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Good Morning Sunday

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Beechnut Sun 28-Mar-21 10:05:07


Jaxjacky Sun 28-Mar-21 10:05:58

Morning Mick, site was down

Auntieflo Sun 28-Mar-21 10:08:27

Good morning Beechnut, Jaxjacky, Mick, Annie and all.
Glad the site is now up and running.
Have a good day one and all.

grandmajet Sun 28-Mar-21 10:08:28

Yes. I must be addicted, it concerned me too much!
Hello, and have a lovely day everyone!

Marydoll Sun 28-Mar-21 10:08:41

Good morning all, 8 degrees and cloudy in Glasgow.

Another day of enforced rest, so not much mischief predicted today.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

Taichinan Sun 28-Mar-21 10:09:38

Hello everyone. Been trying to get on here for ages but apparently the site was down. Not sure what the etiquette is now -do we wait for Mick?

Beechnut Sun 28-Mar-21 10:10:38

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is a wet day.

I wondered what was going on this morning as I couldn’t get here for ages. Looks like we all may have had a problem.

Yesterday’s fish pie was delicious. Although when I opened up the ‘cornflour’ tub it’s a good job custard powder is a different colour 🤣🤣

I’ve got some sorting out to do today in the shed as I’ve booked a tip run for tomorrow.

Have a good day all 🌺

Greyduster Sun 28-Mar-21 10:11:38

‘Ello ‘ello!’ No Mick this morning? Anyone else had trouble getting on today? Dull and grey in South Yorkshire, so we are not going far today. Had a long walk yesterday and my legs don’t belong to me today. I shall knit. Pork chops for lunch and lots of veg.
Have a good day folks!

Anniebach Sun 28-Mar-21 10:12:33

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Oldbutstilluseful Sun 28-Mar-21 10:12:40

Phew, thank goodness we’re back on. I wonder if Gransnet didn’t like the clock change. Hope you’re all ok and have as good a day as possible.
💐 for Marydoll.

Beechnut Sun 28-Mar-21 10:12:54

Same here grandmajet. I thought to myself ‘What would I do all day’ 😂

Marydoll Sun 28-Mar-21 10:13:09

Taichinan, usually, someone takes the initiative and starts the thread. Thank you, Beechnut!
Otherwise we end up with multiple and confusing threads. 🤣

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Mar-21 10:14:33

Morning all,

Another one who obviously spends far too much time on GN, seemed very odd not being able to catch up with you all first thing.

A lazy Sunday is planned, with roast pork for dinner, as we do not eat until 7ish I should be able to finally finish my book this afternoon (Richard Osmans’s Thursday Murder Club) it’s an odd read

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Mar-21 10:14:33

Good morning from a very blustery Leicestershire.
Morning Mick - hope you can get on now.

Going for a walk with my bereaved friend this morning which I am looking forward to.

Grandmajean Sun 28-Mar-21 10:16:12

Good morning from Cheshire.
Still have a few clocks to change but , fortunately , phone does it by magic !
Have as good a day as possible everyone.

NannyJan53 Sun 28-Mar-21 10:16:21

Good morning from a rainy Black Country.

Yes, it looks like the site was down this morning.

No real plans today, except carry on with my book, it is called The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and is rather good so far. It was part of my Mothers Day present from DD.

Roast chicken for dinner and I shall make a rice pudding in the slow cooker. We know how to live smile

Wishing you all a good day

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 28-Mar-21 10:22:02

Good Morning all from presently dry Harrogate, thanks JJ I couldn't get on it 2 hours ago. Blamed it on VirginMedia!! When I looked at this page I thought well it's not just our paperboy that slept in!!! I see GN hasn't changed the clock either!

Decided that cleanliness is the way to Godliness so I shall do some deeper than normal cleaning today, probably while attending virtual church.

A year ago I made a load of masks which turned out to be just too big, since masks look like they are going to be a way of life for a while yet - I am adjusting them! I have a letter telling me from 1st pril I shall be freed from shielding!!! WOW!! Watch out Harrogate!!
Marydoll in The Line of duty, they referred to the man as an oddball, but no mention that he had Down Syndrome, so that was OK.
I'm looking forward so much to seeing my 2 GC on Wednesday (a day early) for Dgds 5th relay Birthday party!

Keep well everyone, have the best day possible!!

Sar53 Sun 28-Mar-21 10:22:03

Good morning from a cloudy Essex by the sea. Gremlins in the works this morning !!!
Not a lot going on here. Roast gammon for dinner , football to watch later, then Top Gear and Line of Duty.
I hope you all have a more exciting day than us. Xx

BlueSapphire Sun 28-Mar-21 10:22:23

Good morning everyone from a grey overcast Northampton. Didn't realise the site had been down as I've only just got up anyway!

What a long day it felt yesterday......well, it did to me. But brightened up by a great win for my rugby team Northampton Saints - beat the opposition 14-62! Then I fancied doing some baking, so made a batch of scones which I was very pleased with.

Will have a walk to the postbox later to post a few Easter cards, and also use the cashpoint outside the post office.

Chicken for dinner tonight, and then see what's on TV. And carry on with my knitting; was able to solve the problem I had with the pattern the other day, so hoping all is plain sailing now, but each row is 270 stitches!

Hoping Sunday treats us all well.

Ashcombe Sun 28-Mar-21 10:26:24

Here’s one I prepared earlier.....

Good morning everyone from a dry but rather blustery Torbay! And, thanks to losing 🕑an hour, it’s still dark! (Originally written at 06.30 a.m.) If it weren’t for my accompanist 🎹duties at church ⛪️, I would still be in dreamland! 🌛🌃.

In my dozy 💤state, typing emojis is easier! I hope everyone is as well as possible and that Gransnet wakes up soon. Currently, it says: “Gateway Error”, which sounds painful! So I’m typing this separately in readiness.

Other plans for later today include watching the first F1 race 🏁this season from Bahrain, having watched Q3 yesterday. Verstappen has pole with Lewis in second place on the grid. A few phone calls to make today, too.

Enjoy your “day of rest”, good people ..... and the naughty ones, too! 🤣

P.S. So glad you are able to support your bereaved friend in a practical way, dragonfly46. Thinking of you.

Dwmxwg Sun 28-Mar-21 10:29:01

Good morning. Another who has been trying to get on, can’t start the day without GM thread.
We were woken at 6am by phone call from DD, DGS2 unwell, coughing and breathing difficulties. Snapped into action and DGS1 collected so she could take his brother to hospital. Four hours later and all is well. He has croup and a dose of steroids has done the trick. Unfortunately she now has to take him for a Covid test because of the cough. Older brother has slept in until now. They will get their Easter books early for being good boys and DD will get her favourite roast dinner cooked for her.
My visit to the eye clinic yesterday has meant a change of eye drops and request to visit again in few weeks to have another look. Wasnt a very pleasant experience “I am just going to put this in your eye” don’t know what instrument it was but lots of pushing against the eyeball, resorted to the digging nails into my hand for distraction, at least they are being thorough.
Hope the computer gremlins have all been sorted and all will be back on track tomorrow.
Thoughts to all with worries and illness. May the flamingos find their way to raise a smile

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Mar-21 10:31:18

Good morning all. Like all of you, I wasn't able to access the site til now. Thanks to Beechnut although I miss Mick. Sunshine, showers and wind in Polmont this morning. Marydoll 💐 and lots of rest.
Last night ds cooked a lovely dinner courtesy of Nico at home. There were many courses. We started at six o'clock, had a break for earth hour, and finished at eleven then I drove home. That, vivid dreams and the missing hour, means I didn't sleep well and I'm tired today so I won't be doing much. Roast chicken for dinner and I might bake but that's all I'm going to do. Have a good day all.

Susan56 Sun 28-Mar-21 10:32:35

Good morning from Shropshire.

Well yesterday wasn’t the do nothing day I thought we would be having.Henry didn’t sleep at all on Friday night😳so DD brought the two children here and went home to sleep.

Nothing planned today apart from writing the few Easter cards we send and sorting out the Easter gifts for the children.

Cherry, thinking of you and hope you are feeling better and Mary hope you feel better as the day goes on,Auntieflo, glad your pain has lessened.

Have a good day all and thinking of Georgesgran,Louis, maw and all with sadness,illness and worries🦩🌞

LauraNorder Sun 28-Mar-21 10:32:45

Good morning everyone from a cool and drizzly Anglesey. Hope Mick catches up with us soon.
Beef dinner for us today, a zoom call with our family and catching up with some paperwork, lots of music needed to perk me up this morning. No tv until this evening for Line of Duty.
Hoping for a random pink flamingo for all, especially those of you in pain or with worries and sadness.

hulahoop Sun 28-Mar-21 10:32:56

Must admit I haven't been up very long I don't know why but changing clocks always out me on wrong foot.I was saying to oh last night about working nights and that everyone wanted spring shift but nobody wanted Autumn shift must say i did plenty of both !Just waiting for daughter to bring out shopping ,that's exciting as it gets today Hope everyone has a good day 🙂