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John Lewis Christmas Advert

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GrannyGravy13 Thu 15-Nov-18 08:01:13

Just watched the John Lewis Christmas Advert 🎄🎄🎄🎼🎹

Good publicity for Elton John

kittylester Thu 15-Nov-18 08:20:11

Not seen it yet! Does Elt need publicity - he's retiring, theoretically!!

kittylester Thu 15-Nov-18 08:25:32

Just watched and love it. Well, it is 'our' song so it started off well!

Nana3 Thu 15-Nov-18 08:27:28

Saw your post granny and watched it online. You get the point at the end.

Sparklefizz Thu 15-Nov-18 08:47:25

Just watched it and loved it !! And the music is sensational, of course. That particular song always makes the back of my neck tingle.

TwiceAsNice Thu 15-Nov-18 08:53:41

I do get it and the end is good but can't help feeling there's not a lot of Christmas message in it. Not as good as some of the others I don't think

Anniebach Thu 15-Nov-18 08:57:28

Apart from unwrapping the present I can’t see any connection with Christmas

MawBroon Thu 15-Nov-18 09:01:39

Loved the end - welling up,, but it doesn’t take much! 😢
Who was it said “Sad songs always make me cry” ?

BlueBelle Thu 15-Nov-18 09:02:09

Oh gosh it’s awful just an advert for Elton John and he got a lot of millions for a free advert got to be the worse one they’ve made
Give me the banned Iceland one with a true message hands down

sodapop Thu 15-Nov-18 09:15:22

I haven't seen it yet but I understand that is why the themes for Corrie and Emmerdale changed last night. Apparently This Morning and The Chase will have a change too.

BlueBelle Thu 15-Nov-18 09:24:05

Why have they change the theme tunes I thought a meerkat must have died Sodapop? I don’t get

Sparklefizz Thu 15-Nov-18 09:26:46

Anniebach It's saying that you never know what a gift may lead to, and I've seen it with my own children.

Of course it doesn't have the political or moral message that the Iceland advert has.

Sodapop what is it you're saying with the theme tunes? Why are they changing?

Jane10 Thu 15-Nov-18 09:30:33

Ridiculous. Waste of money.

Maggiemaybe Thu 15-Nov-18 09:31:00

I must be getting soft in my old age. Elton would normally be the last person to tug at my heartstrings and I watched it in bed early doors with the sound off and thought it was very disappointing, just an expensive advert he doesn’t need. I’ve just watched it properly and welled up. Every year, John Lewis, every year. grin

KatyK Thu 15-Nov-18 10:46:08

How much must that have cost? What with changing all the theme tunes of programmes etc. (They have changed the theme tunes to Coronation Street, This Morning etc to someone playing them on the piano, in the lead up to the advert being shown). No wonder John Lewis is so expensive.

J52 Thu 15-Nov-18 11:48:08

I quite like Elton, but this wouldn’t make me shop at JL. ( if I didn’t already do so 😁)
Not one of their best.

lemongrove Thu 15-Nov-18 11:51:47

Haven’t seen it yet, do M&S have theirs out yet?
Quite like the usual Kevin the carrot one though grin with the evil parsnip.

sodapop Thu 15-Nov-18 12:33:50

I think the change of theme is a temporary thing until the advertisement is aired.
Do JL sponsor these programmes ? That would explain things.

sodapop Thu 15-Nov-18 12:35:44

No meerkats were hurt in the changing of theme tunes BlueBelle smile

BlueBelle Thu 15-Nov-18 12:39:13

KatyK it’s supposed to have cost 7 million with 5 million going to Elton John now whether that’s in his pocket or whether he passes it to charity I can’t tell you

Jalima1108 Thu 15-Nov-18 13:30:36

I'll take a guess that he passes it on to charity Bluebelle

Love Elton, haven't seen the advert yet.

Sparklefizz Thu 15-Nov-18 13:37:15

I don't care about the comments on here .... I love it! Firstly, we don't know if Elton will give the fee to charity but I suspect he will (he does a great deal for charities after all!), secondly he has worked hard over the years, is not just a "flash in the pan" and has genuine talent ... and thirdly, the advert is better than some of the TV programmes smile

Plus I think it does give a Christmas message, but you have to watch it through to the end to get that.

Anniebach Thu 15-Nov-18 14:20:45

I have watched it again, what was the Christmas message ?

Gonegirl Thu 15-Nov-18 14:20:49

How many Xmas adverts have they got?! What happened to the Bohemian Rhapsody one? Or did I have an amazing dream?

Baggs Thu 15-Nov-18 14:34:10

I have watched it again, what was the Christmas message ?

I think the message is love and present-giving which, to most people, and along with a bit of winter feasting, is what Christmas is about. I don't think you'll find the Christian message I suspect you're looking for, anniebach, unless it's just love towards others.

I watched it. I didn't like it. Not my kind of music.