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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 15-Feb-21 06:06:13

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, and wet here in Brackley this morning , will have a generally quiet day.
Some housework etc, I found yesterday morning very cold , I went to the supermarket , expecting milder temperatures but the cold air hit me .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 15-Feb-21 06:15:33

Good morning from a dark, wet E Kent.
Yes, the air was still very chilly yesterday, Mick. We’ve still got 2” of snow lying in the garden.
Got a lovely Skype from my DGDs yesterday. I had sent them two Valentines boxes with various heart themed red stuff, lots of sweets. They loved it. And thanked me. I told them that the sender was anonymous. We had great fun with that. It was so lovely to chat to them.
Iris announced that her next operation is on Wednesday. This is the leg lengthening one. I do know any more.
Another nothing day - cleaning (because it’s Monday), cold meat dinner.
Give yourselves a litt emotional break today. Hop that the sad, in pain and/or cheesed off have a good day.☀️🌷

Bellasnana Mon 15-Feb-21 06:15:46

Good morning Mick and everyone. It is cold here in Malta today as well so I’ve had to dig out some warmer clothes.

Been up since 4.30am watching the Australian Open. Nadal is playing at present so I’m on the edge of my seat.

No plans to go out today. Will stay put with the dog who is always happy to have my company. No puppy-sitting as DD3 has school holidays until Wednesday.

Wishing everyone a good day.☀️

Beechnut Mon 15-Feb-21 06:29:49

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is also dark and wet.

Off to do a shop this morning and hope I remember everything. I make a list sometimes and then leave it on the side. 🥴
I had several messages yesterday, a video and a FaceTime first thing with my friend. That’s another year gone by without DH. My daughter and I seem to have fallen into not actually saying anything about the sadness but send a Valentines card and/or a short loving message to each other.

One more sleep until my vaccine.
Stay warm and safe all and if you do need to go out you may need your brolly. 🌷☔️

Ashcombe Mon 15-Feb-21 06:35:03

Good morning all from a peaceful Torbay.

What a lovely, thoughtful idea for your DGDs, grandMattie! The time for more surgery for Iris has come round quickly.

Here are my beautiful flowers from DH which arrived yesterday afternoon, as requested. Our local florist was open for home deliveries throughout the weekend and she knows well the way to my door, having beaten a path to it several times, starting with our wedding flowers in 2015, followed by several occasions since! I think she enjoys the romance of fulfilling calls in which orders are placed from France.

How thoughtful of your daughter, Beechnut, on Valentine's Day to keep you especially close in her heart!

Wishing you all some happiness this coming week and a refreshing time for those enjoying the half term holiday. 🥰

Marydoll Mon 15-Feb-21 06:35:59

Good morning all from a milder Glasgow, where it's 7°C. Hopefully I will be able to go for a walk this week.

Grandmattie, what a lovely thought to send Valentine's gifts to your grandchildren.

Nothing much to report. The side effects of the vaccine are affecting me quite badly. Yesterday was day 5 and I alternated between vomiting and sleeping. I still feel grim today, but have a hospital appointment this afternoon. Its all go!
I have reported the side effects on the Yellow Card scheme, in the hope it will inform future research into the effects of the vaccine on people who are immunosuppressed. It took me an hour, as I had to list all my medications, my conditions and all the side effects. ☹
I am thoroughly fed up with it all!!!

Sorry, I have nothing exciting to report! Take care everyone.

Sparklefizz Mon 15-Feb-21 06:38:05

Good morning Mick and everyone from a dark, mild and wet South Glos.

Woke up early this morning which doesn't matter too much as I've got an early Sainsbury's delivery.

No plans to go out today. Will pop back in later to read everyone's posts.

Stay safe everyone and have a good day. x

Gagagran Mon 15-Feb-21 06:41:41

Morning all from a much milder south coast. 8.9c at 6am and set to warm up further. I am so glad that the mini ice age seems to have gone. I ache when it's cold so it has been a quite a difficult late winter with the intense cold.

Laundry day today and a click and collect on Wednesday. Bin day on Thursday and that's the agenda for this week. Life in the fast lane here folks!

Thinking of missing GNs especially Gilly and hoping life is being kinder to her.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Marydoll Mon 15-Feb-21 06:42:23

Ashcombe, what beautiful flowers! I'm envious.💚

Please do not let my experience put anyone off getting the vaccine. My experience is not normal, then neither am I!😉 I'm just a sensitive, little flower.

cornergran Mon 15-Feb-21 06:48:38

Morning Mick, morning All. A chilly, damp start to our corner of Somerset.

Those vaccine reactions aren’t good marydoll, hope your hospital trip is as stress free as it can be. Lovely flowers ashcombe. I’ll be thinking of Iris on Wednesday grandMattie.

Admin related phone calls and paperwork for me this morning. A box gutter on the conservatory will be cleaned out, Mr C says he’s going to make bread, a package to collect from M&S food may trigger a small shop while I’m there. Really must stay away from the cake!

Hope Monday is gentle with us all.

grandMattie Mon 15-Feb-21 06:50:51

Marydoll, I’m not immunosuppressed but felt unwell for several days. It’s now 12 days since I got the vax, but have been having muscle pain down my arm from the injection site for the last 3 days. It is certainly a gift that carries on giving!
I hope you start to feel better soon, and that you feel the side effects worth it.
Have a gentle day. ❤️

kittylester Mon 15-Feb-21 06:54:10

Good morning all. North Leicestershire is also dark and wet but not quite mild.

I have a Zoom Carer's session at 9 am which is a bit of a shock to the system. But that is my whole excitement for the day.

Lovely flowers Ashcombe.

Pantglas2 Mon 15-Feb-21 06:56:46

A very good morning all from a much warmer north Wales where I’m enjoying the chamberpot ☕️!

Sorry to hear of bad reactions to vaccines, especially when other health issues need managing at the same time and sad to hear about Jingles although I’m not sure I remember her well - regardless we’re a woman down on the thread, which isn’t a good thing!

Welcome to recent newbies to the bestest thread on GN with all looking out for one another - speaking of which......where’s Annsixty? And LauraNorder with some island weather for me?

Will pop back later and see wots wot.....😀

Nannytopsy Mon 15-Feb-21 07:23:40

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Isn’t it your follow up appointment at the doctor today Mick? I hope it goes well and you get reassurance about your medications. Always useful after a hospital stay.
As forecast, Suffolk has rain. Nearly all our snow has gone and things look to improve over the week. I need to fetch seed for the birds but that’s all. The squirrel keeps emptying one feeder.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:25:31

Good morning Mick and all

My phone tells me it’s 7 degrees and raining I will open bedroom curtains to confirm soon!!

Ironing mountain to attack today and I probably should sort out the freezer in the garage ❄️

Wishing you all a peaceful Monday

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

NanKate Mon 15-Feb-21 07:27:18

Good morning Mick and all from a damp cloudy day in South Bucks.

Do hope you go for your medical tests today Mick I believe you said to the doc you would try.

Dear Mary you must be feeling dreadful with the sickness caused by the jab. It must be miserable 💐

Bellasnana I’ve woken late so will wait till Rafa’s match is over then watch from the beginning I know it will be a tough one against Fognini, who is on a roll at present 🤞

Another week gone we are inching towards freedom.

Beauregard Mon 15-Feb-21 07:28:33

Good morning all from Derbyshire where it's misty but warmer.

Was hesitant about posting today as there's nothing happening around here, but thought I'd just check in and say hello 👋

Hope today is a good day for all.

Scentia Mon 15-Feb-21 07:37:10

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is foggy.
As least that should warm me up a bit.
DH had his jab yesterday and hopefully he won’t have too many side effects as we are very busy at the factory 😂
I had some lovey seeds from Bluebelle on Saturday but my phone won’t let me send her a PM so I will have to do it in my computer later. How kind of her to go to all that trouble in what has been a freezing cold week so I could have done lovey seeds.
Take care my GM friends especially our Marydoll who seems a little fed up with these side effects ❤️
Hope your MOT goes ok today Mick
The curtain material still hasn’t turned up so that will be my task this week as soon as it does. DGS bedroom looks amazing and the Cath Kidson wallpaper worked out at £10 a strip so he is keeping that until he is 21😂😂
Have a good Monday folks😄

brook2704 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:38:07

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s much milder and the snow and ice is gradually disappearing, thank goodness. I noticed yesterday some little birds checking out the nesting box on the side of the house so I hope they like it and move in
Beautiful flowers Ashcombe so kind of your DH, I bet you miss each other very much 💕
This morning we’re going out for a local walk somewhere, not sure where yet as we’ve done all the walks before and it would be nice to go somewhere slightly different. Maybe we’ll just have to walk the same routes in the opposite direction for a change
DD2 should be more cheerful today with no worries about homeschooling as it’s half term for 3 days this week. Then hopefully they’ll be back to school next Monday depending on what’s announced this week.
Thinking of everyone feeling poorly whatever it is, hope today is kind to us all and take care if you’re out and about 💐

Sar53 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:38:18

Good morning from a damp Essex by the sea where most of the snow has disappeared.
It's forecast to be warmer this week so hopefully the bin men will come and empty our very full communal bins. They haven't been for two weeks and I'm fed up with the lack of replies to my emails.
DH gets his vaccination this afternoon, some sorting out this morning. A tip run later this week, we have old blinds and half empty paint pots to get rid of.
I had a lovely Zoom call with my girls yesterday, the older granddaughters said hello then disappeared, the younger ones popped in and out.
Enjoy Monday and stay safe everyone xx

Grandmabatty Mon 15-Feb-21 07:48:56

Good morning all. A rapidly thawing Polmont, thank goodness. I'm babysitting today and tomorrow so up early for me. Grandmattie that little Iris of yours is a trooper. Ashcombe the flowers are beautiful. Lovely colours. I love fresh flowers. My ds bought a year's supply of flowers for his grandma. She gets fresh flowers every month. Marydoll you aren't having things easy. I hope your hospital appointment goes well. One of my friend's mother's has terrible reactions to medicine as she is very allergic to lots of things. She is very worried about how she will react. I, like Beauregard, haven't much to report. I cancelled the appointment yesterday to pick up my new specs as there was so much ice and snow about still. Thank goodness it's on its way out. I made peanut butter cookies for my dgs but that was all. Today we might go for a wee walk. I'm hoping my car starts as I haven't used it in a week. Have a good day all.

Dwmxwg Mon 15-Feb-21 07:49:50

Good morning all from north Surrey, overcast and milder temperatures. It does mean we will be back to muddy dog as he loves to find the biggest, deepest puddles to sit in.
Cut DH’s hair yesterday at his request, it does look much tidier but I suspect the barber would have been cringing if he saw me hacking away with my nail scissors.
Had a good natter with 3 friends on WhatsApp video, good to catch up with their family news.
As it is half term DD only working one night, tonight, and with DH now 3 weeks post vaccination we have decided that the boys will come back to us. I know there are still risks but my DH has MH issues which are not helped by the restrictions which we had put in place. He needs some purpose and feeling of being useful and part of the family. I seem to have spent the past year dealing with my own personal ethical dilemmas, it has been quite a challenge
Thank goodness for the GM thread where we can share our joys and worries. Lovely to read your Valentine stories.
Marydoll I do hope your post vaccination symptoms begin to ease and your hospital appointment is stress free.
Thinking of Georgesgran and others with worries

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Feb-21 07:54:39

Good morning Mick and everyone from a milder but wet Oxfordshire, we have DDs dog today so the walks will be warmer.
DD2 has a date for her knee op so I’m looking through Amazon to see what items will be good to have to help her get around here, post op, we have a bungalow so at least there will be no stairs for her to negotiate.
hope your vaccine symptoms soon go marydoll as you have enough to put up with.
Poor Iris she is certainly going through the mill, best wishes to her and her family.
Mick please take care.
Have a good safe day everyone, hopefully Spring is on its way

baubles Mon 15-Feb-21 07:58:53

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire. It’s mild and damp, a welcome respite from the cold air.

Your flowers are gorgeous Ashcombe.
Marydoll I’m sorry you’re feeling so

I started knitting a hat for myself yesterday, I’ll carry on with that after my appointment with the dentist. My teeth seem to be giving up the ghost, I suspect poor dental hygiene as a child is to blame.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sheepandcattle Mon 15-Feb-21 08:00:07

Good morning all from MILD (😁🏖🌦) and damp Wiltshire!! So very happy to see the back of the cold snap, along with all the frozen pipes and troughs that came with it! The last week has been dominated by getting water to all the animals, hence my photo of Comet the cow enjoying the water being piped to their trough from a bowser!
The ewes are in disgrace......! On Saturday, we had the first ewe this year with a vaginal prolapse the size of a melon. To make matters worse, a rook had pecked at it ( hate rooks😡) we managed to get the prolapse back in place and trussed her up like a chicken with a large dose of antibiotic and painkiller and when I checked her last thing on Saturday night, everything was still as it should be. I went to check her early hours of Sunday and she’d pushed the whole lot out again. Had to have the vet out to her to give her an epidural and stitch and it’s now wait and see time. And then yesterday afternoon, another ewe decided to join her in the sick bay with another prolapse although this one has gone back in with just a harness to hold it in place. Shepherds call the final run up to lambing ‘suicide fortnight’ as this is the time when things tend to go wrong. It is nerve racking but as soon as the lambs start arriving life seems a bit jollier.
The test results on the 2 new cows, Blue and Roo came back negative yesterday, so they can come out of isolation and join the summer herd. The lambing shed is now set up with all the pens so, other than a few more bits, that’s all good to go. My main task of the day is to enjoy not being so cold ...... I might even put one or two less layers of clothing on today - woohoo!
Wishing you all a safe and happy day, especially those with health worries and post-vaccine aches and pains