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The Gransnet virtual Christmas party 2023

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AnnieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 11-Dec-23 15:05:12

Welcome, everyone to our virtual Christmas party.

We have our incredibly tasteless decorations strung up, a plate of mince pies, and a vat of Baileys at the ready.

We know that for many reasons, some GNers might be spending the festive season on their own, so, if that's the case and you fancy some company - or if you just want to drop in away from the chaos of home, do join us. All are welcome.

Anything goes - from your favourite recipes, and worst festive jokes*, to TV and film recommendations. And if you let us know your favourite Christmas song, we'll add them all to a playlist.

So, grab your preferred beverage, don your cosiest jumper, and celebrate with your fellow GNers. Merry Christmas!

*What is Santa’s favourite pizza?
One that’s deep-pan, crisp and even.

Grannmarie Sun 17-Dec-23 22:36:01

And look, ladies, I've found the chocolate cocktails! 🍹 I've a few ( dozen) boxes, so help yourselves!

Oreo Sun 17-Dec-23 22:37:03

Only 20 bottles of Baileys there now, sorree!

keepcalmandcavachon Sun 17-Dec-23 23:24:08

May I take charge of balloons please? 2 round and 1 slightly bent long one in each cornergrin

nanna8 Mon 18-Dec-23 00:28:28

Another Christmas birthday here ( couple of days away anyway). I’ll bring a Pav, straight from Australia and a nice bottle of Yarra Valley chardy from down the road.

nanna8 Mon 18-Dec-23 00:35:19

Why do you never see Santa in a public hospital ?

Private elf cover !

Aldom Mon 18-Dec-23 05:07:30

I've seen Santa's elves in public hospitals. They work for the National Elf Service grin

Oreo Mon 18-Dec-23 10:15:56

Scrolling through the papers on the iPad yesterday I saw a joke,
A little boy asking a store Santa ‘so who decides who’s naughty or nice, is it you or Gary Linekar?’ 😂

Oreo Mon 18-Dec-23 10:17:06


May I take charge of balloons please? 2 round and 1 slightly bent long one in each cornergrin

Do long slightly bent balloons have corners?🤪

TillyTrotter Wed 20-Dec-23 10:29:23

I tried to straighten a slightly bent long balloon and it went POP 💥

nanna8 Wed 20-Dec-23 10:58:13

Just like the champagne cork, hey? I think I need another drink, anything left ?

Aldom Wed 20-Dec-23 16:48:07

I've ordered helium balloons to be delivered on Christmas Eve. We can hang on to the strings and do a Mary Poppins. grin

keepcalmandcavachon Thu 21-Dec-23 14:31:48

Michael Buble has confirmed he is happy to croon to us as he hands out mince pies, George Clooney is good to go for coffees but Aiden Turner is still sulking because " no one said HOLLY & IVY and I'v got all this HAY in!"

Dottydots Thu 21-Dec-23 18:12:22

Well, if George Clooney is going to be there, I must dig out my black dress with the plunging neckline. He won't be able to resist me.

MrsKen33 Thu 21-Dec-23 19:09:59

If George Clooney is going to be there, I shall leave.

Gwyllt Thu 21-Dec-23 22:25:56

Is the party still going on. With all the talk of Babycham there wil have to be cheese cubes and pineapple on cocktail sticks
How many should I bring ❓

Catterygirl Thu 21-Dec-23 23:55:47

When a teenager, my date would often drive me an hour away from home close to Southend. On arrival at a pub they would ask reluctantly what I would like and I said half a lager. When my dad heard about this he told me to ask for brandy and baby Cham. Not a great idea as made me sick.

DanniRae Fri 22-Dec-23 07:28:04

I am only coming to the party if Colin is going to be there ..... or Mr Firth to you lot. He and I are great friends after I wrote him a letter saying how much I loved him as Mr Darcy and he sent me a signed photo!
Impressive eh? tchgrin

Bonnybanko Fri 22-Dec-23 07:44:41

Marydoll tablet for me please with a little rum and raisin fudge and a drop of Prosecco 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Bonnybanko Fri 22-Dec-23 07:46:31

Dottydots is that the famous Chanel wee black dress if so please post a photo

TillyTrotter Sat 23-Dec-23 12:33:42

I’ve been practicing with BBC recipe “potato cake with smoked salmon+cream cheese canapés” and am leaving a tray here on the side.
They’re a bit of a pfaff to make (probably just buy blini’s and load them up next time) but they are more’ish.
Try for yourselves …….

AnnieGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 24-Dec-23 17:16:12

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you're all having a relaxing time with lots of lovely snacks. We're just about to crack open the festive gin and begin the traditional complaining about the TV.

Coolgran65 Sun 24-Dec-23 17:52:55

Joke..... What do Santa's reindeers get for lunch on Christmas Eve?
Answer. Half an hour !!

Aveline Sun 24-Dec-23 18:32:59

Well I'm in unexpectedly. Poor DD and DSiL and both DGSs have a horrible bug. Very painful coughing and just wanting/needing to sleep all day. Hence Christmas is cancelled sad. It's the right thing to do though. I feel so sorry for them. Oh well will have to make do with our house full of snacks and treats.

Grannmarie Sun 24-Dec-23 23:05:04

Aww, sorry to hear that, Aveline, I hope the wee family recovers quickly and can celebrate Christmas later.

Tillytrotter, your canapés look scrumptious, I much prefer savoury to sweet, but I am tempted by Marydoll's tablet.

We are away visiting our AC and DGC tomorrow, so I will wish all our party goers the best Christmas possible, cheers!🥂 🎅

polomint Sun 24-Dec-23 23:09:06

When's the music starting? I fancy a bit rock music, some jazz, some blues and definitely music to dance along. I'm dressed up with brandy and Babycham in one hand and tablet in another. Not many people arrived yet buy hey ho all turkey is prepared, sprouts carrots etc so I can spare a few hours here