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All I want for Christmas is ???

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sazz1 Tue 24-Nov-20 21:06:43

I really don't know what I want for Christmas this year. So can you all tell me what you would like to receive and give me some ideas? I don't wear jewellery but all ideas welcome.
Oh and what was your worst present ever? Mine was a small jar of instant coffee from DDs boyfriend at the time.

tanith Tue 24-Nov-20 21:15:50

Books, crossstitch embroidery kits and chocs that’ll do me.

My worst present was a pendant that I later found out my first husband had bought 2 of, one for me and one for his girlfriend. Needless to say we split/divorced after that.

Chewbacca Tue 24-Nov-20 21:20:28

Normality of life pre COVID and I'd never ask for anything else.

Blossoming Tue 24-Nov-20 21:21:03

Charbonnel and Walker pistachio truffles. Heavenly.

The worst was a horrendous and huge PVC handbag printed to look like pony skin.

Alima Tue 24-Nov-20 21:31:50

The same as Chewbacca please. Doesn’t even have to be wrapped.

BlueSapphire Tue 24-Nov-20 21:40:52

And another one here for the same as Chewbacca.

joannapiano Tue 24-Nov-20 21:46:24

Good blood results on 17th Dec for my husband with cancer.

Lucca Tue 24-Nov-20 21:57:10

I don’t want any presents. I just want an end to this COVID thing but with this Christmas getting together nonsense I can’t see it happening anytime soon. What is the matter with people ? Can’t they give up on the ffestive season just once ??

Kate1949 Tue 24-Nov-20 23:08:27

I totally agree Lucca. Well said.

Bathsheba Tue 24-Nov-20 23:10:18

Yes I'll have what you're having Chewbacca please. Failing that, an effective vaccination.

Lexisgranny Tue 24-Nov-20 23:21:48

I’m with Lucca on this one, I want my family safe to enjoy the rest of their lives, not just a few days at Christmas.

Lexisgranny Tue 24-Nov-20 23:24:41

Sorry, should have begun with, I don’t want presents.

V3ra Tue 24-Nov-20 23:28:44

joannapiano fingers crossed for you both🤞

Kalu Tue 24-Nov-20 23:39:40

Covid free or effective vaccine please. Oh, and no rise in covid numbers or rise in deaths. Fat chance after millions get together to celebrate one day in the year. Insanity!

CanadianGran Wed 25-Nov-20 04:15:34

Of course Health and Happiness first!

Normally my DH asks me for a list since he hates the idea of randomly choosing a gift that may not suit. I am very easy to please; nice chocolates, bubble bath, a good book. If there is a specific sweater or slippers I would like I let him know where to find them.

This year I made up my mind that I want/need a new mixer for the kitchen. I have only ever had a hand mixer; now I would appreciate (and can afford) a nice heavy duty stand mixer. I let him know I would buy one for myself in time to do my Christmas baking. It is a bit of a luxury, but he and my family will benefit from baked goods.

My daughter lives near a L'Occitane store, and their soap is divine. She knows I like it, and am likely to receive it from her. Small pleasures.

I can't say I have experienced a bad gift, but then right from the start 37 years ago, my DH has asked for hints.

MrsThreadgoode Wed 25-Nov-20 09:08:30

A family Christmas but with Covid and the family at opposite ends of the Country it isn’t going to happen, sadly.

Daisymae Wed 25-Nov-20 09:34:32

Apart from the obvious like peace on earth and a covid free new year, I would like a dusting of snow Christmas morning, gone by 2 pm of course!

henetha Wed 25-Nov-20 09:39:28

I'd like a bottle of sherry. I'm not much of a drinker but do enjoy a sherry now and then.
My worst present ever was a tin opener from my late husband,
years ago when we were young and still romantic.

Lavazza1st Wed 25-Nov-20 09:39:36

All I want for Christmas is:

Basically Family harmony and health!

I would LOVE my son and daughter in law to stop playing head games and ignoring me and to see my GC.

A peaceful and happy Christmas, even if they ARE still ignoring me/us.

biba70 Wed 25-Nov-20 09:46:20

Absolutely nothing - just want Brexit and Covid to go away so we can resume our lives.

Redhead56 Wed 25-Nov-20 09:53:19

Lavazzalst apart from end of COVID like you I wish for my family to get over personality clashes. My son and daughter in law don’t make enough effort to see my daughter and son in law. It doesn’t appear to bother them but it does bother me as their mother.

GrannySomerset Wed 25-Nov-20 09:59:56

Redhead I sympathise with you. SiL doesn’t get on with DS (not true the other way round) so we rarely see both families together. It’s just easier that way though I am sad that the siblings no longer have a close relationship. Nothing you can do to force the issue though.

helgawills Wed 25-Nov-20 10:22:16

Yes, biba, totally agree

Froglady Wed 25-Nov-20 10:24:47

Kindle books please!!

jean6enie Wed 25-Nov-20 10:25:38

Good luck! Xx