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Favourite jewellery

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NanKate Fri 14-Sep-18 08:10:43

I love the costume jewellery I have collected over the years. I never spend much and can source it through Charity shops, Antique centres and Fairs.

My latest acquisitions are Art Deco both Bakelite which was all the fashion in those times. One is a a predominately purple butterfly brooch which DH is giving me later this month for my birthday. The other is what you would call a statement piece with black and white beads the shape of tubular pasta and then at the base a black and white bird. Now it isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I love it.

I notice Prue Leith on Bake Off wears statement jewellery but hers is pricey I would think.

Do you have any favourite jewellery you like to wear ?

gillybob Fri 14-Sep-18 08:24:38

I’m not really “into” jewellery Nankate but I do have a special necklace that DH gave me about 20 years ago. We were on holiday (I remember them) in Cyprus and happened to pass a small jewellery shop which was closed but still lit up. DH stopped to look in the window (unusual because neither of us really bother with stuff like that) he pointed out a few bits and I nodded, smiled and we walked on. The holiday drew to an end and on our last night he presented me with a small box containing the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen, all the more special because he chose it and sneeked out to get it himself. I wear it often because it reminds me (and him) of happier times. smile

Greyduster Fri 14-Sep-18 09:03:02

I rarely wear any of my jewellery. A beautiful ornate twenty four carat gold chain he bought in the Far East for me as a belated wedding present was stolen in a burglary and we did replace it with the nearest we could find, but I never wear it because all the meaning has gone out of it. However, he gave me a gold locket set with rubies for our fortieth and I do wear that. It contains two locks of GS’s hair. The only other piece I wear is a lovely modern blue john pendant that was a present from my Welsh sisters in law. But my out and out favourite has to be a string of tiny yellow beads on elastic thread that GS bought at a flea market with his pocket money while on his school trip to Paris! I wear it often, but wound round my wrist!
Bakelite brooches are very collectible now, NanKate. We see collections and single pieces come up at auctions here and they fetch decent prices. They are very attractive.

shysal Fri 14-Sep-18 09:49:05

The item I wear most is a 1.5 cm teardrop fake pearl on a leather shoe lace, but my favourite and only expensive piece took me weeks of passing the jeweller's shop and resisting before convincing myself that I deserved to spend the three figure sum it cost. It is this Baccarat pendant. The photo doesn't do it justice but the iridescence is lovely.

TwiceAsNice Fri 14-Sep-18 11:00:36

I have a lot of costume jewellery but the one which is a bit special ( and cost the most money) is a strand of over lapping solid Amber little oval disc type beads bought in Prague on holiday. When we got home I priced a very similar in a jewellers which cost three times as much as I paid for it. Also have a lovely jade necklace and earrings bought in NZ again more expensive than I would usually buy but you can see both necklaces are more "classy" than my usual cheap ones.

stella1949 Fri 14-Sep-18 11:04:21

I wear only a few pieces these days.

A plain gold chain which my daughter gave me.
A pair of pearl earrings, my son's first gift to me when he got his first job.
A necklace with name in hyroglypics, bought when we were cruising down the Nile.
A simple band of diamonds , my wedding gift from DH on our wedding day 10 years ago.

tanith Fri 14-Sep-18 11:34:07

I don’t wear any of my jewellery apart from a Pandora bracelet my AC bought me picking a charm each and DH added one for my 70th, its my most precious piece and very special as they all chose their own favourite charm to add. None of my other pieces mean much to be honest and languishes in a drawer.

grannysue05 Fri 14-Sep-18 13:30:16

I confess to loving jewellery on other people but never seem to find time to select a piece to wear when I go out !
I have some lovely rings bought as gifts for special occasions in my life, but my arthritic, swollen fingers just ruin the look.
I have a very elegant friend who, in her eighties, wears large spectacular rings on each (knarled) hand. She looks amazing.
My hands just look like a washerwoman's.

lemongrove Fri 14-Sep-18 13:37:15

Too many to list, all sorts, gold, silver and costume jewellery as well. I always wear ear-rings, a watch and either a bracelet or a necklace /pendent [but not both] and one or two rings.
I love them all.
DD1 bought me a gorgeous statement necklace this year in shades of green, it's heavy to wear but looks great.

harrigran Fri 14-Sep-18 14:29:30

I have a lot of beautiful jewellery but wear some pieces much more than others, a favourite is a gold heart with three diamonds which hangs on a gold chain. DH also bought me the same necklace in platinum.
For our 50th anniversary DH bought a gold locket, so heavy that I feel like a mayor when I wear it.

Jane10 Fri 14-Sep-18 15:11:10

I love this ring which DH bought after a well organised campaign by the DCs. I've always preferred cabochon set stones to faceted ones. These stones remind me of fruit gums!

Teetime Fri 14-Sep-18 15:18:08

I do and I'm very lucky my husband has a very good eye for jewellery and for value for money!!

Cherrytree59 Fri 14-Sep-18 15:32:37

I always wear my wedding ring engagement ring and eternity ring.
I have a gold twisted knot gold ring on my right middle finger.
DH wears the matching ring.

When my first DGC was born my daughter gave me a silver and purple enameled bangle as a gift from my little grandson.

I wear it every day.
When I am thinking or missing any of my three DGS I rub my thumb over the bangle and it connects them to me.
silly I know smile

callgirl1 Fri 14-Sep-18 17:03:50

I`m not a ring person, just my wedding and eternity rings, even my engagement ring is hardly ever worn. I have very little "real" jewellery, but my favourite is a turquoise and gold bracelet that my husband bought for me from a small jewellers in Kusadasi, Turkey, in 1994. It was priced at £180, he tried to haggle, but just couldn`t get them to go below £170. Alas, my wrist is now too thick to be able to wear it anymore.

NanKate Fri 14-Sep-18 20:43:18

Thank you Shysal and Jane10 for your lovely photos.

I am going to another 1940s day tomorrow when I hope to come back with a pendant or two. I will report back.

grannyactivist Fri 14-Sep-18 20:58:36

I wear a collar length pearl necklace (a gift from my children) more or less every day, along with pearl earrings. I have some beautiful large grey pearls and a lovely two strand pink pearl necklace with matching earrings that I wear when I can bear to. They were bought in Thailand when my daughter and her first husband got married there, but since he was killed I often find the connection too poignant.

Marydoll Fri 14-Sep-18 20:59:09

NanKate, I would come with you, if I lived nearer! I love vintage jewellery.
I have just come back from Rome with a string of rough cut emeralds, which I haggled down to €25. They are full of inclusions, but I will make them into a necklace.
I always do this in Rome. My local jeweller was admiring a necklace I had on and asked me where I got the stones. I didn't tell her it was the Roman flea market.grin

annep Fri 14-Sep-18 21:09:13

I love jewellery. Alk kinds. Its lovely to hear what others have. Photos would be nice.
Marydoll that does sound such a bargain. I too have a blue john stone pendant. But my favourite is my emerald and diamond engagement ring.

Chewbacca Fri 14-Sep-18 21:23:23

I won a bid on Ebay for a black pendant. It has the letters "IMO" carved into it. When it arrived, i found that it didnt have a bale to thread a chain through and so took it to a local jewellers to be fitted. When I went to collect it, he told me that it was Victorian Whitby jet and was a mourning pendant (In Memory Of) and was worth about £200. Bargain! I paid £5!

I wear the jet pendant on the days I'm working but not really any other time. Don't know why because I've got some nice pieces that I do like, but just don't wear anymore. The stuff I really didn't have any attachment or particularly like, I sold off.

annep Fri 14-Sep-18 21:41:22

Well done Chewbacca!

NanKate Fri 14-Sep-18 21:47:55

You would be more than welcome to join me Marydoll. I knew we had a lot in common. 🤗

NanKate Fri 14-Sep-18 21:48:34

Love the ring Ann

annep Fri 14-Sep-18 22:31:14

Thanks NanKate.

NanKate Sat 15-Sep-18 19:46:10

I have to fess up I bought 9 items at the 1940s vintage tent ! I couldn’t resist but will keep some for DH to give me at that end of year event that I don’t want to mention by name 🤫

Marydoll Sat 15-Sep-18 20:46:39

A girl after my own heart, Nankate, in fact, I think you are worse than me. grin