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Neen Tue 12-Oct-21 00:01:17

So the email has come and I clicked the link and booked it in for the end of the month . But I'm a tad nervous about it. I had no problems with pfyzer vaccines but just wondering if we really need the booster. Is this now an annual thing does anyone know, like the flu jab.
Has anyone had any issues or no issues even.

MayBee70 Tue 12-Oct-21 00:02:23

Can’t wait for mine.

V3ra Tue 12-Oct-21 00:13:42

My Dad (90) has had his Covid booster with no problems.

Rather more concerning is that the pharmacy said today there is a big shortage of the over-65 flu vaccine and they don't know when they might get any.

Pammie1 Tue 12-Oct-21 00:36:03

I’m CEV and had the booster vaccine about three weeks ago. The first two were AZ but the booster was Pfizer and I did have a bit of a reaction but nothing major. I had the flu jab the week before and the nurse was saying that they will hopefully be combining the two jabs next year, so it looks as though it will be a yearly thing.

VANECAM Tue 12-Oct-21 01:00:23

“Just wondering if we really need the booster”

Better to be safe than sorry, I’d say

Blossoming Tue 12-Oct-21 01:07:50

I’m having mine on Wednesday, along with my flu vaccine.

Niobe Tue 12-Oct-21 02:04:54

My husband had his booster last week and his flu vaccination 6 days later. He felt a bit off colour for 24 hours but then was fine.
I had my flu jab 2 weeks ago and am booked for my booster next Thursday. I’ll be awash with antibodies!

Taylor2016 Tue 12-Oct-21 02:12:32

I have had my Pfizer booster about two weeks ago. I had a very sore arm which lasted about 3 day's and tired for 24 hours. Flu jab next week.

Hetty58 Tue 12-Oct-21 02:24:16

Taylor2016, a small price to pay for the reassurance that we've topped up our immunity. I'm worried about people who've decided not to bother - thinking it's all over.

BlueBelle Tue 12-Oct-21 05:55:50

I ve had my annual flu jab and should be having my booster on the 27 th looking forward to getting it done

Jaxjacky Tue 12-Oct-21 07:34:16

Awaiting the call for my booster, which I’ll have gratefully. Had flu jab last week.

Kim19 Tue 12-Oct-21 07:42:35

I'm little concerned about having them both at the same time but going ahead nonetheless. Plan to be ultra gentle with myself for 24 hours after.

Charleygirl5 Tue 12-Oct-21 07:45:36

I had my flu jab 2 weeks ago and am booked to have the booster on the 15th. I am free for about 4 days afterwards in case I have a reaction. Mild tiredness after the second AZ. My booster will be Pfizer.

DanniRae Tue 12-Oct-21 07:47:45

I too felt a bit under the weather for 24 hours after having the booster but feel happy that I have had it. I had the flu jab yesterday so am giving myself the best chance keep healthy this winter!

harrigran Tue 12-Oct-21 07:55:59

I had my booster on Sunday, have sore armand felt tired yesterday but feel okay today. From what I can gather everyone is given the Pfizer vaccine, my certificate had Pfizer pre printed on it as opposed to hand written on the day.
Haven't had flu vaccine, ihave been told carers will not be vaccinated at home we have to seek it from wherever.

lemsip Tue 12-Oct-21 07:56:18

I had the flu jab 18th september and am having the covid booster jab today at Boots pharmacy. I had an email saying I could book online but initially preferred to wait to be called to have it at the same surgery as last two...I enquired online at my surgery and they replied that they haven't got the boosters in yet so I opted not to go ahead and have it soon as, which is today lunchtime.

lemsip Tue 12-Oct-21 07:58:28

meant to add....I shell take two paracetamols before I go so as to pre-empt any aches and pains after which is what I done for other two.

Santana Tue 12-Oct-21 08:10:49

I'm happy to grab any jab they offer me! Had my flu one and awaiting my turn for the Covid booster. I did say that I would gladly bare my bum in the car park if needed to get my first Covid jab. Some offered to sponsor me, and put a photo in the local paper.
Joking aside, it is so important to keep having your vaccinations, and give yourself a fighting chance.
Our NHS Trust has started vaccinations at secondary schools. The first two schools in an area where there are aggressive anti vaxers, so costing extra for more security guards. Other schools should be a doddle after those two.

Shinamae Tue 12-Oct-21 08:18:24

Originally had two Astrazeneca vaccinations and last Friday had my booster which was Pfizer, absolutely no problem at all not even a sore arm

Marydoll Tue 12-Oct-21 08:20:18

I had a serious reaction to both jags, but can't wait for my booster, as I'm immunosuppressed and the vaccines have been less effective for me.
Its a no brainer, as far as I am concerned, I want some normality in my life and for my hospital appointments to start again. That can't happen without a booster!

Sarnia Tue 12-Oct-21 08:28:51

V3ra is correct about a possible shortage of flu vaccine. I had mine booked when a nursing friend said September was a bit too early to have a flu jab because it would be losing its efficiency when flu season really hits in January and February. I phoned to rebook and was told there might be a shortage so I kept the original booking. My vaccine booster is at the end of October because it will be just over 6 months since my second jab. I have read conflicting reports whether it is necessary but I am erring on the side of caution and having it in the hopes it gives me some added protection.

Shelflife Tue 12-Oct-21 08:32:39

Been, pleased to know you have booked your booster, Covid has not disappeared. My DH has had his booster - no side effcts at all. I will have to be patient a little longer . Flu jabs next Saturday.

Shelflife Tue 12-Oct-21 08:33:42

Neen- apologies!

Newquay Tue 12-Oct-21 08:46:10

I had my flu jab at our local chemist last week. Am still awaiting Covid booster; i had my second covid jab on 12th April and understand it has to be six months after and can then walk in local centre so will go this week.
DH had his Covid booster a couple of weeks ago-he’d had his second covid 7th April. He postponed flu jab cos he has a head cold; has an appointment at local chemist on 14th but STILL has head cold and doesn’t feel on top form so may postpone it again-sigh! He tests regularly, always negative

TerriBull Tue 12-Oct-21 09:04:09

I had mine and the flu jab together a week and a half ago, both arms were quite sore afterwards and I felt very slightly under the weather for a day or two, but nothing really to complain about. Glad to have had them both. My husband is awaiting his, they are booked for Friday week will be glad when we are both covered for what may lie ahead this winter.