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Argy Bargy madness, come right in! 😜🍸

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lemongrove Thu 13-Dec-18 21:29:37

Ah, another year’s lease, wonderful!
Leave your worries at the door and put your feet up.

Doodle Tue 19-Nov-19 14:24:54

Right, come on you lot. Thor give me a hand while I get up the ladder 😡 no not there! Now come on this is serious business, we need these fairy lights put up and someone needs to bring in that tree from outside. 🌲. We need to make the place more festive like lemon said.
Be on your best behaviour, she’ll be in later to check.
carillion stop gawping at that calendar and put some decorations up ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨✨✨
Admiral that Santa costume is for later (sigh) 🎅🏻

Carillion01 Tue 19-Nov-19 14:44:07

Doodle, you shouldn't have posed as Ms November with Thor with just the glitter ball for coverage then not expect me to ogle it. Anyway, I've just poured our afternoon Baileys and vermoooooth snifter, hurry up, lem will be back in a mo 😈🍸🍸😈

lemongrove Tue 19-Nov-19 15:09:48

Ah! Hard at work I see.....just as it should be and not a moment too soon, as I have to get this job lot of mince pies into the larder.We can start warming them up anytime, lovely with a spot of cream (from the pound shop, expiry date two years ago, don’t let anyone see the boxes!)
Soop will be over later with her home made stollen ( I dread to think!)Anyone got the sprouts on?
Christmas lunches are ten pounds each and check each note for forgeries.🧐

Doodle Tue 19-Nov-19 22:27:29

Ok bossy boots. Me and carillion have been hard at it. Not a drop of alcohol has passed our lips #innocent face 😇By the way lemon, you know you said we were going out with a bang at Christmas. Well I’ve bought a job lot of jelly to make a Big Bang 💥. .......I bought strawberry that the right sort 🤔

Doodle Wed 20-Nov-19 22:29:21

lemon get your voluptuous body back in the Argy. If we’re going to get to 1000 posts you need to stop fooling around with Thor (though how he has the energy after carillion’s finished with him I don’t know 😀) and get cracking with the Christmas preparations. Stick the tree up 🌲

Doodle Thu 21-Nov-19 21:09:49

LEMON. Where are you? 😡

Doodle Thu 21-Nov-19 23:13:01

CARILLION come on you two wake up.
At the booze again I suppose. 🥃🍺

lemongrove Fri 22-Nov-19 15:21:39

Sorry! Have been on a three day bender with Alf from the
Undertakers next door.I know he looks a bit doleful, but that’s his work face, he’s a right little mover in his leisure time....
We had a great time, popped over to Calais, and here I am back again with six cases of prosecco for Christmas week and
A selection of French cheeses ( only slightly out of date.)

lemongrove Fri 22-Nov-19 15:26:43

Have brought a big box of Xmas decs from the loft, we had them last year in the bar, just shake the dust off.
A tree, garlands and Chinese lanterns, lovely!
Doodle I wish you’d remove your ginger wig, it’s ben on the bar for ages, Thor thought it was a stray cat and had been putting a saucer of sardines on the bar top for it every day.
He was puzzled when I told him what it really was, and said that the sardines were always that point, the Admiral ( who was ear wigging as usual) sloped off looking guilty.

Doodle Fri 22-Nov-19 16:21:10

Ok back again and stroppy as usual I see lemon. I thought we could invite the whole of soop’s kitchen to join us for a Christmas party to make sure we make the most of it before our closing down sale. I’m sure soop would be up for it and even make some tasty (!) nibbles.

Doodle Fri 22-Nov-19 16:22:12

By the way, the Admiral has taken to wearing my wig. He says it smells nice 🙄

Carillion01 Fri 22-Nov-19 17:34:39

Doodle, no need to shout! I'm here, ready and waiting for phase 2 of The Argy Christmas deccy extravaganza, I wasn't recovering from our cocktail tasting fest. (Whispering because lemons about, doing her quality check)

Just going to prep our fairy dust, tutu outfits for the 'au revoir' concert. lemon said it had to be a tasteful affair... 🤑🤑🤑
Rumour has it lemons Oz beau, Big Bruce, the cricketer, is going to surprise her with a 'visit'. Whoo!hooo!

Just off to do so me drinking dusting in the cellar, saw a salty old gentleman descend the stairs and the sun's now over the yardarm.....🍷🍷🍷🍷🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹

lemongrove Fri 22-Nov-19 18:42:23

Watch out Carillion as that salty old gent now has a whiff of sardines about his person.😬Wonder what he’s after in the cellar? Is marydoll down there by any chance?

lemongrove Fri 22-Nov-19 18:44:07

If Big Bruce is coming over for the Christmas Party I had better start a beauty routine!
First up, shave my cleavage.😊

Doodle Fri 22-Nov-19 20:15:17

Right oh lemon I’ll help you. It’s about time I got the old lawnmower out again.
Our farewell party will need to be kept under wraps till closer the time. We don’t want to peak too soon (i.e. run out of booze).
carillion for goodness sake get the salty old sea dog out of the cellar before he drinks us dry 😡

lemongrove Fri 22-Nov-19 22:10:09

That’s the trouble with being too salty, it gives one a thirst.

Doodle Sat 23-Nov-19 19:53:13

carillion’s not supposed to lick him lemon 🙄 just get him out of the cellar 😉

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 20:55:53

Where’s that work dodger Chewbacca got to?I could do with a hand getting all these sprouts into the back room.
We sold thirty Christmas Dinners today, the cash register could hardly keep up! I put extra salt on the roasties ( an old trick) and the customers kept racing to the bar to get more beers in.Result! Ker-ching.
I shall sit here by the log fire and reminisce on times gone by,with a large schooner of port (as befits an old Naval gal like me) and put me feet up on Jason the Alsation.Bliss!

Doodle Sun 24-Nov-19 21:05:14

Take it easy lemon with all these dinners. It’s a long time till Christmas we don’t want to peak too soon. I’ve booked a coach load of naturists in for next weekend. I suppose we should put a nut roast on the menu or some dumplings that’s what they eat isn’t it? Naturists are like vegetarians, right ? 🤔

Chewbacca Sun 24-Nov-19 21:14:36

Here I am Lemon. Don't worry about the sprouts, I fed those to Lola the goat this afternoon. We'll have plenty of manure to put on the allotment, judging by her output in the last hour. Can I have a drink? A bottle of Tia Maria and shot of brandy would be acceptable. smile

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 21:17:56

Something like it Doodle ( bless her, she’s lived a sheltered an institution)😁
I will do a bit of baking tomorrow and then freeze them, nut cutlets, mince pies, sprout quiche, and a great quantity of Xmas puds.I keep finding currants all over the place and putting them in a jar ( well, they look like currants) anyroad,
I shall add them to the puds.

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 21:20:34

At last! No time for drinking, now you’re here, make yourself useful and take your turn behind the bar, Thor had to leave earlier, to go to his ballet class.
Hands out of the till please!

Doodle Sun 24-Nov-19 21:21:38

Will they like their nuts being frozen lemon ?
As for the currant things, ask chewy they fell out of her pocket when she came in (there seems to be something squirming round in there too) do you think she’s found one of the missing ferrets?

Doodle Sun 24-Nov-19 21:22:58

Sorry got to dash. Thor left his pink tutu behind. I need to catch him before he performs without it 😱

Chewbacca Sun 24-Nov-19 21:37:58

Those nuts belong to Thor!

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