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Good Morning May Bank Holiday Monday

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12Michael Mon 03-May-21 06:04:28

Good Morning Everyone,
This morning is looking dry at the moment but with grey skies here in brackley.
my day, some housework, and laundry plus a small shop, otherwise its stay in today, and my favourite sport is not on today, so will maybe have good nap in the afternoon.
Take Care,

Kim19 Mon 03-May-21 06:11:02

Hello Michael! Happy holiday to you too. Forecast is grim here up north but so far so good. I'm planning a quiet day with a little bit of essential paperwork to do. With luck some gentle gardening and then looking forward to snooker final tonight. Don't watch much of the running up but the final does it for me. I'm in awe of their precision. Have a good day yourself and all who follow on.

grandMattie Mon 03-May-21 06:32:56

Good morning from a bright E Kent. High cloud, promised a gale but absolutely no rain. How I wish we had some!
I hope you had a good day yesterday, Mick, and that dragon is safely home. Sorry not to mention the others,...
Nothing on today (but wearing clothes, pace Grandmafrench) 😂
Found the ending of LoD rather flat yesterday. Did you?
Hope today brings sunshine ☀️ in your hearts and a random flamingo 🦩 in your lives. 💐

Beechnut Mon 03-May-21 06:44:15

Good Morning everyone from a damp Severnside.

I’m off to see BeechNutella today. We something planned to do together but it much depends on the weather.

I’ve got a few aches and pains and was reading some stuff which resonated with me from past years so I’m hoping to take
a step forward on that matter.

I hope you all have the best May Day, especially those of you not feeling the best. Hope you’re back home soon Dragonfly 💐

harrigran Mon 03-May-21 06:47:57

Good morning from a dry NE.
Yesterday I spent an hour or two sorting out wine and cutting up empty boxes, a job that DH usually sorted.
Watched LOD but wasn't really impressed with the ending.
BIL said he would cut DH's hair today, good because I was frightened of making a mess of it.
Thinking of Dragonfly flowers

Beechnut Mon 03-May-21 06:48:27

LoD, yes I did Mattie. Partly due to the fact that I nodded off then tried to watch on iPlayer but I was too tired to pay attention.

Gagagran Mon 03-May-21 06:49:40

Morning everyone and thank you for all the words of encouragement yesterday. Feeling brighter this morning after a good sleep. It's 3.5c outside and forecast is for heavy rain and gales later, so we are battening down the hatches in readiness.

DS rang last night, fizzing with excitement at starting his new job on Tuesday. It was so good to hear his enthusiasm. Just need good news for DD now from her interview last Thursday. She will find out this week one way or the other.

Nothing planned for today but no doubt something will turn up as Mr Wilkins Micawber said.

Hope the day is a good one for us all.

baubles Mon 03-May-21 06:52:24

Good morning Mick, morning all from cool and cloudy South Lanarkshire.

Yesterday’s picnic in the park was a success, the rain stayed away and the children had a wonderful time running around playing with bubbles and climbing trees.

Today will be a quiet, not a lot happening so I’ll try to summon up the motivation to have a clear out in the craft/piano/book room where stuff is beginning to pile up and is getting out of control.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

grannytilly2511 Mon 03-May-21 07:04:23

Morning everyone from a grey but dry Somerset .rain forecast from lunchtime .
Got family over this afternoon for a couple of hours .as we have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week (they are in our bubble ) the children will keep us entertained with their chatter and antics .
Hope Dragonfly is feeling better today. Thinking of all other grans who are feeling low or unwell 💐
Take care and have a good day

Sar53 Mon 03-May-21 07:14:15

Good morning from Essex by the sea. The sun is trying it's best to come out but we are forecast strong winds and rain later.
On our way to rugby yesterday morning we witnessed a nasty accident. A delivery driver, obviously not looking where he was going, ploughed into the back of an AA van that had stopped to help a man and his daughter who had broken down. The man was thrown through the air and was quite badly hurt. I sat with him until the paramedics arrived and took over. I left my details in case the police want to get in touch. I really hope he's ok. Not a great start to his day.
No plans today, although DH will be watching the snooker final.
We were also a bit underwhelmed with the ending of LofD.
Enjoy Bank Holiday Monday and find that 😀 xx

Beauregard Mon 03-May-21 07:16:14

Good morning all from Derbyshire. It's cloudy at the moment, but rain is on its way soon. No complaints about that as it's very much needed. Shame it's on a bank holiday though.

I agree about LoD grandMattie very disappointing.

Today is 8 years since I watched (and assisted) my D🐴 arrive into the world - a magical moment for me - so there will be extra carrots when I visit her later. We lost her lovely mum last year, so there are memories of her too today.

I'm going to put some tomatoes in the greenhouse this morning and do a few indoor jobs when the rain starts. I'm fast running out of fruit so a trip to the supermarket might be needed later.

Hope dragonfly is feeling better and will be back home soon.

Have a good bank holiday Monday.

brook2704 Mon 03-May-21 07:24:15

Good morning everyone from Cambridge, it’s dry and bright again but I think some rain is forecast for later
A very warm welcome to all new posters. What an awful thing to witness Sar and such a shock, I hope everyone is ok
Yesterday was a beautiful day, we all walked by the river into Granchester and then lunch in a lovely tea garden. Then back to DD1 house for chicken kebabs and salad in the garden. Not sure what we’re doing today yet, we will see but it’s my last day here as I’m travelling home tomorrow so I’m going to make the most of it!
Hope dragonfly is home now and feeling better.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Susan56 Mon 03-May-21 07:29:24

Good morning from Shropshire.

We are hoping for a quiet day today.Catch up on house jobs then relax🤞🏻

Hope you are feeling better dragonfly💐

What a terrible accident for you to witness Sar.It must have been a comfort for the poor man to have you with him while waiting for the paramedics.

Glad you are feeling brighter today gaga.Hope that Cherry,Mary,Auntieflo have had a restful night too.

Have a good day all🌞🦩

GrannyGravy13 Mon 03-May-21 07:30:58

Morning Mick and all

Oh dearSar what a terrible start to the day, that accident must have really shaken you up.

Pleased you are feeling better today gagagran.

Sun is out but not for long, wind and rain due later.

Had a lovely couple of hours with youngest son and family yesterday, GD who is four this month was full of cuddles and smiles, her baby brother (19 months) is such a sweet boy.

Our roast never happened yesterday as the 6 he old rang and invited himself for a roast today (Mummy and Imp are now joining him) so it’s roast beef for dinner tonigh 🤣

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 03-May-21 07:31:04

Good morning all from dry Harrogate ( not dry for much longer) hope you had a good day Mick
Had a wonderful day yesterday with the family. My DD1 is a wonderful cook, so enjoyed roast beef & Yorkshire puds ( much nicer than I’ve ever made). Maybe it’s time I took lessons from her!! DD2 is quite capable but is either busy with work or teaching GS. He is struggling to talk and I am struggling to understand him. But it’s progress.
Today could well be a nothingness day.
Hope there’s been a great improvement today dragon
Glad you are feeling better today Gagagran
Hope today is better for everyone - I’ll pop back to read up on you all later!

greenmossgiel Mon 03-May-21 07:35:25

Good morning from quite a bright Fife. Have dentist appointment at midday (filling), so I really do wish that was over and done with. However, if it’s not raining by then, a walk along Kirkcaldy Prom will blow the cobwebs away.
Wishing you all well, and hope I can soon catch up with all of your comings and goings.

kittylester Mon 03-May-21 07:40:55

Morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

I have to nip to Waitrose this morning and then we are going to try to book some short breaks!

It is DD3's partner's birthday today and also Topsy's. I'm sure there are others but I saw them mentioned yesterday- but that was yesterday.

Hoping dragonfly got home and wasn't too disappointed in LoD.

Ellianne Mon 03-May-21 07:46:29

Good morning everyone.
Sounds like I'm joining some of you in a nothing much on, maybe day.
The only certainty is a dog walk!

Grammaretto Mon 03-May-21 07:55:28

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. 8°C but feels too chilly. At least the workmen next door are having a day off so the garden will be quiet. I will plant out more seedlings and pray they don't freeze to death
How awful Sar to witness that accident but well done stopping and helping.

I am glad you are feeling better Gagagran
Your Cambridge trip sounds perfect Brook. I have a DSis there and all her family but I haven't been for a couple of years.
I hope Mick and everyone who follows, enjoy their day.

Gelisajams Mon 03-May-21 08:00:53

Good morning from Morecambe Bay where it’s still dry ahead of the forecast rain.
I need to put my cross stitch down today and do something different. I’ve earmarked today to make a cover for our campa toilet. But first I need to do some exercise. I keep making excuses not to do any, so I need to get back into a routine. I think I’ll start with my Pilates ball today.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🦩🌸🦩

dragonfly46 Mon 03-May-21 08:02:24

Good morning from a very cool Leicestershire.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes yesterday it means a lot. I got home last night armed with blood thinners and beta blockers so we see where we go from here.
I told the doctors I had to get home for LoD but what an anticlimax!

Got to prepare for Dexter*s op tomorrow. Possibly the worry of that didn’t help but as DD said it isn’t my responsibility.

Have a great day everyone.

ginny Mon 03-May-21 08:06:38

Good Morning all. Looking dull here in N. Bucks.
Glad some are fed better and thoughts with those who are still having troubles
We are picking up MIL later to take her for lunch and DD2 is joining us.
Lovely visit to DD3 and familyyesterday . First cuddle with Charlie and lovely to see his big brother so gentle with him.
Hope you all find a 😁today.

dustyangel Mon 03-May-21 08:16:49

Glad to see that you are safely home again dragonfly and good morning from Portugal. The sun isn’t over the house yet so deep shade all around us but the coast looks bright and sunny.

I too wasn’t impressed by the ending of LoD. Though that could be down to my bad habit of catching up with GN at the same time.

Enjoy your day everyone. It isn’t a public holiday here as although 1st of May is an important day, if a bank holiday occurs at the weekend then there not is extra day added on the Monday.

Pittcity Mon 03-May-21 08:17:10

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Rain forecast for later. Another quiet day here. We don't feel the need to make the most of a Bank Holiday now that we are retired.
About to watch the LOD interview on BBC Breakfast as we were disappointed too.

Sending hugs to all x

Dwmxwg Mon 03-May-21 08:18:03

Good morning from north Surrey. Must get our walk in this morning as rain and wind forecast for this morning.
Yesterday the cushions went in and out with showers dampening the garden. Decided to move the dining table so it was next to the open patio doors and placed DS at that end of the table as he is the only adult not to have been vaccinated yet.
We enjoyed a delicious piece of roast beef which has been waiting for such an occasion (originally bought for Christmas dinner)!
DGS2 then had a meltdown as his mum is trying to get him to eat a “tiny” bit of veg at each mealtime. With his stubborn nature it went on for ages, I have never see him quite so upset, nit was his older brother who eventually distracted him out of his paddy.
Nothing on the agenda for today but something always turns up to keep me busy
I do hope that dragonfly had a comfortable night and gets some answers and is back home soon.
Wishing all a happy Bank Holiday Monday and look forward to hearing of more family get togethers