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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 03-May-20 06:12:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but its grey cloud and raining here in Brackley this morning.
Had my Chinese take away ,and have but on a few pounds , but anyway , they were giving away free face masks as well.
Today, maybe small shop , temped to do more home cooking than ready made meals which seems to be in short supply .
Otherwise a quiet day , relax which is a key factor to this Lockdown and hope later in the week a plan is made to gradually bring life back as we know it.
By the way one reported death through coronavirus, up to April 17th in the town according National Office of Statistics website.

NanKate Sun 03-May-20 06:46:08

Morning Mick and All.

Glad you got your Birthday Chinese take-away Mick I bet you had some lovely crunchy spring rolls.

Sat in the garden yesterday in the sunshine but today will be cloudy in South Bucks. This would normal be a Bank Holiday weekend. Life seems tops turvy at present.

dragonfly46 Sun 03-May-20 06:50:16

Good morning from a bright Leicestershire.

More drama with the dog yesterday. He managed to rub his eye, despite his cone on a plant pot so it became more painful. Sent pictures to the hospital and apparently the stitches are intact but had to go to the hospital and pick up antibiotics. I will not be sorry when he goes home!

Waiting for the garden centre to ring me about a delivery.

Hope Mary feels better and every one has a good day.

QuaintIrene Sun 03-May-20 06:54:54

Good morning for everyone to come. I wonder, Mick how we are all to get masks if we are to wear one. A lot of money and no deliveries for ages on Amazon. I shall have to use a sock or something.
Anyway I have been in the throes of depression that takes me sometimes but I am getting around it. It’s so awful.
Big cat has been my companion as always but I am certain her sight is failing. I have noticed for a while. But she is alright and enjoys her life. I left the vacuum on the rug to answer the phone and she bumped into it.
My friend who I phone every week brought me some jigsaws and a delicious quiche which was very well received. She knew I didn’t sound myself I think. My husband used to know but I am on my own now and I sink without really knowing before it’s a bit late.
I make a point of joining the games here no matter what. They do me good.
I hope you are keeping well, especially those who are ill or troubled 💐💕

QuaintIrene Sun 03-May-20 07:14:00

dragonfly46 my apologies, I have missed hearing about the dog with a sore ? eye. A very good remedy for anything eyes is strong cold tea. It’s the tannin I think. It was very soothing and healing on all my animals. Works on styes for humans as well.

Scentia Sun 03-May-20 07:18:28

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Looks like a mighty fine day out there.
I will take the pooch on the bike later. I also need to do a food shop at some point today.
I hope everyone has a good day today and stay safe all of you💕💕

kittylester Sun 03-May-20 07:24:07

Morning all from North Leicestershire where it was bright, as dragonfly says, but is now cloudy.

Tagine for dinner but first we are going to go through all our blanket boxes. We have 6 which we use as coffee tables etc but which contain heaven knows what - a case of 'out of sight, out of mind.

I hope you continue to feel better, quaintirene and I hope Dexter stays out of trouble dragonfly.

Stay safe people.

NotAGran55 Sun 03-May-20 07:26:19

Good morning all from dull West Berks .

Nothing of interest planned today , might clean the car , or might not ! I have a strict ‘ no jobs ‘ rule for Sundays but car cleaning on Sundays seems to be a tradition around these parts .

Like Mick I’m looking forward to the update next week and hope for some positive news . I can’t wait to be able to drive the 200 miles to visit my young son who is living alone and working in a M & S food hall.

Stay at home > Protect the NHS > Save lives .

grandMattie Sun 03-May-20 07:30:35

Good morning. Gloomy day in E Kent.
Hope you had a nice day yesterday, Mick and enjoyed your takeaway.
Nothing much today; Sunday worship on TV, sewing.
Cooking a gammon found in the freezer for dinner tonight.
Stay safe and well.

Ginny42 Sun 03-May-20 07:39:23

Good morning Mick and everyone from a bright morning in Cheshire. There is plenty of blue sky with some high cloud. Glad you enjoyed your birthday meal Mick at least it made the day a little more special.

Sorry you've been down QuaintIrene. flowers Hope you have a better day today. We really are living through the strangest of times.

I can see the woods from my window and the horse chestnuts are in full bloom and they are magnificent. My little wren under the balcony is sealed in her nest and I'm not sure what's going on there. She's been very quiet these mornings. The ducklings on the pond in the woods came scooting across the water yesterday. They're so lovely, but there's a fox in there.

There was a north wind yesterday so it was cold in the garden but I was determined to sit out. I managed about 30 mins wrapped up like a parcel. I'm following a series on Netflix and they feel like family now.They're the only ones who can visit each day! I give them advice like, 'Don't listen to her.' and Well done!' Am I losing it?

Enjoy the day as best you can everyone. We've come a long way and we can look forward to better times.

Nortsat Sun 03-May-20 07:40:36

Good morning Mick and the GM team. It’s grey today in east London.

I hope you have a good day today QuaintIrene. Our vet told us that in older cats deterioration of vision can be the result of blood pressure issues. Our 15 year old cat sometimes can’t see treats, when we throw them to her, though her nose finds them eventually ...

Good wishes to poor Dexter, dragonfly 🐕

I have 2/3 hours of report writing to do for work (I’m on a deadline) and then on line groceries to organise.
I am going to make hamburgers for supper (I have some mince in the freezer). I roasted a small joint of lamb yesterday and made red wine and mint gravy. However, the lamb was disappointingly a bit fatty. So tonight it’s fail safe hamburgers and salad...

Have a good day all and ‘let’s be careful out there’. 💐

Pantglas2 Sun 03-May-20 07:44:22

Morning all from a dry north Wales where I’m lolling abed again! Glad you enjoyed your birthday meal Mick!

Haven’t seen you post for a while QuaintIrene - have a hug and hope things pick up for you x. That little scamp is a handful isn’t he Dragonfly46? Will you be handing him back once lockdown is relaxed?

A quiet day (is there another kind any more?) where I’ll slow cook the ham and have it with salad and new potatoes. It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow so am expecting all sorts of treats as DH will be on kitchen duty!

Have a safe and peaceful Sunday everyone x

Marydoll Sun 03-May-20 07:46:30

Good morning Mick and all from a very sunny Glasgow, but it's only 1 degree C. It looks like a beautiful summer's morning.
I'm glad to hear you had a lovely birthday, Mick.

Dragonfly, thank you for your kind wishes, I was feeling a sorry for myself and a bit frustrated, as I'm finding it difficult to do the things which need done, due to my pain levels. I have mostly been very positive during my period of sheilding, but have stopped reading most of the threads on GN, as I find some of them very unsettling.
I don't want to read that I will still be in Lockdown at Christmas!

You are having a dreadful time with Dexter, hopefully your daughter will be able to visit soon. However, Dragonfly, you have to look after yourself too, this stress will not be helping your recovery. flowers

Quaintirene, it's good to see you back posting, my sister in law is in a similar position to you, she has not been coping at all, since her husband died last year. Lockdown isn't helping either and I can't even go round to support her. sad

The sun is shining, the washing will go out and come in dry, I have strawberry and tomato plants to repot for DD, potter round my garden and fulfil a birthday cake request from DD for her birthday tomorrow. Plenty to keep me busy.

It was my future DIL's birthday yesterday and DS2 made her a chocolate mousse cake, as a surprise. He has never baked in his life, but said he remembered watching me bake. [email protected] grin

We will watch an online Mass from a local church, which gives us a chance to have a quiet time.

Have the best day you can and hugs to all who are find life so difficult just now. 💐

Urmstongran Sun 03-May-20 07:51:41

Good morning everyone from a gorgeous sunny Malaga 😎

It was lovely to be OUT yesterday! So many people! We kept to the quiet back roads parallel to the main road outside here. We walked past the little white church, it’s heavy dark wood doors closed and past beautiful villas, listening to wood pigeons as we strolled. It was so nice and quiet. I didn’t wear a mask.

The jacaranda trees are in full bloom now with their pretty pale blue blossom. Bougainvillea in riotous colours of purple and cherry red tumbled over walls and across gated archways and the hibiscus flowers are as big as saucers now set off by their green foliage. Birds of paradise are in abundance now too - such an exotic flower - my favourite!

We have strict rules about what times we can go out. Our ‘slots’ for under 70’s are now and back by 10am (Himself has gone out for a walk) and later this evening 8pm till 11pm. I shall do my walking straight after the clapping each evening. That said I’m sure in another couple of weeks there will be more directives and things will change. Having to be up and out before 9am every morning seems too reminiscent of going out to work for me!

will not be sorry when he goes home! I can empathise with that statement dragonfly you’ve certainly had a lot of stress with this doggy!

Hope Sunday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

brook2704 Sun 03-May-20 07:51:56

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy Inverness. Yesterday morning it was raining quite heavily so I got the big umbrella and went out for my usual walk. I enjoyed tramping around the wood in my wellies and I was remembering the lovely times when we’d taken the DGC there on their bikes before the lockdown - I’m looking forward to doing that again eventually....

I’m sorry you’re feeling down QuaintIrene I really hope you continue enjoying the games and jigsaw and you find other things that help a bit as well 💐

Made a chicken curry in the slow cooker yesterday that was delicious - no idea what we’re having later today, I’ll have to rummage around in the freezer I think !

I hope everyone has the best day they can, special hugs to all with worries and struggles and take care especially if you need to go out 💐

brook2704 Sun 03-May-20 07:53:40

So pleased you enjoyed your walk urmstongran it sounds beautiful !

Sark Sun 03-May-20 07:59:27

Good Morning everyone from a greyish Oxfordshire.
Quiet day today, walk, lunch, catch up on some tv later.
We had a badminton set delivered yesterday so will see if I can get DH to have a game in the garden...well we have to keep the neighbours spirits up and give them a few laughs!!
Quaintirene flowers
Have a good day everyone and special wishes to anyone struggling

Bellasnana Sun 03-May-20 08:04:46

Good morning everyone from a very windy, but warm, Malta.

I would like to thank the kind grans who commented yesterday, I didn’t expect anyone to have noticed I hadn’t posted for a while so it was lovely of you, thank you so very

The reason for not posting is that it’s a long story which I will try to make as brief as possible! Basically, I was stranded in the US for six weeks. I have two daughters living there plus my only DGD.

I had a dilemma when the covid crisis escalated, should I stay or should I go? In the end, I was offered a repatriation flight to Malta from Heathrow, so had to pay an exorbitant amount to get to London from Miami, but I’m back home and have just completed my two weeks of house arrest, checked up on by the police to ensure I was obeying the rules.

Anyway, best wishes to all of you, especially those who are finding life tough at present. I hope better days are ahead for everyone. ☀️😷

Gingster Sun 03-May-20 08:04:55

Good morning all . Looking a bit overcast at the moment here on the Suffolk coast. Lovely day yesterday but still a chilly breeze. Two of my neighbours , who are on their own, came for a cuppa in the afternoon, sitting apart in the summerhouse with the doors open. It’s large so we were able to be at least 2 metres apart. So lovely to chat and forget for an hour or so. They both said it did them good. I recorded two little story books for my youngest gD and sent them off. DD said she smiled the whole way through. I did drop the book at one stage but it wasn’t too bad. Little girlie said to her mum ‘when will I see Nanna again to do lovely things’ . Oh my goodness ! They do pull your heartstrings, don’t they’?
QUAINTIRENE . I do hope you feel brighter soon. 🌺. It’s a horrid thing to have to put up with, especially in these time. Try to find things that make you happy. 🌞
Poor Dexter and his eye. I hate it when animals are poorly. My lil pooch is limping on and off and I’m not sure what it is. She needs to go to the groomers to have her claws clipped - it could be that.
How was your walk yesterday, URMINSTON.?. We watched Spain on the news and I thought if you.
Have a peaceful day ! 🤗

Nannytopsy Sun 03-May-20 08:13:26

Good morning Mick and all his followers. I’m glad you enjoyed your Chinese. If you do cook from scratch, it will keep you busy for longer.
QuaintIrene thanks
Nortsat our cat is around the same age and has gone completely deaf. We can’t call him to dinner any more but have to show him.
Urmston I’m so happy for you and MrU.
It’s my birthday today! There is a pile of packages delivered over the last few days which I have been very good about not opening! I made a very tasty fruitcake but it was a very wet batter and has the consistency of bread pudding. I think that recipe needs a bit of work!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Sun 03-May-20 08:17:21

Nannytopsy, Happy birthday 🎂🥂!

Sark Sun 03-May-20 08:17:42

Happy Birthday Nannytopsyflowerscupcake
Have a lovely day

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 03-May-20 08:26:44

Good morning from east London, dull and grey; then again yesterday started that way and it turned sunny. We decided to combine a walk with a little bit of shopping so drove not too far so we could walk along a bit of canal next to a superstore. Walk was lovely, good wide paths but we gave the shopping a miss as the queue was moving very slowly. Plant potting didn’t happen so that’s moved to today’s schedule. We had several deliveries yesterday;DP had ordered quite a range of things on Friday (his beer, his special peanut butter, ‘really useful’ storage boxes and more) and it started turning up a lot more quickly than indicated. Hopefully the new garden shed that has an 8 week delivery time will stick to that as DS should be home by then and he can help to build it. I drew the line at carrying the beer in off the doorstep. Hope you have a good day.

Pittcity Sun 03-May-20 08:29:56

Good morning from an overcast Colchester. Is it Sunday? All days seem the same now.
We have splashed out on lamb for a Sunday Roast and will potter and watch TV. Maybe a walk.
I am also editing clips together to make a video for our Walking Netball group.

Beechnut Sun 03-May-20 08:30:23

A lovely description of your walk Urmston.

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it’s light cloud.

Not a good night for me with a period of wakefulness then an upsetting dream. Oh well it’s another day day so let’s see what it brings.

I did weeding yesterday and might do a bit more later and there’s a few items that have sat for a while that need the iron.

I hope you all have the best day you can 🌺