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BlueBelle Tue 04-Dec-18 05:30:21

I think we have an infiltration of ‘jokers’ on the threads at the moment Well of course it may be the same person with a variety of names but I have noticed four (at least) new names who are ‘ having fun’ with us
I presume reporting them and letting Gransnet sort them out is the only way forward
Has anyone else noticed ?
We need a sin bin

cavewoman Tue 04-Dec-18 05:49:33

Yes BlueBelle I have noticed.
Particularly from new names who have never posted before on any other threads.
There are so many good people on here who give their time and consideration in answering these weird and wonderful posts. to prove it? Do Gransnet actually mind?
I have always been rather cynical.

janeainsworth Tue 04-Dec-18 06:38:31

I’ve just had a look at the active threads and can see only one which is questionable bluebelle.
I don’t think it’s possible for the same person to have more than one username at the same time. Something to do with the ISP number which is known to GN when you register.

BlueBelle Tue 04-Dec-18 06:49:09

Look on the games and there are three others Jane

Davidhs Tue 04-Dec-18 07:09:45

I hadn't noticed anyone particularly taking the p??s but there are several regular posters that have very nasty attitudes, the many nice gransnetters should get together and get rid of them.
But then nice people don't do that, you can say what you like to me but you don't need to abuse each other.

janeainsworth Tue 04-Dec-18 07:11:03

Ah - I never look at the games threads bb, that explains it.

kittylester Tue 04-Dec-18 07:24:30

davidhs, they are all part of life and different from what bluebelle is talking about I think.

BlueBelle Tue 04-Dec-18 07:56:24

I m not talking about posters with attitude haha whatever that is David but someone who posts a problem that may seem a bit silly but could be real so people go to a lot of trouble to help them solve the problem they may even disclose their own similar problem in their quest to comfort the poster until it becomes more and more noticeable that it is someone having a wind up
Janesworth I don’t play the games either but noticed a very similar name starting a thread and I did a Miss Marples 😂

There are four new posters at the moment with similar or unusual names who I believe are revving wind ups if not stopped it could get very nasty prising information and time out of genuine posters

M0nica Tue 04-Dec-18 08:04:28

I think the thing to do is give a sensible practical answer. Avoid sympathy or judgement and do not comment on their names.

Marydoll Tue 04-Dec-18 08:05:48

I noticed it on the games thread. I gave up on one thread, because someone thought it amusing to make it difficult to continue.
However, I never said anything, as recently I had a post deleted , when I questioned the validity of an OP, so I'm keeping quiet. I said I was unsure if it was "a wind up" , The term, "trolling" was used, which I found quite upsetting, as I'm definitely not a troll. sad.

dragonfly46 Tue 04-Dec-18 08:06:54

I haven't noticed anybody but I have been somewhat preoccupied.

BlueBelle Tue 04-Dec-18 08:08:15

Marydoll I also had a post deleted when I previously questioned is this a wind up? And had an email from Gransnet explaining I was a troll Haha
but I will carry on if I truely feel someone is taking the p

Anja Tue 04-Dec-18 08:20:22

Yes, I have noticed too BlueBelle

It’s very unkind and taking advantage of GNetters.

Anja Tue 04-Dec-18 08:20:52

Actually ‘sick’ might be more appropriate.

Anja Tue 04-Dec-18 08:30:54

PS I run a search on the username. If it’s a first time post with a unlikely situation I’m suspicious. Quite a few of those recently.

mumofmadboys Tue 04-Dec-18 08:36:40

Perhaps we could have a warning phrase to make the regulars aware we think it is a wind up. Such as 'Crikey, that's difficult'

janeainsworth Tue 04-Dec-18 08:37:34

How the GN search engine works is a complete mystery to me.
I've just run one of those suspicious names and the name itself didn't feature in the results, just posts with part of the username in them.confused

petra Tue 04-Dec-18 09:02:15

Marydoll & Bluebelle
Your not alone. I have a well honed s*%t detector and spot them a mile off.
Like you I could scream " they're winding you up" when posters are giving there own heartfelt examples.
I too have been castigated on here and by the powers that be.

notentirelyallhere Tue 04-Dec-18 09:08:02

I'm new, in that I posted a question recently for which I received some helpful advice. Since then I've dared to post a comment once or twice. I've spent years occasionally reading Gransnet and I've reregistered since I was part of a thread where some very nasty things got said. Ive just read this thread with a sinking heart. How do you 'regulars' know what any one else's life is like, how unkind to judge. If you're suspicious, just don't answer. So many people don't post because of off-putting comments and threads. It's very upsetting.

EllanVannin Tue 04-Dec-18 09:22:16

Please carry on posting NEAH . I'm " newish " and it didn't take me long to suss out a click but don't let an odd few put you off. This sort of thing does happen unfortunately but the best thing is to ignore those whose tendency is to create hostility toward you.
I'm a hot-headed individual at times only because I was treated the same way as you're feeling though the forum that I was on was purely discussion and unlike this one.

Elegran Tue 04-Dec-18 09:33:10

I think the answer to that question (how do you know?) is that regulars have seen a lot of posts about a lot of subjects, and some of them just don't feel right. When someone appears out of the blue with a spectacular story, the regulars don't answer at once and share their own problems for that very reason. It is mostly newer posters who engage with the post. The replies from the original poster then throw more light on either the problem or on the attitude of the poster (which is sometimes what caused the problem in the first place!) and the jokers can't resist taking the "joke" further and further.

When an unfamiliar username posts an insulting reply to a comment that doesn't deserve it, reporting it is the best move. There is a lot of that on social media on the internet, some people will say anything to see their words displayed.

Pretending to be outraged is a favourite ploy!

Marydoll Tue 04-Dec-18 09:51:27

notentirelyallhere I think you are being quite unfair in judging all we " regulars" as being unkind.

My concern was that a poster appeared to be messing up one of the games, making it impossible to continue. Then found it amusing.
I would never dream of posting unkind comments.

There are lots of decent and kind people on GN.

kittylester Tue 04-Dec-18 09:53:51

I think elegran has hit the nail on the head. Those of us that have been around a while have an instinct.

I think we do have a phrase momb, it's along the lines of *schools out/Christmas hols started early this year.'

Neah, as *elegran said - we have a nose for wind ups, so don't worry! sunshine

I do wonder if gnhq could be a bit more proactive in this regard to protect the real posters.

mumofmadboys Tue 04-Dec-18 10:06:47

I suppose any mention of a onesie is an alert!!

Anja Tue 04-Dec-18 10:14:23

NEAT the only point of this thread is a worry that some unkind person or persons might be deliberately duping kind GNetters. Please don’t be so harsh on those who find this upsetting.