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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 19-Apr-20 06:12:14

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a nice dry blue sky start here in Brackley this morning.
Today, quick trip to Supermarket .
Locally someone has done a dedicated Facebook page as to the corona virus .
Its shows who is open , which places are doing take away meals plus surgery appointment updates, which stores open and when who are doing deliveries .

dragonfly46 Sun 19-Apr-20 06:53:22

Good morning from a bright Leicestershire.

Up with the lark this morning as the dog was thrashing around trying to get his cone off.

Local garden centre ringing me today re a plant delivery.

Still hoping Gilly is okay.
Stay safe everyone.

Pantglas2 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:02:41

It’s a very murky morning here in north Wales but promises sun for this afternoon - fingers crossed.

Always feel sorry for poorly doggies having to wear cones - they don’t understand why do they, dragonfly46?

Hope Gillybob has a better day and is back to her cheery self (in spite of all her troubles, she never ceases to wish folks well in whatever they’re doing - such a good ❣)

will pop in later to see what everyone’s up to - it’s not as if I’m busy is it.....

Beechnut Sun 19-Apr-20 07:15:36

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it dry and bright.

I had a lie in this morning as I didn’t sleep well which is unusual.

Sending best wishes to all with troubles and that includes your pets.🌻

NanKate Sun 19-Apr-20 07:19:23

Morning Mick and All.

Pleasant sunny day in prospect in South Bucks.

How useful Mick having all that local information.

Well it only took us 3 hours to set up the new telly yesterday. I suspect youngsters would have been able to do it in 10 minutes. Working out the remotes and their facilities took some getting used. We showed one of our DGSs our achievements on FaceTime and he asked if we could still get the Sooty programmes he likes and I assured him we could and said I would have sent the tv back if I couldn’t get them 😉

💐 for Gilly.

brook2704 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:22:42

Good morning everyone from another sunny day in Inverness. It’s still cold though but the sun makes such a difference

Im awake early having a lovely cup of tea in bed and catching up with the news.

Had a lovely catch up with DS yesterday , he lives in Switzerland and was saying that some shops and businesses are just starting to reopen. He was due to visit over Easter - I’ve no idea when I’ll eventually get to see him again but hopefully sometime later in the year - fingers and everything else crossed !

Hope everyone enjoys Sunday as best they can and sending hugs to everyone with worries and struggles

Take care 💐

BlueSapphire Sun 19-Apr-20 07:28:29

Good morning all from a brighter Northampton. I was glad to see the rain yesterday though..

Did not have a very good day yesterday, things started getting to me again, but have woken up this morning feeling better and determined not to let it happen again.

We hope to have our Sunday drinks party at lunchtime again, so something to look forward to, all sat in our chairs at the end of our drives.

Hoping that all have a good day.


Curlywhirly Sun 19-Apr-20 07:35:01

Good morning from a lovely sunny Cheshire. Yesterday rained, just as we were about to start jetwashing the drive - but we soldiered on, and finally we have a nice clean drive. Today we will have a day off from jobs and just potter about. Might take a short drive with the dog to give her a walk somewhere new, as police now say that is permitted (as long as the journey is not long) and obviously the area you choose is not busy. Our eldest son lives in the surrounding countryside about 10 mins drive from us, so might drive near there and say hello from his gate; there is a lovely tow path walk right near his house, so could give that a go.

Hope Gillybob had a better day yesterday, she certainly needs a break from the hard time she's having. Dragonfly poor Dexter, those collars are so uncomfortable. I used to take our dog's off while she ate, felt so sorry for her. There are more comfortable ones, but presume it won't be easy to get your hands on one immediately.

Take care and hope the sun shines for you today.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:38:30

Goodmorning Mick and all x

The sky is blue with fluffy white clouds here in S E Essex, but we have a chill in the air.

Rib of beef and all the trimmings for dinner, I do enjoy a Sunday roast although I am missing going out to one of our local restaurants every couple of weeks for Sunday lunch.

Thinking of gillybob and her family flowers

Take care, keep safe and have the best Sunday you can in these strange circumstances 🌷🙋

Gelisajams Sun 19-Apr-20 07:40:33

Good morning everyone from Morecambe Bay where we have a clear blue sky. I’ve be another lurker on this page for a few months now, so I thought it was time to say hello!
I’m afraid I join the many ex teachers on here.
I don’t have any pets but I do have 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 2(next week) to 18. Like most, I haven’t seen any of them for some weeks as they are not local. Maybe FaceTime later.
My interests are gardening, crochet and sewing.
Thinking of all with problems and worries. flowers

Pittcity Sun 19-Apr-20 07:42:42

Good morning from sunny Colchester. We have a roast beef dinner to look forward to. There is wine and ice cream too. We are indulging far too much but what else is there?

NotAGran55 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:51:24

Good morning from dull West Berkshire.

Very lazy day yesterday which is not like me at all but feeling livelier today .
It will be a walk in the woods first thing , home for lunch being prepared by my son today and then watch something on the TV planner .

Will also be knitting a couple more hats to add to my premature baby stash .

Grammaretto Sun 19-Apr-20 07:51:31

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. Cold and dull so far.
I will suggest your excellent village idea to our facebook locals Mick
I am so sorry for poor Dexter Dragonfly and for you having to watch!

I'm feeling sorry for all of us over 70 if the news today is correct and we may have lock-down for a year. What did we do to deserve this?
I shall go to virtual church this morning. There's bound to be someone with faith whose ministry will help.

On a cheerier note, the blackbird is singing so sweetly. I think they have the best song of all.
Have a good day everyone and as they say in these parts: "see yous all later"

brook2704 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:52:25

Welcome Gelisajams 👋

Grammaretto Sun 19-Apr-20 07:53:11

welcome Gelisajams smile

Marydoll Sun 19-Apr-20 07:53:58

Good morning all, it's a beautiful sunny morning here in Glasgow, but quite cold. We may even manage a cuppa in the garden. Fingers crossed.

Nothing much happening today, a walk over the field in half an hour with DH to get the papers and I will wait for him in a corner, out of the way, just in case anyone is about.
That will be my sortie into the outside world over until next week.
They are a lazy lot around her, still abed, that's how I can get out, without meeting anyone. wink

Yesterday, I spotted my neighbour at her door, so called across I had made macaroons. It was like a pantomime. I put them (well wrapped) on the ground, (wearing gloves) went next door to leave theirs and rush away, before they opened the door.
My neighbour opened the door, dressed as a nun and her husband appeared behind her, dressed as a priest. 😱
The most unlikeliest nun 😇, you could ever meet, is my friend! grin Apparently, they were making a birthday video for another friend. Well that's what their excuse was. wink
I haven't laughed so much for ages, it was the most incongrous thing I had ever seen. 😂

Kate, DH wants a new all singing, all dancing TV, I'm happy with that, but it means it won't fit in our living room units, we will need new ones, we needa new carpet and the room needs wallpapered. It will be the most expensive TV in history! I shudder to think of the upheavel and can't bear the thought of it all!! 😱😰

I am really worried about Gilly. She was in contact the other day, but nothing since. She has a lot going on at the moment and needs some space.
Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers, I do know she reads everything, we all write.💐

Best wishes to all who are struggling, have the best day you can.

Marydoll Sun 19-Apr-20 07:54:44

Welcome, Gelisajams !

Scentia Sun 19-Apr-20 07:54:54

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It’s looking mighty fine outside of my window today.
Welcome Gelisajams
A little bike ride with the pooch today as I still can’t walk properly.
I will have to brave a supermarket shop today too, I am really not looking forward to that.

Take care everyone and stay safe ❤️

NannyJan53 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:55:44

Good Morning from a much brighter Black Country, it rained all day yesterday.

Welcome to Gelisajams . Lovely to have you join in with us.

Didn't do a lot yesterday. We watched the 3 episodes of Quiz in the afternoon. It did make us think that the Ingrams could have been innocent.

Had a Zoom video call with 4 friends, then steak for dinner and my weekly G & T, then we shared half of our only Easter egg.

Hopefully will get out in the garden again today.

Glad you managed to set up your new TV NanKate, we are thinking of having one as my Partner has completed 25 years at his company and has enough points to order one from the catalogue they supplied. Will probably have to add £100 or so to it.

I find I am eating more 'goodies' Pittcity. I dread to get on the scales smile

We are all thinking of you dear gilly flowers

dragonfly46 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:55:52

Yes welcome Gelisajams

NannyJan53 Sun 19-Apr-20 07:59:32

That made me laugh Marydoll smile 'Thats what their excuse was! Never a dull moment at Marydoll Towers

conor Sun 19-Apr-20 08:00:40

Good morning from a sunny Essex. Had sad news about a friend's husband yesterday so couldn't really settle to anything. Hoping that I will get out for a walk today as feel better in the fresh air. Having a Zoom catch up with friends this afternoon. There are 10 of us so not sure if we will all get a word in. Hope everyone has a good day and hoping to hear from Gillybobxxx

kittylester Sun 19-Apr-20 08:02:32

Morning all. As dragonfly says, Leicestershire is fairly bright but we now have a few clouds or at least our bit does.

Gardening for us today and then we are having Sunday lunch delivered. A girl who worked at a local Michelin starred restaurant has started a supper club and also does sunday lunch from her home. I am unreasonably excited.

Sending love to gilly, I hope she is at least getting pm support from people she trusts.

Ginny42 Sun 19-Apr-20 08:04:15

Good morning Mick and everyone from a bright sunny Sunday in Cheshire. I'm sleepy because I sat up reading till around 3.30 - serves me right!

Enjoyed a long WhatsApp chat with friends yesterday and it made me feel more grounded. We planned things for when we're out and about again, which was a boost. Definitely a party. Several chats with my DD too.

Walking in the woods this morning. I'll try to post a photo of the bluebells. In one spot there are one or two white and pale lilac ones. May have to be careful about sitting in the garden later as the pollen really affected me the other day.

What a lovely idea to have a drinks party. I'm afraid not all the neighbours here are that friendly. Keep themselves to themselves. I do have several who are lovely though. One rang my doorbell yesterday to say she'd left a gift on the doorstep. She'd been tidying a cupboard and found a lovely Champney's bath set and thought I would like it. smile

Warm wishes to all, that we stay focused and well. Virtual hugs to those who need them, especially Gilly who has suffered so much for so long. flowers for all.

Nannytopsy Sun 19-Apr-20 08:10:06

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Welcome Gelisajams - I hope you have plenty of time to spare now you are on GN!
A return to sunny weather in Suffolk but without very much rain at all. Out with the hose I’m afraid or I shall lose my new shrubs.
It’s roast chicken here today although I liked the sound of the rib of beef!
Have the best day you can.