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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 12-Oct-20 06:15:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its dry here in Brackley this morning.
A quiet day for me today , some housework and laundry .
Otherwise stay in watch TV no cycling on today though .
Its mince pies vs Pumpkins in supermarket land .
Take Care,

Beechnut Mon 12-Oct-20 06:20:31

Pumpkin for me Mick.
Good Morning everyone from a dry Severnside.

Some batch cooking for me today with a chicken recipe in mind and now I’ve found and bought some spiced vinegar I’ll make some beetroot chutney.

Have a good day all 🌼

grandMattie Mon 12-Oct-20 06:32:40

Good morning from a dry dark E Kent.
Mince pies. Don’t see the point of these pumpkins. Now squash is a different matter. Love them.
Finally planted out my pots yesterday. Red dwarf tulips with blue and violet irises, overplanted with white and blue pansies, white pansies always remind me of my grandmother. She loved while flowers.
Made a lovely roast lamb on a bed of rice and vegetables, new recipe from paper yesterday.
Hope today brings peace and comfort to everyone.

grandMattie Mon 12-Oct-20 06:33:08

white flowers...

baubles Mon 12-Oct-20 06:36:44

Good morning Mick. Going to look after GChildren today so hoping for another bright dry day.

Happy Monday everyone.

Scentia Mon 12-Oct-20 06:47:32

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Dry but probably cold out there today. I will walk the pooch as soon as the sun comes up and I will know for sure!
I have the devil of all colds and have no less than 5 cold sores. I look like a crack addict😂. It is so uncomfortable though and is making me feel miserable to be honest.
I had my DGS Saturday and Sunday and he is coughing like ‘billyo’ and I felt when we were out walking I had to tell everyone he had been tested negative, I felt rather vulnerable being stared at by people!! It is less embarrassing to trump than cough in public nowadays!
He was up at 2am on Sunday morning and we had breakfast at 4am sat watching Peppa Pig and he was a real live wire, just what you want at 4am. The dog went off upstairs to find somewhere peaceful!!!
We did some painting and play doh, we went out walking at 7am and returned at 10am not once did he drop off back to sleep!!
At the factory today, we are actually very busy so my DH is naturally in a brighter mood, I wish I didn’t have this cold as I really haven’t got much get up and go!
I am determined to keep smiling though, that is if my lips can take it. I was told yesterday that I smile so wide it can be seen through my mask!!! (I think they meant my eyes light up!!)
Take care everyone and stay safe, I assume my son’s city will be in full lockdown today, they have the highest number per 100k in the whole country, not sure how far that will spread. We will se what they say later.

Ashcombe Mon 12-Oct-20 06:49:22

Good morning to one and all,

A very quiet morning here in Torbay and still dark with just a hint of lightening towards the East. Luckily, my bedroom has dual aspect windows so I have sun, when it shines (!) for most of the day.

The highlight of my (quarantine) Sunday was watching the German GP. No spoilers in case anyone plans to watch on catch up but it had some interesting moments and a moving presentation afterwards.

Sending positive thoughts to those with worries about their own health or that of their loved ones.

Marydoll Mon 12-Oct-20 06:50:05

Good morning all from a chilly Glasgow, it's 3° with showers predicted. I sound like a weather forecaster.
A golfing day for DH, so I'm wide awake now.

I wasn't planning on going out, the numbers here are very high, but I have to go out and chase up my missing prescriptions again.
My poor SIL feels bad, that despite him reading out my list and being assured that they were all there, some were missing. They won't deliver, the surgery won't allow any pickups of prescriptions, so I have no choice. I can't even change pharmacies.😠
Enough moaning for one morning!

The spray painting of the lamp base has been completed and even DH conceded it looked impressive, well good! DH's idea of praise is, It's fine. Kalu, you have spurred me on to greater things! 😉

I spent the afternoon planting my remaining bulbs and pottering about. It was such a lovely day.
My neighbour, the eBay queen who is now also Facebook Marketplace queen, came over to update me on her latest acquisitions and sales. I'm so in awe of how clever she is at this!!
She inspected the lamp ( socially distanced in the garden of course ) and is off out to buy some spray paint!!.

A visit it in the evening from DS2 to pick up the delivery of his new phone completed a pleasant day. He and his fiancée brought even more crocus bulbs! I'm going to be kept busy.😁Because we are under very strict regulations here, they had to stand in our porch. It was absolutely freezing.

The Doghouse4 are still on the norty step, but able to read posts, so if you want them to read any good wishes, they can.
Has anyone noticed how quiet GN has been without them?
I do know a number of posters have decided, in support, not to post until they are out on parole.

I continue to worry about the lack of communication from our missing posters and feel powerless to help them. Hoping to hear that the phantom car basher has been unmasked!
Urmston, I was glad to hear you family are on the mend.
For everyone else who is struggling with illness in their family, virtual hugs.

Take care, everyone and have the best day you can.

Sark Mon 12-Oct-20 06:52:09

Good Morning everyone.
Still dark in Oxfordshire.
Work this morning and then going to see Mum and Dad later.
Mum still waiting to see the neurologist so hopefully appointment will come through soon.
Hope everyone has a good day.😊

Sar53 Mon 12-Oct-20 07:09:55

Good morning from a still dark Essex by the sea. It's also a bit chilly, thank goodness the heating comes on shortly.
We spoke to the person we think bumped our car. Lots of red paint on the car, the car is black by the way, he drives a red van and he was here Friday night. We think he caught it when he was reversing to drive out. He says he doesn't remember doing it but also says he was very tired.
We are going to get it looked at, get a price for repair and depending how much either pay, probably go 50/50, ourselves or if it's horrendously expensive, we will have to go through insurance. It's all a pain as whatever happens we will be without a car for sometime.
On a lighter note we have no real plans today. Housework and ironing, some admin, knitting, sewing and reading.
Have a lovely Monday and stay safe everyone xx

GrannyGravy13 Mon 12-Oct-20 07:10:35

Good morning Mick and all

It’s just beginning to get light here, no idea what the weathers like as curtains are closed (DH is still snoring purring)

Bottling onions this morning then off to the gym. I will visit local butchers, which conveniently us three doors down from gym as I fancy sausage, mash and onion gravy for dinner.

Hello to the norty girls you are very much missed.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Urmstongran Mon 12-Oct-20 07:16:12

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s just getting light. It’s 16°C already with sun and a high of 24°C later. 😎

I can see the marina from here and the lights are still on down there. Yesterday there was a regatta (maybe because today is a public holiday) and the white sails of all the boats looked so pretty against the dark blue of the sparkling Mediterranean. I wish I’d taken a photo.

Thinking of ALL our missing posters who have gone AWOL for one reason or another. Sorry you have cold sores Scentia I’m not a sufferer but a friend is and they always look so painful.

I was pleased with my efforts doing my own pedicure. Nice short nails again with coral varnish. Sandal ready!

Hope Monday is good to us all. My girls will apparently get delivery of their ‘Liberty of London’ advent calendars today. I’m excited for them and am looking forward to a phone call later from them both!

Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

MellowYellow Mon 12-Oct-20 07:19:37

Morning everyone, dark and cool in south Cornwall. Thank you for all your kind comments about my granddaughter's surprise party. Later that night her 3 year old brother was rushed into hospital with dangerously low oxygen levels (asthma). He's ok now phew.

Today it's my allotment knitting group. Although we are usually all outdoor stalwarts we're meeting in a house from today, till next spring. I'm knitting berets and fingerless gloves.

My daughter and son-in-law in Liverpool are nervously awaiting the Northern restrictions to be announced today.

Have the best day possible all of you.

Grandmabatty Mon 12-Oct-20 07:44:07

Good morning All. Scentia cold sores are awful things, my sympathies. I get one when I'm run down or very stressed. I would say, take it easy but I don't think you're that kind of gal! It's very damp and still dark in Polmont. I'm off in a while to pick up dgs. I bought him a little table and chairs to have meals at and draw/eat crayons. I wonder what he'll make of it. I have no idea how you coped being up at two in the morning Scentia! Mick I'm in the pumpkin brigade, although I don't buy one any more. I have foam shaped pumpkins that will decorate my living room window. Marydoll well done on your spray painting. I am notoriously messy when painting so I would hate to think the state I'd be in. I hope you get your prescription sorted. I get a bucket load of pills every two months and occasionally they've forgotten something. It is a real nuisance, especially nowadays, to get it sorted out. Mellowyellow I missed the surprise party mention for your dgd. I read back and loved the cake. It sounds like it was a very eventful day! I hope dgs is very much better, the wee scone. Urmston the picture you create of the marina is lovely. I wish I could see it. And your nails are very nice. I would definitely make a mess of mine. No real plans for today as I'm toddler sitting. We'll go outside for a while later but that's all. Leftover chicken for dinner. Have a good day all.

kittylester Mon 12-Oct-20 07:46:25

Morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

A pootling and faffing day for us.

Sending love and healing thoughts to everyone.

NannyJan53 Mon 12-Oct-20 07:49:33

Good Morning from a dull Black Country.

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday, so we had a pleasant walk with Mum, DD and two DGD's.

Apparently my Walking for Health group has re-started. They have to go in groups of 6, hopefully I can join them today.

I used to suffer terribly with cold sores when younger Scentia so can sympathise. Luckily I rarely have them now.

That was a worry MellowYellow, what a relief you DGS is ok.

Best wishes to the Doghouse4 (not sure who the fourth one is) hope you are all well and back with us soon.

cornergran Mon 12-Oct-20 07:55:01

Morning Mick, morning All from a dry, cloudy, chilly corner of Somerset. Errands this morning then some sorting. Nothing exciting but will be a good enough day. Your family news sounded so much better Urmston. Colds and the dreaded cold sores are foul Scentia, maybe a hint to slow down a bit? Thinking of all not posting for whatever reason. Take care everyone, have the best day you can.

Pittcity Mon 12-Oct-20 07:56:37

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. A chilly start.
DH is taking the car to be serviced so I'll have a chance to mop our hard floors without him walking through. A weekend of grandchildren mean the floors are a bit sticky in places.
There's a big pile of ironing to tackle too.
A curry made with leftover roast lamb is on the menu.

NfkDumpling Mon 12-Oct-20 08:00:19

Morning All

A brilliant red sunrise here in the north of Norfolk.

No plans for today although I may try to get a load of washing done before the next belt of rain arrives.

Hope to see our missing bods return soon.

Gingster Mon 12-Oct-20 08:02:40

Good morning all from a grey Essex. Yesterday was lovely.

We had DS2 and family here for lunch yesterday. Roast was successful - even my Yorkshire puds rose to a spectacular level. Mine are always a bit hit or miss. It was so lovely to see them. Two gd’s aged 6 and 8. A perfect age! I had lots of craft for them to do , so us adults were able to chat . Little pooch had such fun with them too. A lovely day.

This morning I have my ‘Chimes’ group. Teacher has found a large hall that has been passed as ‘Covid safe’ . Only 6 of us with masks, gloves and sanitiser. It will be worth it to get together to make music and have some laughs.

Scentia do try to keep smiling even with your sore lips. Painful though! 😢 . Hope they heal soon.

Sar I’m glad your detective work paid off re your car. It’s such a nuisance for you, and so thoughtless of the culprit. He must have known he’d scraped you. 😡

I haven’t heard from my Gd yet if her results are through. I suspect not otherwise she would have messaged. Poor girl is isolated at uni.

Your feet look so pretty Urms. You’ve done a good job. Mine will be under wraps now til spring. 👣

Glad your lamp spraying was successful Marydoll. Sooo satisfying.

Your plant pots will look glorious Grandmattie. Beautiful colours! Something lovely to look forward to in the Spring. 🌺.

Have a pleasant day, all. 🍂🍁🌻

Nannytopsy Mon 12-Oct-20 08:03:26

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Having tea in bed in a hotel on the North Norfolk coast this morning as the blue sky unfolds. . We spent yesterday afternoon at Titchwell, saying hello to the avocets and lots of ducks. More birdwatching today before we go home.
It’s such a change to have food prepared for us! I think we have become a bit predictable with our menus during lockdown. I always love hotel breakfasts!
Cold sores are horrible Scentia - my commiserations. And such an early start too!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

grandMattie Mon 12-Oct-20 08:07:48

Gingster, this is what they look like at the moment.

Jaxjacky Mon 12-Oct-20 08:12:32

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy and cool S Hants, rain due later. We had a lovely lunch out with Dd and DC’s yesterday it was a beautiful day, a proper meal at lunchtime really filled me up, I won’t eat until about 11 today. Watched little sport yesterday, but pleased for Nadal, Hamilton and England..oh and golf! No mega plans today, chasing phone calls.
Urmstogran pretty nails, my husband does mine, but as our weather is definitely not for sandals he’s off duty for a few months. Scentia yuk, a cold, hope it, with its sores goes soon. Mick I’m 50/50, have grown a pumpkin and large squash for GC’s to decorate, but need at least one mince pie over the festives.
Have a peaceful day all, hope the ‘norty’step is not too chilly for those still there and those struggling find a little chink of light.

Beauregard Mon 12-Oct-20 08:13:07

Good morning all from Derbyshire. Currently dry before the rain starts this afternoon.

Our little grandson is coming this morning while his mum does some jobs. We like to take him a walk round the village in his pushchair and should hopefully be able to do that before it rains.

At some point I've got to go to the supermarket as we're almost out of fruit and other fresh stuff. Also a visit to check the horses later.

Hope everyone is feeling well and today is a good day.

Grammaretto Mon 12-Oct-20 08:16:40

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It's chucking it down. Drookit hmm
2 DGC are to be left with me this a.m. so I have rescued some recycling for their creativity.
I wish someone could help you to collect your meds Marydoll
I am glad your family are recovering Urmston
Hoping everyone has a good day and those missing are ok.