually am)DD is coming for a meal this evening, have just opened a bottle of red to let it breathe.🍷

Synonymous Mon 07-Nov-16 17:03:42

Happy! It is a lovely sunny day and the sun is shining through all the lovely coloured leaves. DH lit the wood burner early for me as it was a bit chilly. He is a lovely man and I feel very blessed. smile