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The other in laws .Are you alike or different.?

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kircubbin2000 Thu 14-Sep-23 16:27:23

Just thinking about the 2 we see most often. They live nearby and we meet at Christmas and birthdays.Both dress casually and are usually found at home, watching football, shopping or visiting friends. Easy to get on with although not that much in common apart from the children.
Gran and grandad 2 ,very different. Educated and very busy in their clubs and business life. London based and found at the theatre, on their boat ,at a grand banquet as he is top man in his club.I feel a bit intimidated by her and she has the kids well under control. Nice couple.
Gran and Grandad 3.
Another nice couple but I'm glad they live abroad. Very formal, designer dressed,kids must succeed at the top schools.Importance given to wealth and position. Not casual at all.Don't speak English.

Isn't it nice the children have met nice partners.

MrsKen33 Sat 16-Sep-23 18:41:33

Not at all. My DD’s in-laws. One huge family. Cousins, aunties, uncles always visiting. Grubby house and very intrusive questions.. We are quiet, and a little reserved

GrannyZoom Sat 16-Sep-23 20:00:07

I don't see much of my DD's IL's very strange but a day is fine! My DS has a FIL, MIL died awhile ago and FIL and I get along well and often go out together althoug he lives quite a long way away. My DIL is lovely as are the GC. We all get on well. I am very lucky.

eddiecat78 Sat 16-Sep-23 20:11:52

My current ones are all lovely. My ex ones always insisted on greeting us with a big hug, and turned out to be the most 2 faced couple I've ever net

JudyBloom Sat 16-Sep-23 21:33:17

We are very different but remain friendly for the family's sake and only meet on shared grandchildren's special occasions.

Magrithea Sun 17-Sep-23 18:17:48

Only one set of in-laws to deal with and we are very different. Have only met up with them a handful of times (once was at the wedding). DD and DSiL don't see much of them either!

Fleurpepper Sun 17-Sep-23 18:29:01

Very different, and quite a bit older.

As this is an open Forum- not a good idea to give detailed info.

Ali08 Mon 18-Sep-23 15:29:59

DD - they're nice, very sociable and always doing something, usually as a family. We are friends with them but not over-friendly.
DS - I love his MiL, she's very strange but very friendly, FiL (step) is friendly enough. We join in at family parties, BBQs, etc.
The actual FiL, meh, he and his wife are ok, not met them much. But they seem friendly enough.
DSD - Not met FiL, he moved to Thailand. But MiL is very friendly. We don't live in the same county, so rarely see her.

NotSpaghetti Mon 18-Sep-23 15:42:31

We have a polite relationship but we are very different and only get on superficially

This is true I'd say of all 4 "sets" of in-laws to a greater or lesser extent.
One has a lovely mum and a rather tedious dad.
I keep in touch, usually by WhatsApp with her but none of the others. She and I have shared some tough times so I know we have some things in common. I suppose I'd actually say I love her in a quiet kind of way for the times of mutual support.

I actually wouldn't care if I never saw two of the "in-laws" again though!
The good news is they all seem to love our adult children so that is enough for me.
I'd say we are more "left" leaning than any of them and two of the men are decidedly boorish. One of the mums only cares about prestige and money - which I find hard to stomach - but it doesn't matter as she isn't interested in me anyway (not having either of these!).