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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 24-Aug-19 06:12:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Looks like thee start of a warm day today here in Brackley.
Usual bus trips out, to Bicester and Buckingham, will explore the flea market in Buckingham again, look for maps.
Tour of Spain cycle race starts later today will watch it on TV, plus a Chinese take away as well later.

NannyJan53 Sat 24-Aug-19 06:19:42

Good Morning Mick and all to follow, from a very warm Black Country, I am wearing shorts!

I am up early as we are off in 10 minutes to Devon for a long weekend. Back on Tuesday. Staying in a Beach Hut right on the sea front. Cannot believe weather forecast is so good

Have a great weekend everyone

kittylester Sat 24-Aug-19 06:43:53

Morning all from a brightish and slightly sticky North Leicestershire.

We are having our last peaceful early morning brew for a week!

Hope you find a good map Mick and you have an easy journey jan.

Have a good day everyone!:sunshine

dragonfly46 Sat 24-Aug-19 06:50:23

Good morning from Leicestershire. Unlike kitty a peaceful day today without the drilling of the workmen.

May do a little gardening while I can.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Beechnut Sat 24-Aug-19 06:50:32

Good Morning everyone.
A bright start and a promise of hot stuff.
I have a few things to do today so I’ll just potter and sit and read and enjoyed he good weather.

I hope you all have a very lovely weekend and enjoy whatever you get up to 🌺

Urmstongran Sat 24-Aug-19 06:58:58

Good morning Mick NannyJan kittylester and all who follow. The sunrise is happening as I type here in Spain promising another gorgeous day.

The family will be packing at some stage ready for a taxi to the airport at 8am tomorrow. We’ve had such a fantastic time together over these weeks.

Mick I’d forgotten it was La Vuelta. It passed right by on the road in fro t of our apartments last year. We stood outside to cheer them as they whizzed past! Gone in seconds - you missed them if you blinked!

Here is a photo from last year. I must check the route this year - it’d be great if it passed here again. Only a small crowd here of locals but with the Sky News helicopter right overhead, it was exciting to watch!

Urmstongran Sat 24-Aug-19 06:59:54

Good morning Beechnut & dragonfly too - our posts crossed!

Sar53 Sat 24-Aug-19 07:18:01

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. A lovely weekend is forecast, that means that everywhere around here will be heaving with people coming to the beach.
We need to pop into town this morning and there is football later.
I wish everyone a fabulous bank holiday weekend.

Resurgam123 Sat 24-Aug-19 07:18:44

Good Morning All.
There is sunshine about here in Cheshire. For once. I don't know how it might last.

Bellasnana Sat 24-Aug-19 07:25:39

Good morning from Malta where it is supposed to be reaching 39°C later on. This after telling us we were in for rain so I cleared my cushions from the outdoor furniture and covered the garden swing in preparation, all for nothing.

On my way to run an errand for DD2 who lives in the US but still has a bank account here. Then I’m going to visit my friend in the care home.

Tonight I’m taking another friend to an outdoor concert featuring our local tenor, Joseph Calleja and his special guest, Andrea Boccelli. Can’t wait.

Hope you all have a good Saturday.☀️

cornergran Sat 24-Aug-19 07:26:28

Morning Mick, morning All. A bright, sunny start to our corner of Somerset with the promise of a very warm day. We’re off on the bus to the beach for a paddle before the crowds are here. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

gillybob Sat 24-Aug-19 07:30:06

Good morning from the North East coast where we have the start of a beautiful day . The sun is shining, the sea is glistening and there’s barely a breeze.

Wait a minute ? I’m dreaming aren’t I ? Surely this can’t be real?

Oh how a little bit sunshine can lift the spirits .

Well after taking my dad for his usual shop and lunch, I came home and I did a little bit more fence painting . Just about finished but will have to wait until my hydrangeas are finished and pruned before completion in the spring. What a job .

My sister and dad have invited themselves for dinner tonight so will have to think of something to cook. I hope it’s nice enough to sit outside .

My son, grandson, DGD2 and I are all buzzing with excitement at the very real prospect of Mr Dell and Co. making a huge investment into our beloved Sunderland AFC . My grandson has spent about £200 million on his dream players already and the deal isn’t even signed yet grin

I hope you have a lovely time in your Devon Beach Hut NannyJan it sounds the best fun, right on the sea front too.

I hope you continue to have a lovely holiday in Malaga Urmstongran and to Mick, kitty, dragonfly, beechnut and all to follow, I hope you have a lovely Saturday and the sun is shining wherever you are x

Brunette10 Sat 24-Aug-19 07:30:11

Good Morning and to all those who follow. It's going to be a scorcher today so will have to dig out my shorts. I'd put them away for this year. DD and DGS's are coming along to so will head out somewhere nice to keep boys busy and have fun. Just love days like this, cheers you up no end. I hope everyone has a good Saturday, enjoy!

ninathenana Sat 24-Aug-19 07:36:34

Good morning from sunny Kent.

We are by the sea too Sar and will be inundated with day trippers.
A quiet day for us after the GC being here for a fortnight. They will spend today visiting other relatives with DD and SiL and then go back north on Sunday.
Have a good day everyone, I wish you sunshine

MawB Sat 24-Aug-19 07:43:07

Good morning from N Bucks where I have had one of my best nights for a while thanks to my (silent) Dyson fan. I thoughtI had jinxed the good weather when I bought it a few weeks ago but oh, how I have appreciated it.
No plans for the w/e as I am still grounded, but I shall either sit in the garden or make a start on deciphering and transcribing the bundle of 200+ year old letters which have come to light in the family papers. The first one is 1798 and they mostly look very fragile and old.
Could be interesting.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Pantglas1 Sat 24-Aug-19 07:43:43

Morning all - I’d forgotten La Vuelta was starting today Mick! We went down to Ardales last year to see it and like Urmstongran said it was gone in a flash - I don’t think they’re in southern Spain this year.

Off on a trip to Teba for the Douglas Day Festival - our Scottish posters will know all about it!

Good day to everyone!

gillybob Sat 24-Aug-19 07:48:40

Oh I don’t know where I would be without my trusty and hard working Dyson fan MawB it keeps me company almost every night and has been the best interest free credit I ever spent !

Greyduster Sat 24-Aug-19 07:52:32

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Going to be a hot one today. We have family from Wales expected and our children and spouses too, so a full house, and a barbecue for this evening when it has cooled down a bit! Have a good day folks!

Nannytopsy Sat 24-Aug-19 07:53:30

Good morning everyone! A restless night here. We thought we were doing our house exchange yesterday but it didn’t happen. We are booked to move on 4th then go on holiday on 6th. No idea what is happening now! And it’s a long weekend.

Marydoll Sat 24-Aug-19 07:55:12

Good morning all from Glasgow, I see a glimmer of sun in the sky.

I'm planning to have a very restful day.

My trip to Lidl yesterday was a great success, even mastered the new road layout with ease. However, DH got a little carried away. I have never spent that amount in Lidl in my life.

I'm not going to spoil this lovely, happy thread thread, by relating the very stressful events of yesterday.
If you need cheering up, go on the Moaning thread, includes comments about a garage door falling on me and an emergency visit to the doctors. (At her request not mine , think about yesterday's moan about mouth ulcers!)

I'm feeling pretty rubbish today, a bout of sinusitis and a temp, I didn't even know I had! So I have an excuse to chill.

It's lovely to read how upbeat this thread is. A good way to start my Saturday.
Safe journey for all those who are travelling and everyon else, have a great day!

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 24-Aug-19 07:55:26

Good morning from east London, where it’s bright and promising to be hot. Only one builder in today working on the basement floor but our plan is to get out; too much time indoors yesterday. I did make chutney and a plum crumble yesterday with our gatherings from Wednesday, now it’s the crab apples. I have identified a piece of muslin for straining, now just have to locate a high stool on a bench like me mam used to do and get on with it. Have a good day and just hope you’re not too hot.

Persistentdonor Sat 24-Aug-19 07:55:57

MawB Your plan sounds like the best of the lot. smile
Family letters from 1798 ..... I would think I had died and gone to heaven.
A clear morning here in Torbay, might visit the carboot sale along the Totnes Road and then have a mooch round Totnes market after.
Enjoy your week end All.

gillybob Sat 24-Aug-19 08:07:34

Well I think I kind of jumped the gun, weather wise. Might’ve known it was too good to be true. The sun has now disappeared behind an increasingly cloudy sky . Grrrrrrrr

Get back out here , right this minute ! Do you here me ? sunshine

aggie Sat 24-Aug-19 08:09:29

Morning all , it is warm already ! I have been out watering the half baskets hanging on the old brick wall , they have been neglected this week so I hope they will respond to a bit of care . The hanging basket tomatoes are doing better than expected , but are on a shelf in the plastic greenhuse and threatened to topple off the shelf , I didn't know they were that variety and have nowhere to hang such heavy pots

NanKate Sat 24-Aug-19 08:11:56

Good morning Mick and All.

We are in for scorcher here this weekend in South Bucks.

DGSs left yesterday after 6 days with us 🤪. I decided to take the advice from Gransnetters and enjoy every moment whilst they are young enough to want to be with us - they are 6 and 8. The eldest said I wish we could stay another week !

Have a lovely hols NannyJ, hope you feel better soon Mary , enjoy your peaceful morning Kitty.