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Anyone been cutting their hair

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TrendyNannie6 Fri 15-May-20 17:18:38

Well I did this afternoon chop, chop, chop, couldn’t wait for my DH to do it, just got the comb after I had washed and blow dried it, the ends were scraggly so I thought, I’m having you, and off I went quite enjoyed doing the sides and fringe, but of course the back is left straggly now, so I’m going to have to wait for my DH to do that after all.

phoenix Fri 15-May-20 17:27:26

As mentioned previously, my fringe now covers my eyebrows (good!) Might have a go at trimming it.

The rest has gone from a sort of Judi Dench type look to something that looks like a silver grey helmet blush

However, I've bought some assorted Alice bands (pack of 4, from Amazon, £9.99) and will give them a go.

Was considering growing it into a sort of bob, but couldn't face the halfway stage, but hey ho, it's been forced on me, so let's give it a go! grin

NanKate Fri 15-May-20 18:15:51

DH cuts the lower part at the back of my hair. I do the sides and fringe. It’s working out well. 👍

BBbevan Fri 15-May-20 18:21:24

DH cut mine yesterday. He spent ages faffing around, sharpening scissors etc. I had to wet my hair twice. That said he did a good job. Just straight round the bottom.

Charleygirl5 Fri 15-May-20 18:24:08

BBbevan that is all I want done- do you think he could pop round and do mine please?

BBbevan Fri 15-May-20 19:19:29

Yes if you are not too far from SW Wales. Charley girl Please have towels, hair grips ( bulldog clips will do ), all ready. He will bring his own scissors. And it will only cost you a coffee and a doughnut . 🍩

NfkDumpling Fri 15-May-20 19:29:44

I usually have a Judi Dench cut (only it looks a lot better on her) shaped around my ears. But now it’s straggling over my ears but not long enough to tuck behind them. DH refuses to trim it at all. Which I think is mean as I’ve been cutting his for years.

MissAdventure Fri 15-May-20 19:33:33

I'm favouring the Catweasel look at the minute.

Daisymae Fri 15-May-20 19:37:28

Yes, did it this morning and it actually looks quite good. Cut the fringe and sides by twisting and snipping ditto the sides at the back. Has smartened it up a good deal and I don't have the easiest of lockes, being fine and straight!

MiniMoon Fri 15-May-20 19:43:45

I usually have a short cropped pixie cut, a bit like the Judi Dench style.

I am attempting to style it in the mornings using my hairdryer and small brush. I am useless at styling. My husband took one look at me and started laughing. I wasnt impressed, after all my efforts.

I'll have to cut my fringe and the sides before long, as its growing at a rate of knots.

DH won't attempt to cut it even though I keep asking. He won't let me cut his either.

MiniMoon Fri 15-May-20 19:46:54

grin MissAdventure, Catweasel*.

The telling bone.

morethan2 Fri 15-May-20 21:35:18

I did mine this morning with thinning scissors. I can’t cut or draw in a straight line. So I was surprised what a half decent job I did. I did it first thing so I didn’t have to think about it. I brushed my hair and simply cut. I’ve got a photo that I sent my family. They all thought it looked ok . Perhaps they said because they wouldn’t want to upset me. I’d show you all but it was first thing in the morning and I had no make up on and was still in my pyjamas.

sf101 Fri 15-May-20 21:41:06

I've been cutting my short hair and am very pleased with the result. Might be the end of visits to the hairdressers for good!!

NanTheWiser Fri 15-May-20 22:21:50

Yes, I've done mine three (or four?) times now, every couple of weeks. Another with a short Judi Dench style. I use thinning scissors, which don't show obvious mistakes, and just a light trim (the back is a bit tricky!) so far, so good, I'm quite pleased with the results so far.

Newquay Sat 16-May-20 06:30:35

I’ve cut mine 3 times now. My hair is fine and straight. I cut vertically up into my fringe. Then either side of parting I comb it between my fingers and level the ends. I snip upwards into the sides too. DH cut “corners” at back and tidied that up too.
My idea (!) was to try to follow hairdresser’s lines-will let you know what she says when she finally gets to it!

Bellasnana Sat 16-May-20 06:36:00

You are all braver than I am. I’ve hacked my fringe two or three times but wouldn’t dare touch the rest of it. It’s too long but looks ok so far, though I’m not happy about all the grey.sad

Nortsat Sat 16-May-20 08:40:45

BBbevan, after your DH has trimmed Charleygirl’s hair and had coffee and his doughnut, please route him to northeast London, where I will provide lunch in exchange for a much needed trim.✂️🍗🥗🍷

shysal Sat 16-May-20 09:23:49

I am still plucking up the courage to cut mine. It is a layered cut, usually just above my shoulders. It has now grown way below the shoulders and is driving me mad in the wind. The layers make it impossible to tie it back.

My instinct is to wet the hair, but I have seen suggestions to amateurs to do it on dry hair. It is wavy, which should hide a multitude of sins with any luck.

Would you wet or not?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 16-May-20 09:28:35

I wonder if our hairdressers will look at our hair quizzically when we eventually return? With a raised eyebrow? At least we all have an excuse ready.
I've tentatively trimmed my fringe and the sides which frame my face. It was also a Judi Dench type pixie but now losing shape. It doesn't look too bad but there have been days when it's looked awful.

TwiceAsNice Sat 16-May-20 09:30:19

My daughter got some clippers/ scissors from Amazon . Her sister cut hers and she cut mine. My hair is kept very short and it had begun to drive me mad . She did a really good job and it looks very presentable. Pity about the grey I now look like a badger

Jess20 Sat 16-May-20 09:34:17

I did my partner and son's hair with the electric clippers I bought for grooming my cockapoo. Both look fine.

The dog was facinated! Then we decided to carry on and clip the dog, and instead of being upset (which is why she doesn't go to the groomer) she happily lay down and let us get on with a full clip!

Personally, I have long hair which is much easier, I just tied it back and cut every bit that came out of the elastic band and got into my face. It looks a bit 'mullet-ish' but actually very comfortable and practical.

Mauriherb Sat 16-May-20 09:35:56

I haven't needed to cut mine, it's a style that could be left a while BUT! I did colour it myself for the first time ever. I was very nervous but it turned out ok

Greyduster Sat 16-May-20 09:36:10

I’ve cut mine at the sides a couple of times as I can’t stand the way it pings out above my ears (I have recalcitrant waves)! Scissors were hopeless so I commandeered DH’s razor which has a trimming function, and that worked better. However, the back is getting very long now and not a hope in hell of cutting that, and having seen the way DH cuts hedges, I would not trust him to cut my hair! He has no finesse. Thought about a cutting comb. Anyone got one?

Caro57 Sat 16-May-20 09:37:27

DH cut mine then announced it looked like Grayson Perry!!
I am still trying to get over the comment and knowing I must look odd!

Bijou Sat 16-May-20 09:44:41

I haven’t been to a hairdresser since 1965 after a bad cut. My hair grows very quickly and I cut it every two weeks. I curl it up so any unevenness doesn’t notice and have often been complimented on it and been asked who my hairdresser is.
Think of all the money I have saved.