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What are all the abbreviations???

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riccib123 Fri 23-Oct-20 12:52:14

I have only recently joined but keep seeing letters in capitals within the headings that mean nothing to me. DH being one! Please can someone advise this novice as it feels like a closed group I cannot join. Thanks 😊

Oopsadaisy4 Fri 23-Oct-20 12:54:36

If you look at the headings, one is ‘Acronyms‘ all of the abbreviations are on there (DH is dear Husband)

nanasam Fri 23-Oct-20 12:57:33

However, a lot of people seem to make their own acronyms up! I've often visited the Acronym page and not been able to find WILF (what I'm looking for!)

BlueSky Fri 23-Oct-20 13:03:52

FFS is another!

Esspee Fri 23-Oct-20 13:08:08

Welcome to Gransnet. Yours is a common complaint but GNHQ refuse to change the word Acronyms to abbreviations for reasons best known to themselves.

GNHQ = Gransnet Headquarters 😄

TrendyNannie6 Fri 23-Oct-20 13:09:44

😂😂 bluesky

Chewbacca Fri 23-Oct-20 13:10:30

HTH = Hope That Helps

Elegran Fri 23-Oct-20 13:11:37

I'd be surprised if Gransnet printed the full words of FFS in the list of acronyms "For F****'s Sake" is not a naice expression!

(The acronyms are really abbreviations, to tell the truth, as most of them don't make proper words when only the initials are used.)

Oopsadaisy4 Fri 23-Oct-20 13:21:42

Maybe FHS is better than FFS?

phoenix Fri 23-Oct-20 13:24:35

Erm, FFS could be used for Fat Finger Syndrome, to explain typos?

fourormore Fri 23-Oct-20 13:26:40

Why do we need the D before H for husband, Son for son etc?
Apart from other words that begin with D surely H etc is enough?
Agree with Elegran FFS is not only not nice - it's not necessary surely?

Bathsheba Fri 23-Oct-20 13:28:19

IMO - in my opinion
IMHO - in my humble/honest opinion
IDK - I don't know
GPs - can mean Grandparents as well as the more usual General Practitioner.

Shandy57 Fri 23-Oct-20 13:30:53

Interesting you bringing this up. I received some advice about my house purchase, and the person had written 'ask that the property be removed from RightMove by COB on Friday'. Took me a while to realise this was close of business!

phoenix Fri 23-Oct-20 13:36:08

fourormore and Elegran I think the meaning of FFS can be identified by the context in which it's used.

If I meant to type (as a random example) "I was hoping" but accidentally typed "I was hopping" I might say in my next post " Oops! FFS! " iyswim.

Charleygirl5 Fri 23-Oct-20 13:41:37

I would never use the acronym FFS because I would not use those words in real life, having been brought up proper!!

MissAdventure Fri 23-Oct-20 13:45:29

I just learn one lot of abbreviations, then another wave of them appears.

WOODMOUSE49 Fri 23-Oct-20 13:46:47

Keep forgetting that one.
Need to print the list off but as someone’s said not all are there.

Esspee Fri 23-Oct-20 13:52:39

Initially I found all the Dear husband, daughter, etc. incredibly irritating but you just get used to it. Many abbreviations can be worked out by association.

phoenix Fri 23-Oct-20 13:57:18

Charleygirl5, may I politely refer you to my post of 13.36?

It's not always rude!

Elegran Fri 23-Oct-20 13:59:43

I suspect adding the D in DH started off as a bit of irony when the H in question had done something which made him far from Dear. It can also stand for Dratted on occasion, or anything else beginning with D. I think too that H on its own could be a Fat Finger issue, but another letter added indicates that we did actually mean to type that.

suziewoozie Fri 23-Oct-20 14:05:41


HTH = Hope That Helps

Often used sarcastically

LesLee7 Fri 23-Oct-20 14:09:12

I was the same when I joined recently but came across the list of what they meant. Afraid I ignore them as being a Librarian for 38 years I like to still write things in full. That's why I very rarely text as it takes ages - not going to use text speak. I think it's sad that schools don't seem to worry about spelling or grammar nowadays but I think it still makes a difference if you applying for jobs, for example.

suziewoozie Fri 23-Oct-20 14:12:57

WTF = I cannot for one minute believe that I am reading such ill informed, uneducated rubbish on a forum supposedly people by adults

WTAF - the above x 1m

RTFT - read the full thread (😇) or

RTFT - I’m sick of stupid ill informed, uneducated etc etc being made by people who haven’t bothered to read the full thread and acquaint themselves with the full facts of the thread and/or the fact that the stupid point you are making has been refuted a zillion times already

Esspee Fri 23-Oct-20 15:04:46

suziewoozie 😂😂😂

suziewoozie Fri 23-Oct-20 15:17:04

Is it true that schools don’t care about
spelling or grammar? Maybe I dreamed all those online spelling tests I gave my dgs during lockdown( sent by the schools) or the conversation last week with dgs2 about his leaning about pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives and best of all ‘propositions’ It really is unfair and inaccurate to dismiss what’s going on in schools like this.