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"Our song"

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eddiecat78 Wed 27-Sep-23 16:57:38

Have you got one?
I regard "Follow you, follow me" by Genesis as ours but OH keeps forgetting!

Gillycats Sun 01-Oct-23 13:01:27

A-ha Take on Me. DH wanted ’What have I done to deserve this’ , Pet Shop Boys, at our wedding.

GardenofEngland Sun 01-Oct-23 13:16:50

Wonderful tonight Eric Clapton. Played the instrumental version at my wonderful husbands funeral. Every time I visit him at the crematorium I sit and listen to another favourite Need your love so bad Fleetwood Mac 😢

Fernhillnana Sun 01-Oct-23 13:18:44

These Foolish Things the Bryan Ferry version.

hicaz46 Sun 01-Oct-23 14:13:23

One Night in Heaven by M People is ours, but at our Civil Partnership we had Have I told you lately that I love you by Van Morrison, True Love Ways by Buddy Holly and I should be so Lucky by Kylie.

JdotJ Sun 01-Oct-23 14:23:47

Ours is actually 'Our Song'

0ddOne Sun 01-Oct-23 14:35:00

My ex-h and my song was "Suddenly" by Billy Ocean, though he rarely remembered it after the first few years. My current partner and I have "Baby I'm Burning", by Dolly Parton, as our song.

Rosiebee Sun 01-Oct-23 14:37:08

Simply the Best by Tina Turner

lizzypopbottle Sun 01-Oct-23 14:42:49

Not between my late husband and me, in a couples sense but both of us would remember the theme tune of the student union bar when we were at the same university, and where we met (on the same course but not in the bar!) It was the Beatles 'Penny Lane'. Good times 😁

Jaxjacky Sun 01-Oct-23 14:48:47

Runaway by The Corrs.

undines Sun 01-Oct-23 15:06:07

My husband is tone deaf, and brain dead when it comes to romance, so I suppose 'our song' is the sound of the engine in his narrow boat, which he totally loves!

Glasgo Sun 01-Oct-23 15:10:33

“The Very Thought of You” Tony Bennett.

kittylester Sun 01-Oct-23 15:14:00

When DH and I met, we were at my Company Christmas do. Our first dance was 'The Gay Gordons' which causes hysterical laughter amongst our children

hollie57 Sun 01-Oct-23 15:35:49

Hi everyone am wondering is everyone enjoying strictly this year I am very disappointed by the fact that we are getting more and more former dancers appearing ,in the beginning the show was for amateurs and we loved seeing how they progressed it made it fun but we are only on week 2 and several of the dancers are amazing so what chance does it give the likes of les Dennis and others the two chaps dancing at the
end last night I looked up and the male contestant has been in lots of musicals and other dancing jobs I don’t think this is fair
I don’t like this format and don’t think I will carry on watching
what was my favourite show .

hollie57 Sun 01-Oct-23 15:36:59

So sorry I thought I was on a new link didn’t mean to interrupt yours I am new to this .

kittylester Sun 01-Oct-23 15:45:37

Hi Hollie, there is already a Strictly thread. You could post on there.

TiggyW Sun 01-Oct-23 15:45:47

Undines - my husband is like yours - not an ounce of romance in him!
But ‘I’m not in Love’, 10cc, takes me back to my student days and a previous boyfriend…

kittylester Sun 01-Oct-23 15:47:05

It's here Hollie

Urmstongran Sun 01-Oct-23 15:55:55


We had a meal for 40 for our wedding reception, no dancing.
When we arrived at our honeymoon hotel on the beach in Antigua our first dance on the sand was to Hot, Hot, Hot by Buster Grimes which has become our song

Our kids found it hilarious when we rang and told them and say they will play it at our funerals 🤣🏝️🔥

Ooh that’s posh GG13!
We honeymooned in a caravan in Rhyl. 🤣🤣
Nice though.

Treetops05 Sun 01-Oct-23 16:32:09

Always and Forever by Heatwave.

2mason16 Sun 01-Oct-23 16:38:24

We love 'How deep is your Love' by the Bee Gees. Followed closely by 'Cherish' by Chicago.

Keeper1 Sun 01-Oct-23 16:42:46

Angel by Shaggy

Mimi54 Sun 01-Oct-23 17:33:40

My love by Paul McCartney and Wings

Kathmaggie Sun 01-Oct-23 18:04:27

You’re the inspiration by Chicago - second marriage. DH still sings it to me.

Goldieoldie15 Sun 01-Oct-23 18:44:12

We had 2! Little old wine drinker me Dean Martin - we sang together to the cd track every time whilst in our car driving through France and Spain and You Do Something to Me Brian Ferry. Played both at his funeral. Wept buckets throughout. I still well up listening to these.

HillyN Sun 01-Oct-23 21:22:00

"In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry. Was top of the charts for weeks in the summer of 1970 when we met. My OH had just got his first car so we did "have a drink, have a drive", often singing along to this on the car radio. My daddy wasn't rich, so we just did what we felt like, usually in the back seat.... blush