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Cosmetic surgery - would you, have you?

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Newatthis Wed 07-Apr-21 11:25:49

I've just read about Ben Affleck asking Jennifer Lopes where does she keep her 'fountain of youth' as she looks the same now as she did when she was much younger. Of course many celebs won't admit to cosmetic surgery. Would you have work done by a cosmetic surgeon or have you, if so what? and if so, have you told anyone other than family members?

Nvella Sun 11-Apr-21 22:57:05

I should have said cosmetic not plastic surgery. Obviously if someone has disfiguring injuries or medical problems they should have it, but most people on this thread were writing about procedures to make them look younger and I don’t think this is generally successful.

tictacnana Sun 11-Apr-21 23:21:08

I have the Scaramanga gene which means I was born with an extra set of nipples. I had them removed by a plastic surgeon at my mum’s behest. I wish I’d kept them . Other than that, no. I’m not brave enough.

cc Sun 11-Apr-21 23:58:11


I'd like my veiny face done but the rest of me can just hang!

I had some thread veins on my face lasered. They said it would take more than one treatment and the first one didn't make much difference but the second was a great improvement. Its non-invasive though, so not an operation.

Saetana Mon 12-Apr-21 01:48:32

No,never, I am happy to age gracefully thank you very much! Obviously this does not apply if you have been in an accident, or had cancer treatment et al.

janeainsworth Mon 12-Apr-21 07:46:11

But there isn’t a clear dividing line between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedures. Some procedures have a dual purpose - the primary purpose may be functional, for example if vision is impaired through heavy eyelids, but there is a cosmetic benefit too.
And a facial feature, whether congenital or acquired through the ageing process, that some people may accept, may be a source of unhappiness or even depression in others.
No-one should be under pressure from
others to undergo any surgical procedure, but conversely no-one should judge anyone else for wanting, in their own eyes, to improve their appearance, whether it’s lifting sagging boobs, nose-reduction, facial fillers, whitening their teeth or just colouring their hair.

Edith81 Mon 12-Apr-21 09:56:58

I think cosmetic surgery and tattoos become an addiction, once you start you just keep going and it all ends up looking really ugly(in my opinion) apart from the expense.

Paperbackwriter Mon 12-Apr-21 10:21:45

I had a facelift in my late 40s. The surgeon was terrific. He said, "You'll look just like yourself but tidier" and he was right. I have no regrets and there is absolutely no need to end up the way American women seem to look after they have surgery. Some of them seem to look like Siamese cats! I didn't tell people about it but lots asked if I'd lost weight (I hadn't) and also told me I was looking well. I got about 25% of the price back by writing about it for a magazine so that was a bonus!

silverlining48 Mon 12-Apr-21 10:36:23

I would and I have, but the secret is to know when to stop. It can be addictive which is why there are some horrible outcomes.

Tangerine Mon 12-Apr-21 11:06:02

If there was some real problem, I would definitely think about it.

I don't think I'd have cosmetic surgery for something trifling. I suppose what is serious to one person is trifling to another.

Beswitched Mon 12-Apr-21 11:22:46

If I could afford to, I wouldn't mind getting some very minor work done. But I hate seeing young girls getting those awful lip fillers that they don't need and look really obvious. I also think some celebrities go too far and end up looking like plastic dolls that have been left too close to the fire.

Speldnan Mon 12-Apr-21 11:39:26

Haven’t and wouldn’t

Annaram1 Mon 12-Apr-21 11:43:59

Sparkling. I appreciate the fact that you think it is vanity to have fillers and botox. All I can say is that they are totally safe procedures and vanity or not I feel better psychologically when I don't see those long lines from nose to chin at the side of my mouth. The bacteria if in botox is dead anyway. You will think it vanity but as soon as Covid allows I will be going to the clinic to get fillers and botox, but not at the same tlime due to the expense. I should add that botox only lasts about 3 or 4 months but fillers last at least 9 months. Plus as you get more treatments over the years they seem to last longer. To those grans who are not biased against these procedures I can only say, give them a try.

maydonoz Mon 12-Apr-21 15:21:52

No, have never thought of having any CS done and I would not entertain the idea.
I prefer the natural look for myself, but of course some people have it done and hopefully feel and look better for it.
However we do hear of some cases when people have had their lives ruined as a result of cosmetic surgeries that have gone wrong, even resulting in fatality, so it's a very serious decision to make.

Artaylar Mon 12-Apr-21 16:22:11

At 59 I'm lucky not to be doing so bad on the facial wrinkle front.

The problem is the lower half of my face is very ageing - marionnette lines at the side of my mouth and an increasingly ageing neck.

I've been thinking about having something done for a while, though would not go under the knife. I'm keeping my eyes open for some non surgical measures that might help and will probably try something over the next 6 months.