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Selfish I know

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overthehill Fri 27-Mar-20 16:59:16

One more pleasant aspect for me of the lock down, is I get to chat to my daughter in a more relaxed way and more frequently. Normally calls from her are made whilst rushing from one place to another as she is very busy with work and the kids.

As I say very selfish of me as she, like everyone else in her position, having to work from home and look after children.

LaRia44 Sun 29-Mar-20 17:16:42

Booker, yes, best wishes to you. Can you use a tablet or computer, it’s not too late to learn sign language. There will be lots of basis lessons to try, and when this is all over and it will be, get in touch with your library who might be able to point you in the right direction to get help. People are generally kind and would want to help.
It’s hard to make friends when you feel so insecure. But do make the big effort to learn Sign language. I went to sign classes 25 years, my niece is deaf, I found it very rewarding, like anything new it’s challenging, but daily learning will help pass the time. You are very articulate and I’m sure you will be able to turn things around. You could write to your son, send him your love, until you can see him again. X

Thisismyname1953 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:09:06

I feel sorry for all those missing grand babies . Mine are 15,14,13,13,and an 8 year old . Two are in wales so I don’t see them much anyway . I live with my daughter and her family so I see 14 year old constantly and the little 8 year old FaceTimed me this morning to show me the drawings that she has been doing and the rainbow she has in the Window. I’m having a lovely break from the school run x

Witzend Sun 29-Mar-20 20:15:40

My newest grandchild was born in early January so I didn’t miss the newborn stage - it’s now, when she’s really turning into a little person, smiling and trying to ‘talk’ that I really wish we could be there.
Dd sends masses of photos and little videos, though, of all 3 of them, so I do count myself very lucky.

Nonogran Sun 29-Mar-20 22:15:39

Bookr, I too am very hard of hearing and a bilateral hearing aid user. I'm not lonely because I'm very self contained and happy with my own company. However, I'm saddened to learn about the challenges you are coping with. I've never learned BSL but I can lip read a bit. A mobile phone would be useful for you to use text messaging to keep in touch with others. I watch TV with sub titles, can't manage without it. Please keep your chin up, make sure you go for a walk each day and try to believe that this too will pass. We'll all come out stronger for it. Deafness is isolating at the best if times but please keep looking ahead and try to use this down time to learn something new, if that's possible. I'm thinking of you especially as I'm not a biological granny but I do have step great grandchildren/babies serving the UK diplomatic service in another country. I miss them so much. Take care of yourself, keep your personal standards up. I use perfume and lipstick every day just to give myself a lift. This morning I trimmed my fringe quite successfully! Made me laugh. How daft is that? Thinking of you and sending you the biggest hug ever! Xx