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Gransnet Christmas party - everyone welcome

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 20-Dec-17 12:12:04

We're putting up the tinsel and gathering together a few chairs in preparation for the Gransnet Christmas party. If you're on your own on Christmas Eve/Day, or simply find a spare minute on the day and fancy popping in to celebrate, please do. There'll be a welcome mulled wine from HQ. tchsmile wine

Greyduster Wed 20-Dec-17 12:22:11

Blimey, Lara, that poor lad is going to be worn out by 25th if he carries on like that!! tchgrin

TinyTwo Wed 20-Dec-17 13:26:11

Yippee! I'll bring mince pies. And whatever's left of my Baileys. Probably not much. Will there be a tree?

LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 20-Dec-17 15:13:12

But of course! We're just hanging the last bits of tinsel now...

shysal Wed 20-Dec-17 16:56:10

Thank you for the invitation. I shall be along at some point with the remains of my cheese board.

NanaandGrampy Wed 20-Dec-17 17:29:20

I’ll be there !! I’ll be in charge of festive music !!

callgirl1 Wed 20-Dec-17 18:19:57

I`ll pop in at sometime, to give me an excuse to leave the washing up for a bit longer!

Galen Wed 20-Dec-17 19:06:08

Sorry! Wi-fi too expensive at sea, anyway suspect we’ll be too wined and dined to participate! ( if all goes to plan)
But, compliments of the season and love to all, with a special thanks to GNHQ who look after us .
( now, can I win a prize sometime? Grovel, grovel,)

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 20-Dec-17 20:55:40

ooh, nanaandgrampy, we should each pick a song and make a playlist.
Sorry greyduster - he is a bit much, isn't he? wink

Crafting Wed 20-Dec-17 21:32:50

Have you got a fairy for the top of the Christmas tree? If not, I could always volunteer.......have you got a heavy duty ladder nearby tchgrin

Marmight Thu 21-Dec-17 02:44:26

I'll probably be asleep by the time you have your party but I'll chuck some extra prawns on the barbie and magic them over to you from Downunder 'beam me up Scotty' style tchgrin. Have fun!

Greyduster Thu 21-Dec-17 07:55:05

Well, I wish I had his stamina; a few G&T’s and it could get interesting 😉! If you’re doing a playlist, N&G put me down for ‘Driving home for Christmas’.

Pittcity Thu 21-Dec-17 08:53:10

Fairytale of New York is my favourite.

NanaandGrampy Thu 21-Dec-17 17:06:58

I'll add 'its beginning to look a lot like Christmas' then. I've roped in the Norfolk Gritters All male Choir to sing ...they aren't much good but they're cheap ( or so I've heard ;-) )

Willow500 Thu 21-Dec-17 18:20:40

Greyduster does that mean you'll drive us all home for Christmas so we can partake of the mulled wine grin

NanKate Thu 21-Dec-17 21:55:07

Being a bit of an old Rocker I think we could get the party started with Elvis singing ‘It’s Christmas Time Pretty Baby’ then throw in a few Michael Bublé songs and finish with Eartha Kitt singing ‘Santa Baby’.

I will bring a few mince pies and brandy cream, washed down with a chilled Mojito or two. How does that sound ?

NanaandGrampy Thu 21-Dec-17 22:29:00

Pretty dam perfect NanKate

Chewbacca Thu 21-Dec-17 23:02:17

I've got a Heston Blumenthal Secret Orange Christmas pudding in the cupboard that has been there for 6 years. They keep well, don't they? Shall I bring that to the party?

Bellanonna Thu 21-Dec-17 23:28:04

Is that the one with snails in it, Chewy? Sounds delish.

Marydoll Thu 21-Dec-17 23:36:40

I have found a bottle of Larios gin, I bought in Spain 20 years ago. Some tonic and lemon with it and it should be OK. I'll bring that.

Chewbacca Thu 21-Dec-17 23:40:30

It could have almost any kind of wildlife in it after 6 years Marydoll! But it should be fine for the Christmas party, after all, Christmas puddings are supposed to "mature", aren't they?

Greyduster Fri 22-Dec-17 06:18:09

Don’t count on it Willow - I’ll probably be under the table by nine o’clock! 🍷🍸🥂🍻🍾🍹😜

NanaandGrampy Fri 22-Dec-17 11:06:14

It's alcohol Marydoll so isn't that used as a sterile thing so I'm sure it'll be fine !!!

I've found a jar of.mincemeat in the cupboard dated 2015 so best we use that up too !!

Jalima1108 Fri 22-Dec-17 17:01:47

I found a jar of mincemeat from last year as well N&G - still in date, so I added a tot of brandy to it, bought some GF pastry and made mince pies.
Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the pastry was puff, the mincemeat was too sloppy and hey presto! The worst mince pies you've ever seen with mincemeat spilling out all over the tin. There must be something wrong with the oven too, as some are burnt and some aren't quite done.
However, you're all welcome to try them tchgrin
Have a mulled wine with them and they'll go down a treat!

Menopaws Fri 22-Dec-17 17:15:14

Oh goody I'm in party mood, I'll bring my Slade Does Christmas cd and some chocolate coins although they are a bit furry but sure will be fine with a brandy chaser