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Royal christening pics

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Nannylovesshopping Mon 16-Jul-18 13:55:17

Just seen pics of Prince Louis and his family, what a happy little fella he is🙂

notanan2 Mon 16-Jul-18 14:41:35

Kate looks SO happy and content these days. Family life seems to really suit her (or maybe its just the contrast with MM who looks so unhappy??)

chicken Mon 16-Jul-18 15:49:05

Did anyone else see a strong resemblance to George V1 in one of the photos of Prince George?

annsixty Mon 16-Jul-18 16:13:41

The photographs were lovely except for the one with MM clinging again, what a nasty piece of work I am.😈

Panache Mon 16-Jul-18 16:17:40

Absolute delightful,a lovely picture of Prince Louis,so very natural and showing Kate glowing and looking a very contented mum of 3.............she is growing into a very beautiful lady,and the whole family seem happy and united.............Good Luck from me.

Anniebach Mon 16-Jul-18 16:27:56

Lovely photographs, do wish Megan would loosen her grip on Harry.

Kate definately is blooming , children are sweet and Charlotte a little poppet .

ninathenana Mon 16-Jul-18 16:41:47

ann I thought the same

Jane10 Mon 16-Jul-18 16:52:22

Lovely natural photos despite being formally photographed. The wee ones look full of life and fun.
Should Kate have worn such a pure white outfit which made the antique christening gown look a bit grubby? Just a fleeting thought.

Lindylou51 Mon 16-Jul-18 17:08:40

Clearly Meghan didn't get the colour scheme memo making sure all eyes are drawn to her first.

DanniRae Tue 17-Jul-18 09:09:24

Well my eyes weren't drawn to Meghan first Lindy. It was Kate and the darling baby that I looked at.

Teetime Tue 17-Jul-18 09:12:17

I thought they were lovely photos.

muffinthemoo Tue 17-Jul-18 09:15:23

I think Kate has worn cream to all of the christenings, IIRC.

She looks very happy lately on and off duty which is wonderful to see.

glammanana Tue 17-Jul-18 09:22:44

Kate looks wonderful as always and those children are adorable.
I do think Meghan made a fashion colour mistake this time around.

eazybee Tue 17-Jul-18 09:50:59

I thought all three Royal Duchesses looked lovely; why is it so difficult to buy simple, well cut clothes in flattering colours, (I liked the style and the colour of the green dress), without spending the fortune they obviously do.

I thought Princess Charlotte had a look of Princess Margaret about her, who in turn looked like Queen Charlotte, wife of George III.

annsixty Tue 17-Jul-18 09:55:06

Photograph in the DT today of the little Prince chuckling, so natural and lovely.

henetha Tue 17-Jul-18 09:56:53

Beautiful photots of them all. ~What lovely children they are. Everyone looked happy, I thought.
I agree, eazybee, Princess Charlotte does have a look of Princess Margaret about her.

Blinko Tue 17-Jul-18 10:13:59

I think it's the first time I've seen Prince George looking relaxed and confident. Smiling like a pro. Charlotte always manages to look enchanting. I am beginning to think some of their clothes look rather old fashioned. People don't really dress like that nowadays, unless it's a wedding, do they?

Anniebach Tue 17-Jul-18 10:19:13

I think the childrens clothes are lovely, not at all old fashion, Charlotte wears dresses, what’s old fashioned about a dress ?

SueDonim Tue 17-Jul-18 10:36:07

The children all look very sweet, though I detect mischief in wee Charlotte's expression!

Their clothes are 'on-trend' or maybe fashion is following them, as children's clothing shops currently seem to be full of flowery smocked dresses and little romper suits with tiny shirts.

merlotgran Tue 17-Jul-18 10:39:08

Charlotte always looks lovely because she's dressed like a little girl of her age. George always has to wear the little prince 'uniform' - definitely not like other boys of his age (nearly 5)

gillybob Tue 17-Jul-18 10:52:37

Just had a look at the official photo and honestly think that aside from Willy’s blue suit the photo could have been taken at the turn of the century .

Blinko Tue 17-Jul-18 11:48:09

That's what I was thinking, gillybob. Assuming we're talking around 1900 and not 2000. People don't even aspire to dressing like that nowadays. If they ever did.

Blinko Tue 17-Jul-18 11:48:39 dress...

gillybob Tue 17-Jul-18 11:54:07

Oops yes Blinko . I really can’t understand it . Even the colouring on the family ( of 5) photograph looks sepia . Why do they continue to dress George in those blouses ?

SueDonim Tue 17-Jul-18 12:08:34

They were probably Prince William's, which they found in the back of a cupboard. grin

I suppose part of the rationale may be that the photos should look relatively timeless.

I did think Kate's headgear looked like the biggest alice band in the world.