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soop Sun 02-Oct-22 13:35:42

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and
Jolly Good Company

WELCOME to you lovely lot

Urmstongran Mon 03-Oct-22 21:58:27

Being on your own must be very hard at times I think. Loneliness must creep in occasionally and perhaps evenings, when the doors are locked and you can hear the clock ticking must be the hardest. I imagine day time is slightly easier? Phone calls can be made and there are people walking around. Day has a ‘different feel’ to night time when you’re solo.

It’s good to have a Rosie dog by your side for company Maw.

As we get older we think back too over the years when our homes were bustling places with not only family but friends we knew and loved. Time passes, people leave and you look around and think “this?”. It’s sad and it’s hard sometimes this ‘getting older’.

BlueBalou Tue 04-Oct-22 05:43:11

Just catching up because I can’t sleep ?. We had our booster and flu jabs yesterday so I have a sore arm from the flu one and a headache, grrrrh!
I’m sending hugs to all you poorly ones, it’s harder I think when you’re older and unwell simply because we don’t bounce back so quickly. I know getting heart failure at 64 after viral myocarditis was a real shock especially as that wasn’t’old’ by any means!
Anyway, I enjoyed the autumn sunshine yesterday, I love that mellow warmth. Whilst we were out for the jabs I dropped 4bags off at the charity shop and collected wormers for DDog from the vets so a productive couple of hours really.
Today I have crafts this morning, DDog has her dog walker and this afternoon I want to do some pen and ink drawing for the first time, really looking forward to that.
Will pop in again later!

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 04-Oct-22 06:47:52

Urms - my sister always says that getting old isn’t for wimps!

Ali23 Tue 04-Oct-22 07:18:11

Good morning kitcheners. So glad to have found you! My attendance in the kitchen has been scrappy of late, and I need to catch up properly.
Sorry to read what a tough time some of you have been having.
Rest up Kitty. It sounds like it’ll be a long convalescence.
Take care, all ?

BladeAnnie Tue 04-Oct-22 14:56:49

Just rushing in and out very quickly to say "afternoon everyone". Just about to set off to my mother's with her shopping - I should have gone earlier but time ran away as it often does...??. Sending hugs to everyone in need of a little comfort. TOYA

Grandmabatty Tue 04-Oct-22 15:21:07

Autumn sycamore leaf in pastels. It's been a horrible day with lots of rain. I enjoyed my art class though. Have a good afternoon kitcheners

Blossoming Tue 04-Oct-22 15:34:54

Good afternoon all, just checking in to see how you all are. My jabbed arm is feeling better and I’m bundled up warm and cosy in my Oodie, Mr. Bis supplying hot brinks and biccies so I’ll leave some on the side for you. I’m not very hungry but will be having some chicken soup with lots of veg this evening. I’ve done my Gaelic studies, getting quite good at it now, though I doubt any native Gaelic speakers would understand me. Practice makes perfect so on we go. I’m finding YouTube helpful with pronunciation. Must look for some podcasts to listen to.
Hope all the appointments go well, and hope those of us suffering will be better soon. I really have nothing to complain about and I know the post jab symptoms are only temporary.

Mr. B and I are listening to ‘The Mirror and The Light’, the final book in Hillary Mantell’s Cromwell trilogy. Such wonderful writing.

Blossoming Tue 04-Oct-22 15:36:07

Ghastly day here too Grandmabatty. That’s a beautiful painting ❤️

annsixty Tue 04-Oct-22 15:36:39

Good afternoon all.
A very wet and miserable day here, definitely a day in which actually is normal for me.
So sorry to hear you have been “proper poorly “ kitty I missed that.
I wish you a speedy return to good health.
That goes for anyone feeling under the weather as well.

I wasn’t too dusty myself over the weekend (and a few days before)
Picking up now though.
Sadly I have a tricky upsetting family situation which is causing me stress and unhappiness.
It is not likely to be resolved so it is a case of learning to live with it and managing it with the least negative effect.

My GD has gone in to Manchester with two friends to celebrate the birthday of one of them.
They had booked afternoon tea on one of the popular roof gardens, I think that is a pipe dream it is pouring with rain.
I think a cocktail or two as the afternoon wears on will help.

Best wishes to you all, continue to enjoy what you can and make the best of everything else.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 04-Oct-22 15:39:25

Hello everyone. Well, I drove OH to the hospital in Oxford for his urology consultation. I don’t think it was a roaring success and the guy didn’t even examine him! I have just watched part three of the Tucci/Tennant thing - wow. Twists and turns or what?! I am looking forward to the final part tonight.

soop Tue 04-Oct-22 15:42:11

We have received some upsetting news and I feel unable to put on a brave face today.

Grandmabatty Wonderful painting. X

My thoughts are extended to all our lovely Kitcheners. Bye for now. moon

Pittcity Tue 04-Oct-22 15:43:12

Went away for a few days and you've not only moved but there are 60 posts to read.
I'll just sit here in the corner and catch up.

kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 15:48:02

Hello all!

It's a dull day here too - really dismal. Suits my mood!

Yesterday was a day of mixed fortunes here. We had a visit from both sons who came to watch the football. That wasn't a roaring success. Apparently our team is too disparate! Who knew?

Ann so sorry you have family worries. I hope you feel properly well soon.

Love your pastel Grandmabatty.

Will try to get back later.

Pittcity Tue 04-Oct-22 15:58:14

Sending hugs to all who need them, especially Soop

cornergran Tue 04-Oct-22 16:00:36

Miserable day here too, or it is outside. Got through a lot of ‘stuff’ this morning, dust removed and yet more clothes packed for a Salvation Army charity shop, some are sold in the shop others passed to homeless people or a rehousing project. Having a sit down with a cuppa before tackling the shoes. I have far too many, my hope is to reduce them by at least 25%. I may need luck or maybe a stiff drink grin.

The appointment sounds disappointing ladylfl, hope the outcome is helpful. Pleased you’re feeling more like yourself ann but goodness those difficult family situations are hard to absorb, look after yourself please. Love your leaf painting grandmab, you’re a talented woman. Agree urms, maturity brings far too many challenges sometimes. . I’ve found my head wandering into some unhelpful places recently full of ifs, buts and maybes, none of them positive.

A huge get well to all poorly people. Look after yourselves everyone.

Blossoming Tue 04-Oct-22 16:00:37

Soop thinking of you flowers

cornergran Tue 04-Oct-22 16:01:26

So sorry soop. A huge hug coming your way.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 04-Oct-22 16:02:32

Soop???and a hug.

kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 16:09:05

Sorry soop, I missed your post. Sending huge but gentle hugs. flowers

Yiayia4 Tue 04-Oct-22 16:32:29

Lots of hugs and flowers to you all especially Soop.???

We have had Oscar for the day,he has a cold and had a massive melt down this morning.Very worrying but have kept him busy with Lego and drawing,he’s just gone home but seems a bit happier.?
Great painting again Grandmabatty.
My thoughts are with all of you with illness and worries.Take care.

Grandmabatty Tue 04-Oct-22 16:34:30

Oh Soop I fully understand how upset you must be. Take care xxx

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Oct-22 17:01:33

annsixty and soop sending you both (((hugs)))

We had our flu jabs this morning accompanied by a walk down the High St of our neighbouring town. Now have a lively 7 yr old here for a sleepover and school drop off at 8am.

I remember when DH has been away or in hospital suddenly how big and lonely this house feels, not sure I could live here on my own.

Grannmarie Tue 04-Oct-22 17:30:05

Sending love and prayers ?? for The Soops, Annsixty and anyone who needs/ wishes them.

brook2704 Tue 04-Oct-22 18:04:25

Thinking of you soop so sorry to hear you’ve had upsetting news ❤️
And another ❤️ for Annsixty too
Thinking of you both today

aggie Tue 04-Oct-22 18:10:06

Sorry for Annsixty and our Soop I hope things improve for you both

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