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What was your favourite comic or character

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Kacee Fri 12-May-17 11:25:08

Inspired by the topper thread. What was your favourite comic when you were younger. Mine was Bunty, used to cut out the doll and clothes from the back page. As I got older I moved on to Jackie which I loved.
Dd used to love the Beano and I still buy her the Annual every year and she is 37 smile

JackyB Fri 12-May-17 11:42:02

I had "June and School Friend" which was probably a fusion of two earlier comics. It made you feel really grown-up with beauty tips for 11-year-olds.

wildswan16 Fri 12-May-17 11:58:28

Bunty for me too. I loved The Four Mary's and Toots.

paddyann Fri 12-May-17 12:00:20

my dad didn't like us reading comics ,or Enid Blyton for that matter,so my lovely granny used to smuggle some in when she knew he would be at work.W e got caught though because I decided writing to the letters pages would be a good idea and had letters published in three comics in one week ..a neighbour told him what a clever girl I was ....hahaha.He relaxed the comics rule then so I got Diana every week .I think I was about 10 .

TriciaF Fri 12-May-17 12:18:25

Dennis the Menace (and Minnie the Minx) - no I wasn't really like that, just thought they were funny.

merlotgran Fri 12-May-17 12:21:46

My favourite was Girl. I loved the historical biographies on the back page and Gladys Aylward is still my hero.

I also loved reading my brother's Eagle. Ditto the back page. I think I was in love with Horatio Nelson grin

Anniebach Fri 12-May-17 12:26:24

The Beano

LadyGracie Fri 12-May-17 12:42:14

Bunty and Judy, I had to choose between the two.

LadyGracie Fri 12-May-17 12:43:08

So had them alternately

pensionpat Fri 12-May-17 13:02:59

Girls Crystal. Then later Bunty. Can't remember the characters but love reading about boarding school.

Christinefrance Fri 12-May-17 13:08:57

Girls Crystal for me too, always exciting when it popped thorough the letter box and I could follow the serial.
The Four Marys was a really good story wildswan. A lot of people thought Enid Blyton was not a good author but I loved all her books.

PoshGran Fri 12-May-17 13:14:31

My favourites were Jack & Jill (was Harold Hare in that or was he in his own comic?), then Bunty (ahh, The Four Mary's) & finally Jackie.

Dad used to walk up the road, with our poodle, to the newsagent & get the sporting "pink" paper, my comic & weekend treats on a Saturday early evening. Afterwards the dog was given the rolled up paper & comic & sent off. He would walk proudly, intent on his mission & sit waiting patiently at the front door for dad to catch up.
The paper etc were never wet in nearly 14 years of delivery! Awwww! Happy days smile

thatbags Fri 12-May-17 13:16:08

I loved the Bunty for the young adolescent period, and especially the story about the invalid girl ("Little Mum"?). I think I might find her do-gooding and general perfectness a bit nauseating nowadays.

rosesarered Fri 12-May-17 13:21:37

Girls Crystal, Bunty , Beano, Dandy, Topper loved them all!😃

Kacee Fri 12-May-17 13:23:01

I'd forgotten all about Judy. I seem to remember you were either a Bunty girl or a Judy girl. I was Bunty

rosesarered Fri 12-May-17 13:24:05

Which one was ill Will in? the three Bears also ( Beano) Bash St Kids, and those little people in a man's head ( numbskulls?)

Anniebach Fri 12-May-17 13:30:45

I was most upset when my grandson gave up the Beano, he use to pass it on to me

TriciaF Fri 12-May-17 14:13:02

I forgot Beryl the Peril - she came later I think, and we still sometimes say about eldest daughter, "she's in one of her Beryl the Peril moods" grin

DanniRae Fri 12-May-17 14:57:04

I loved Bunty too but I can't remember any of the stories. I also loved reading about Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan, who ate 'cow pie', in my brother's comic.

Greyduster Fri 12-May-17 14:58:25

I used to love School Friend - The Three Marys and Dilly Dreem (which my father used to call me!). I also had Topper and Beano. GS has not discovered comics yet - don't know whether DD would countenance them. He has a weekly football magazine and from what I have seen of it, he would be better off with the Beano!

MamaCaz Fri 12-May-17 16:02:13

The first one I subscribed to was Diana. I then started taking another which I thought was called Sandy, but i've just tried Googling it and can't find any reference to it - i loved the stories in it, and kept buying it until I was nearly 14 and my mum suggested that it was time to stop as I was getting too old for it. I didn't argue, but really missed it sad

Ana Fri 12-May-17 16:09:33

School Friend and Girls Chrystal.

Then I moved on to Jackie!

BRedhead59 Sat 13-May-17 09:13:12

Jackie defo

Craftycat Sat 13-May-17 09:15:44

Bunty & Jackie. Then pop papers- Rolling Stone & Melody Maker.

Disgruntled Sat 13-May-17 09:16:21

Girl for me, Eagle for my brother. There was a character called Lettice or was it Lettuce Leaf and a teacher who had a black cat.