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Treats that are no longer available

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Hildagard Wed 10-Mar-21 09:09:37

Morning, I don’t have any idea why, but I had a yearning for a Royal Scot biscuit yesterday! Anyone else have a longing for now unavailable food?

BlueSapphire Wed 10-Mar-21 09:22:21

Ooh yes, those Cafe Noir biscuits with coffee icing on top. Don't see them anywhere these days.

grandmajet Wed 10-Mar-21 09:27:32

Can you still get Caramac anywhere? I used to love it. I want some now please!

Mollygo Wed 10-Mar-21 09:29:36

BlueSapphire Now you've reminded me I’d love one of those. I haven’t seen them in ages, but you can evidently buy them online.
I can’t think of anything unavailable, but I suddenly had a longing for Iced Gems last week. Haven’t eaten them for a long time but I bought a six-pack.

Casdon Wed 10-Mar-21 09:42:55

You can still get Caramac grandmajet, they sell it in B&M, still lovely!

I used to love some jar sweets called Toffee Crunch, they looked like little pillows. I even did some research online to see if they are still made, but sadly not.

grandmajet Wed 10-Mar-21 09:47:59

Right, Casdon, a trip to B&M will be on our agenda soon. Thank you.

Lovetopaint037 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:06:23

Bars of chocolate covered rice.

JaneJudge Wed 10-Mar-21 10:09:15

I noticed ocado were selling Frys chocolate cream easter eggs so in excitement bought two in preperation for Easter...and ate one on accident blush

shysal Wed 10-Mar-21 10:12:10

Things I enjoyed in my youth were all sweet! Bought cakes were a treat when my mother always baked ours. The bought ones include:
Kunzel cakes.
Fullers strawberry layer cake.
Lyons square individual fruit pies.
Cremola foam crystals.

Squiffy Wed 10-Mar-21 10:20:17

Vienna biscuits - expensive, so a very rare treat! - which were triangles of dark chocolate covered wafers. Ooh, I can still taste them now!

simtib Wed 10-Mar-21 10:23:15

Old English Spangles. They had flavour not just coloured sugar.

ixion Wed 10-Mar-21 10:27:06

Oh no, Caramacs are still alive and kicking - Sainsbury's, our local newsagent at least.
Or, in desperation, you can do what my DS does and buy them by the box from eBay! Always a welcome Mothering Sunday gift (or Easter, birthday, Christmas.....😉)

JaneJudge Wed 10-Mar-21 10:27:58

can anyone remember those crisps that were little puffed up pigs?

timetogo2016 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:29:25

I used to love mint cracknel and butter scotch twirls.

Blossoming Wed 10-Mar-21 10:30:24

Hampden wafers.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:31:48

There is a shop in Pateley Bridge - the oldest sweet shop in the UK, I bought sherbet fountains there before Xmas - yum!! (It was on telly very recently) they do a postal service.

ayse Wed 10-Mar-21 10:33:19

Duncan’s walnut whips. I know M&S do/did a version but they are not the same.

Original Terry’s dark Chocolate Orange

hulahoop Wed 10-Mar-21 10:34:50

My oh misses jap desert sweets .I miss a chocolate bar which were layers of dark and milk chocolate and dairy milk chain a bar 🍫

Kim19 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:35:07

Gosh BS, cafe noir are my great loss too. Can still be had in France but I'm not allowed to go there at the moment. Must google for stockists.......

SecondhandRose Wed 10-Mar-21 10:38:40

Texan bars

pce612 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:40:24

Clarnico mint creams, Cafe Noir bicuits.

Lexisgranny Wed 10-Mar-21 10:41:32

Batgers Chinese Figs and Newberry fruits. Granted the former only seemed to be around at Christmas time. There seem to be lookalike Newberry fruits, but they are not a patch on the original.

Lexisgranny Wed 10-Mar-21 10:42:28

Oh should have added Terry’s SpartN chocolates, dark with hard centres...bliss

NanaPlenty Wed 10-Mar-21 10:43:37

Ooh Squiffy I can remember as a school girl being invited to a friends ‘posh’ house for tea - we had cucumber sandwiches and Vienna biscuits 👏seemed like real luxury at the time .

Foxglove77 Wed 10-Mar-21 10:43:59

I used to love Horlicks tablets and Aztec bars.