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Rise of po-faced moralising?

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geekesse Tue 28-Apr-20 21:20:02

I’ve been following threads here and discussions elsewhere, and I’m seeing something rather curious. Whilst we are all required by law, common sense and care for others to follow lockdown rules meticulously, some people are turning it into a kind of moral crusade against any kind of pleasure. A couple of examples:

— Some TV doctor has said people should not wash cars, even on their own properties and observing social distancing. Now, assuming cars are on people’s own property, and those washing are observing social distancing, what possible reason can there be for making it morally wrong?

— There have been many who seem to think that it’s better to insist people take daily exercise tramping the streets instead of walking round a local park or wood, even if both are accessible on foot. Again, assuming social distancing is rigorously observed, I can see no virtue in walking round dull surroundings instead of lovely ones.

I have this theory that the pandemic makes people feel powerless. So they are starting to apply an irrational and medieval kind of superstition in their thinking which goes something like this: the pandemic is some kind of ‘punishment’ and to make it go away, everybody has to suffer and deprive themselves of all sources of pleasure as a penance. If everyone suffers enough, the virus will be driven away. I’m fascinated to observe how many people who reject traditional religion seem to fall into this pattern of thinking.

Goodness knows, life is hard enough for those who are fearful, lonely and frightened. I’d like to see us all wishing everyone what joy they can squeeze out of life just now, as long as they don’t put themselves or anyone else at risk of infection, and as long as they remain within the law.

Puzzler61 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:00:56

I avoid Facebook. It seems to be a modern troublemaker, almost as worrying as the Pandemic. Just my opinion.

craftyone Wed 29-Apr-20 08:01:39

facemasks are useless unless designated PPE for frontline workers but there are plenty of sheep hiding behind paper and home made masks.

LullyDully Wed 29-Apr-20 08:02:24

Flats are being built opposite our house. The builders came back on Monday and have been practising social distancing. I spoke to them through my window to say it was good to see some normality. They said they had had nothing but abuse and people threatening them with the police.

Get a life.

MerylStreep Wed 29-Apr-20 08:27:26

'If' we have any curtain twitchers in our close they are going to have a field day tomorrow: we are having a new boiler fitted. OH has kept it going for the past month but now enough is enough.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:43:18

I don’t report anyone unless what they are doing will directly affect me and mine, but, a very near neighbour had her sons over for coffee and whilst they were there they met washed their trucks in the main road, their excuse? They are in the building trade.
Another close neighbour has had other family members staying over and partying at weekends, with children and a large dog, their excuse? They keep horses nearby and the family members visiting are thinking about getting a horse so came to visit theirs.
Seems that some rules can be stretched and bent to fit, we all know that builders are working and you are allowed to go and visit livestock.

craftyone Wed 29-Apr-20 08:43:25

I just took cake to the few builders on my new home development site, it was after I read your post LD. I am safe, they know it and I took a big paper plate so they can just tip the cake slices out. My builders here are lovely, they are social distancing too and I never thought about potential verbal abuse. Thses do-gooders need to go back behind their cushions

sodapop Wed 29-Apr-20 08:53:34

People have too much time to dwell on things at the moment and they are also scared. There is so much conflicting advice around it gets very stressful trying to do what is best.

I agree Hetty58 I keep well away from FB after a very difficult time a couple of years ago.

GrannyLaine Wed 29-Apr-20 09:02:57

And GN has its fair share too.

I was called "horribly selfish" and worse for sending a single letter to my grandchildren because of the massive and unnecessary strain it would put on the postal service.

Lucca Wed 29-Apr-20 09:08:14

Grannylaine that’s ridiculous.

Grannyjay Wed 29-Apr-20 09:10:11

I understand what you are saying Geekesse

geekesse Wed 29-Apr-20 09:11:09

Oh, indeed, Grannylaine! I was called ‘irresponsible’ and ‘murderous’ here on GN for suggesting that some people might have reasons for thinking differently from the herd.

Alexa Wed 29-Apr-20 09:19:47

we have to be very careful the new rules don't take away our civil liberties permanently. I am glad to see so many replies from grans.

I suppose saving water is sensible as water works personnel have to be protected from over work when some will have been taken ill.
Cars' door handles certainly should be washed in soapy lather. Other outdoor things needing washing are wheelie bin tops and handles which have been handled by workers who have handled wheelie bins from hundreds of other households.

Grannybags Wed 29-Apr-20 09:27:48

GrannyLaine I was so excited to receive a letter from my 8 year old granddaughter telling me how much she missed me.
Of course I wrote back to her. I've never thought of myself as 'horribly selfish'

SirChenjin Wed 29-Apr-20 09:32:32

Craftyone - the thing is, non essential construction sites (that include flats) shouldn’t be operational. Unless these men are walking a reasonable distance to work, every single car journey has a risk of causing an accident which requires medical or surgical input at a time when we’re trying to minimise the impact on the NHS or of requiring breakdown cover that puts the driver and/or the mechanic at risk.

I think that there are certainly some people who being overly cautious and twitching their net curtains, but we need to make sure that we all continue to adhere to the Govt guidelines rather than making unilateral decisions because we’ve somehow justified that what we’re doing is fine just because we want to do it. It’s about getting the balance.

Redhead56 Wed 29-Apr-20 09:46:43

I don't know where everyone else lives but we do not see police where we live apart from a helicopter hovering over the local woods. As for moralists mind your own business life is difficult enough.

Callistemon Wed 29-Apr-20 09:47:53

GrannyLaine I was soundly berated for ordering vegetable seeds and yarn online. Despite the fact that both firms had explained their safeguarding procedures (hence an understandable delay) I was told I was putting people's lives at risk and could kill someone by my selfish actions and by putting delivery drivers under pressure.

All delivery drivers so far have been exceedingly cheerful and friendly and I hope this will be keeping them in a job and the firms still in business.

I would be horrified to think that I had put anyone at risk as our whole family is trying to abide by the rules and not behaving irresponsibly.

Callistemon Wed 29-Apr-20 09:54:20

SirChenjin no-one wants to be taken to hospital at the moment for any reason and we do not want to put undue pressure on the NHS but other departments are very much quieter than normal at the moment. I know you work for the NHS but I only speak from the experience of family members.

I thought some businesses could still operate if correct safety precautions are undertaken?
When DIY stores re-open fully and hamfisted home DIYers start enthusiastically carrying out all the jobs they have put off pro tem there may be more demand for A&E.

GrannyLaine Wed 29-Apr-20 09:55:21

And you're not Grannybags, and nor am I. It was one of those threads that became quite nonsensical. And actually quite spiteful. The letters have been brilliant and I shall treasure them forever.

SirChenjin Wed 29-Apr-20 10:00:03

Yes, some departments are quieter but if you are in a serious RTA you’ll require an ambulance, A&E, ortho trauma services, x- ray, anaesthesia, porters, nurses, ICU or HDU and so on and on. All of these services require staffing and all of those staff deserve to be protected as far as possible - especially when car journeys are non essential. Everyone needs to think about their actions and that includes non essential construction site workers. Every single car journey comes with a risk - multiply that by thousands or millions and you quickly see how it becomes a problem.

jaylucy Wed 29-Apr-20 10:04:35

This whole thing has brought out the best in some and the very worse in others.
Going out to clap the NHS, is not, as far as I know, mandatory but some people seem to think that it is.
My son that lives with me , because of the job he has, is often working from home and on a business Skype call - as far as I know, the clapping is only the UK, so difficult to explain to someone from the other side of the world that they have to break for several minutes mid call to go and stand on the doorstep!
Some bright spark tried to name and shame a few none clappers on our village noticeboard - unfortunately for them, the first person she picked on was a retired solicitor with MS that was suffering a flare up. She was threatened with legal action for himself and for anybody else that she named and told in future to keep such thoughts to herself or she would be reported for harassment! She's been quiet since!

MawB Wed 29-Apr-20 10:04:57

GrannyLaine I have referred to this subject on the Cancelled Saturday Deliveries thread - no not a thread about a thread!
I think we all just need to keep a cool head - if we are not breaching the guidelines we do not need to justify our actions and any officious busybodies or indeed jobsworths can be politely requested to “do one”.
For those who may be bending the rules, there may be no far reaching consequences of their actions and they are unlikely to change their behaviour because of one persons criticism. There will always be busybodies and jobsworths, and I would personally avoid confrontation unless I felt someone was being picked on or bullied.

Glorybee Wed 29-Apr-20 10:09:25

Callistemon, we’ve ordered loads of stuff online, all sorts of things, I view it as a very small way of keeping a few economic wheels ticking and assume the companies involved are sticking by the rules.

Callistemon Wed 29-Apr-20 10:14:57

Glorybee when my order is confirmed by email I've had a statement of how the particular firm is safeguarding staff and ensuring their health and wellbeing.

EllanVannin Wed 29-Apr-20 10:21:28

We must be all normal where I live as there hasn't been a hint of anything spiteful going on or any snitching carried out. Nobody bothers with each other or what they do.

The only fright I got was a couple of weeks ago on my local shopping jaunt when a police van pulled out of a side road which I was about to cross. Why would I feel like that ? Legs like jelly, I carried on, they weren't after me for God's sake ! smile Being out at all is bad enough, but when needs must--

Barmeyoldbat Wed 29-Apr-20 10:33:29

Didn't the government ask us to snitch on our neighbours if we broke the rules, sure I heard it in one of the briefings.